Obama Administration Caught in Open Lie About Needing to Close Memorials (Hint: War Memorials Have Always Remained Open in Past Shutdowns)

Obama Administration Caught in Open Lie About Needing to Close Memorials (Hint: War Memorials Have Always Remained Open in Past Shutdowns)

The Obama administration has deployed an army of feds to barricade public AND private parks, memorials and statues in the name of a government shutdown. Clearly this move is calculated with the intent to project pain upon the American people, with the hope they will rebuke Republicans and force a clean CR.

The Obama administration is actually telling a lie when they say they cannot avoid barricading sidewalks that pass memorials. This is obvious in that it actually costs money to create the barricades, whereas it costs nothing to leave them out of the way.  But it goes beyond that… War Memorials have NEVER been closed off during a shutdown.

Via Daily Caller.

Although President Obama claims that he can’t avoid shutting down public sites and monuments, war memorials were in fact kept open during the 1995/1996 government shutdowns.  The administration’s decision to barricade the Lincoln Memorial marks the first time in its history the memorial has been totally off limits to visitors during a shutdown.

The administration has also balked at efforts by non-governmental groups to maintain access to public sites. (Related: RNC offers to pay to keep WWII memorial open)

But during the Clinton-era shutdown, World War II veterans kept the Pearl Harbor memorial open.

When an Obama official says it cannot be avoided, he/she is telling a lie. And that’s a shame.

  • Michael Carlson

    Do we expect anything else but lies to come from the Obama administration? It has been one after the other since he took office. American needs to wake up.

    • lovinspoonful

      He has also had them block the entrance to Mt. Vernon which does not receive any funds from the government at all. He needs to be arrested for that. He has overstepped himself which is nothing new for him.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Unfortunately he’s untouchable, he’s just the puppet for the real evil/demons running earth. It would have happened before now. This is prophecy, God’s word, right now-

    • Glenn Martin

      We are awake but NOTHING is being done. It’s gonna take more than talk I’m afraid!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

        so far the only protesters are the veterans and a lone woman it looks like!

        • AndreaBishopDaynes

          Oh no, then you haven’t been paying attention. This is the kicker tho’ Obamanation is gonna move real quick to disarm Americans, they’re (we) have had enough.

          • Atticus Finch

            You sound nuts, so you should be locked up along with your guns. Let’s see……….”gonna move real quick,” TEN DAYS AND COUNTING. Paranoia, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

      wonder who was shooting up Washington today…of course she died. now we won’t know the real story because the administration will spin it!! guess her aim was bad, that is if she really had a gun…and of course they will say it was and AR-15. probably her dad was a ww2 veteran!

      • quincyman

        The only shots fired in DC were by LEO’s .

      • Diane Reeves

        She had no weapons…

      • Robyn Dessauer Lewis

        All she had was a baby in the car. She drove erratically, For that she paid with her life and her daughter now grows up without a mom. The parasites in DC need to be booted. All of them. Wipe the slate clean and start fresh with people who understand being a politician isn’t a career choice, it’s public service.

  • bikerdogred1

    Would you expect anything else from this lying muslim dog.

    • Conservative sniper

      He’s not a dog. Dogs are loyal to the death. This sh1tbag is the antithesis of loyalty. I’d compare him to a porcine parasite.

      • rulie haveman

        best description of him i have heard sofar . like.

      • Robyn Dessauer Lewis

        He is loyal ~ to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Evil soulless demon-

  • LMV13.1

    The teleprompter made him say it.

  • dreamscaper417

    pathetic lying little ass wipe!

  • Chris Davis

    Are we all just to scared to stand up to him? Who will take the lead and make him accountable for the crimes he has committed?

    • woodgrain

      The question is HOW do to do it so we can get rid of that piece of sheeit.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Well, not sure, but the NRA will be one’s to get hold of.

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      EVERYONE was soooo worked up ROMNEY IS A Mormon. This Kenyan grew up eating dogs, alligators, spiders, and worshipping ‘hollowman’ the MONKEY GOD STATUE- How many Americans even know that?!?

  • Thomas J. Butman

    has anyone noticed if they wrapped a huge tarp around the statue of liberty yet? Lemme know, I need to take some pictures.

    • John S. Bliss

      They are working on sewing up a large Berka to cover it as required by the Muslim in the White House.

  • texray

    “Just following orders, ma’am.”

  • David Berwick

    Here’s a question no one seems willing or able to answer… Who is blocking these memorials? Cops? National Guard? Foreign Troops? Are they not Americans? If I was a cop and was told to block these memorials from VETS, I would flip them the bird and tell them what to kiss… but apparently $14 an hour means a lot more to some people than it does me. In My Opinion, no amount of money is worth selling out your loyalty or patriotism.

    • SeRiOuSLy!!??

      this is exactly why nothing is happening. its either people don’t know how to react, afraid to react, haven’t reached the point of what they have to loose is less then what they’d gain by reacting or waiting for somebody to take that first major step toward revolution. which is what this is about. sadly, by comparison, it only took egypt a year for their military to be tired of what was going on and rid themselves of their dictatorial govt. you’d think an oath would mean more, but in today’s America where its common practice to break your word, we shouldn’t be surprised nobody is standing up to theirs!

      • David Weakland

        Sad, but true.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        It’s the lamestream media in on it w/ them. NO _ONE knows unless just a little time is taken to see the REAL picture. Cause all lmedia tell s what this corrupt evil administration is PAYING them to say. The Kenyan could be attacking the east coast and no reporter would say a word. It’s gonna happen, there is a timeline and an agenda (31). Hold on patriots, America’s gonna go out like we came in this country!!! God bless

    • kid721952

      Unfortunately David I hope they don’t “DO AS THEY ARE TOLD” when it comes to taking back America,they will be told to fire on American citizens,homeland security is now headed up by an Obama appointed muslium,we will see how this plays out I myself will be firing back

      • Rockslider1

        as quiet as its kept, theres going to be a lot more that you might think doing the same thing. they know this and thats why they are so intent on disarming us. And everyone thought those crazy white boys hiding in the hills with their guns were wrong

    • T-Anne

      America is becoming afraid. Please read “1984” or “Animal Farm.” It’s all been predicted decades ago.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Did that over a year ago, eyes wide open-

      • Atticus Finch

        Uh, my grandmother read it in college……..who hasn’t? Does the saying the more things change, the more they stay the same, ring a bell? The book was written in 1948.

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      Well said David, and GREAT POINT!!! Either no-one’s there to know, or they have hired guards which this evil Kenyan would do to Americans patriots/vets. Evil and Soulless ‘selected’ not elected to destroy America exactly as the Bible states-Hang on this is it-Praise you God-

  • cuinsong

    Like I have already pointed out, he is a prick of another sort. Most people know that everything he says is a lie but now they can see that he is a spiteful full of hate racist simple minded black Muslim bent on the destruction of America.

  • TheOleTeaBag

    Typical Obama spite, just like he closed the White House to school kid tours after the sequestration–which was a deal HE made to get another increase in the debt ceiling. ANY time he doesn’t get his little way, he acts like a spoiled two-year-old and does spiteful things designed to injure, inconvenience and generally piss off the American people.

    What an immature, petty, spiteful little JERK he truly is! But trying to block 80 and 90 year old vets out of the WWII Memorial after they traveled to our nation’s capital to see it is a new low, even for HIM.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

      well he blocks little kids from the white house….but allows the muslim brotherhood in, how low can he go!!

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        And cares soooo ,
        much for the ‘victim’ children were killed. Yet he voted THREE times YES on LATE TERM ABORTIONS, EVIL

        • AndreaBishopDaynes

          Refering to the ‘Sandy Hoax’ government made terror-

    • sueann

      Not really.. None of them form both and any involved in Romper Room Washington care…

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Exactly, they are working together now actually, for SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM, w/ the NWO-

    • Kathy Garcia


  • Conservative sniper

    Barry Soetoro is a lying sack of SHIT. But, of course, he’s a democrat., The WWII Memorial is on private property and is privately funded. The parasitic federal government needs to be reduced by about 90%, as evidenced by the EPA, where 93.4% of the employees are considered non essential. http://washingtonexaminer.com/just-6.6-percent-of-epa-employees-are-essential/article/2536655

    • Kathy Garcia

      if they are so non essential, why do they have a job????

      • jinxy76

        To waste our money and push us into this conflict, and eventually, over the edge.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Well said Kathy, their hundreds of thousand dollars salaries should go FIRST, all 500+.

    • Rockslider1

      lets just stay behind Cruz and Paul and push this administration into submission one essential dept being funded at a time. we dont need all the crap thats in Washington that they claim we do. It wasnt needed before we dont need it now

  • Tony Baker

    Obamabarry telling a lie//And yet you act suprised

  • whadayakiddinme

    What a selfish, self-serving, lazy, arrogant, destructive, lying bastard. I HATE this creep. And I HATE what he’s doing to America!
    A revolution is in order.



    • Susan Mireles

      Only one problem with that scenario. The military has to cooperate with him into order to declare martial law and they have already stated that they will defend the Constitution first.

      • goldie

        why do you think they have Russian troops training in the fema camps

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

          20,000 Russians against millions of gun toting americans…they lose.

        • AndreaBishopDaynes

          They will have starving Christian/Americans just like Hitler/Stalin did. It’s happening, NOW with the UN for the NWO

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Not true Susan!!! My brother joined the day after 9/11, served three tours, he got called to Syria almost three weeks ago. PEOPLE QUIT BELIEVING THE LAMESTREAM!!! LOOK ELSEWHERE WHILE WE STILL CAN!!!

    • rulie haveman

      that’s going to be very hard for two more years they’re going to be the longest two years ever

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        We don’t have even a year left Rulie-

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

      that’s what coupes were made for, dictators!!

      • bob77021

        What are sedans made for?

      • Rik

        “Coupes” :) Your lack of education really speaks volumes about your ill-informed, nutbag politics.

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      Wish that would work ‘Justme’. He and the NWO have a timeline to take control, a world population total of 500k so he can implant some, and throw the rest in the empty fully staffed FEMA camps all over the US. WHY DO YOU THINK HE”S BEEN STOCKPILING AMMO?!? AND CREATED THE AURORA/SANDY HOAX/BOSTON tragedy?!? ALL GOVERNMENT planned out and executed so the sheeple will ‘accept’ that as a good reason to disarm America. Eyes wide open to this evil. Praise you Jesus-

  • tedmts

    Ooooh what a suuuprise!!!!!!

  • Randy Schilling

    Wow, people believe anything these days. It’s funny how propaganda like this is
    the core of what started WWII. You people believe anything you read. Honestly
    people, get your news from more than just Facebook posts and obviously biased
    news sources. Obama isn’t the problem. You disrespectful, ignorant cattle being
    led to the slaughter are the problem. Being conditioned to believe this mess is
    one parties fault is what will keep this country divided and in trouble. When
    your children know nothing but hate and incomprehensible national debt it won’t
    be Obama’s fault. It will be yours and yours alone.

    • Egbert O’Foo

      Obama is *supposed* to be the chief executive. It’s up to him to solve problems. He doesn’t, he makes them worse.

      That IS a problem.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Ya, that was a given when he was going for ‘selection’ (not election) the first time. Wow it’s so beyond me in this day of internet, phones, faxes, etc. AMericans just believe the ‘lamestreem’ lying reporters being paid by this demonic administration. Unreal, Praise you God-In fact, if I hear ANYTHING the mainstream says, I don’t believe it. THEY ARE PAID TO REPORT WHAT THE KENYAN PUPPET SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST demonspawn and his ‘sheeple’ WANT YOU TO believe. BRAINWASHING, exactly how Hitler/Stalin did it-

    • Susan Mireles

      It is Obama’s fault Randy. He closed the memorial when it did not need to closed, to make a point. Wake up, son.

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        Randy’s point is needed and taken. This is sooooo much more beyond ‘shutting down memorials’ Susan. If that’s all you think is going on, wow. Read your Bible, it’s not just a good book anymore. This is who the Bible talks about in Revelations. I’m praying, it’s gonna get real ugly real quick. Eyes wide open-

    • TheOleTeaBag

      Yeah, people DO believe anything nowadays. People like YOU obviously believe whatever Obama says, even though virtually every word out of his mouth is a LIE, just like THIS statement about how “he has no choice” but to block access to all these monuments. HE is a lying dirtbag, and YOU are a FOOL if you believe ANYTHING he says. He has been caught in so MANY lies that it is impossible to count them all. Hell, his lies about Obamacare ALONE would add up to an impressive total!

      • Randy Schilling

        Oh so you attack me and call me a fool. Not once in my post did I say that I backed Obama. Not once!! But, because I don’t drink the Kool-Aid of either side you all think I am against you. No, all I simply stated was that people need to wake up and see they are ALL at fault. Honestly, I thought this was America and when I was in
        school I was taught that our government has three branches all with checks and balances to keep us from an oppressive regime. If Obama has the power you all claim he and he alone has then either you have no clue how our government works or the whole system has failed us completely and we now live in a kingdom. Quit
        blaming one person. They are ALL at fault!!! You ma’am are nothing but another internet bully that belittles anyone who tries to put depth into a situation. Go ahead blame only Obama all you want. Continue with your hate. YOU are the problem not ME.
        Good day to you and the other trash talking fools. Too bad we
        live in a country where our elders no longer guide use to wisdom. Just to more hate and biased lies and bull. So far I have spent 20 years in the military serving this country and I plan on serving 10 more I’m just hoping by the time I get out that people understand once again that as a military service member it’s my job to defend the constitution and protect this nation. As a citizen it’s your responsibility to make and keep this a country worth fighting for!!
        Know the bills that are being put before the House and Senate, Hold your Congressmen and Senators accountable, instead of crying and bi^&hing on the internet educate yourself on how government works and how YOU as a citizen can make a difference.
        I am off my soapbox now. I know I will get the haters that no matter what will belittle and bully online because thats all they can do. However, if anyone truely wants to make this country better, instead of replying to me with hate and disrespect why don’t you send your ideas to your representatives on how to fix this country. Making this country better dosen’t start with fingerpointing. It starts with you taking responsibility and taking action.

        • TheOleTeaBag

          Once AGAIN, you are WRONG. I know very well how our government is SUPPOSED to work. I know, for example that it is in the Constitution that it is up to the HOUSE to appropriate funds or NOT, and if they decide to NOT fund ANYTHING passed by Congress, they can do that. All this “it’s the law of the land” BS is just THAT–BS. They are perfectly within their Constitutional duties to defund Obamacare. Therefore, when they chose to fund all of the govt. EXCEPT Obamacare, it was perfectly Constitutional for them to do so. For the Democrats to have a snit fit and REFUSE TO ACCEPT ANY COMPROMISE, then WHO was it made the choice to “shut down the government”?

          I ALSO know that Obama has VIOLATED the Constitution so many times and in so many ways that it would impossible to list them all–and the other branches of government have done NOTHING to rein him in. He should have been IMPEACHED a hundred times over, by now, but there he is, operating as a VIRTUAL DICTATOR. “Balance of powers” and “checks and balances” only work if ALL branches of the govt. exercise their own powers, and do not allow them to be grabbed and co-opted by ANOTHER branch, which is what has happened with Obama. Everybody is AFRAID to say “no” to him or DO ANYTHING ABOUT HIM because he is black. Pure and SIMPLE. A white person would not have got away with ONE-TENTH the CRAP he has pulled since he was elected. I’ve got news for you–we ARE in an “oppressive regime” and NOBODY is protecting us from it, because they are NOT observing the Constitution.

          • Randy Schilling

            So in your RANTyou have proven my point and I thank you for that. “He should have been IMPEACHED a hundred times over, by now, but there he is, operating as a VIRTUAL
            DICTATOR. “Balance of powers” and “checks and balances” only work if ALL branches of the govt. exercise their own powers, and do not allow them to be grabbed and co-opted by ANOTHER branch, which is what has
            happened with Obama.” SO what you just said above is our GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED US NOT JUST OBAMA!!! Oh and lady, please stop pulling the race card. We all know it racism exists; people like you prove that every day!! Sorry I will
            let you get back to your KKK rally now. I’m going to go put on my mind control blocking helmet. I live really close to NSA and I hear Obama has an office there that he uses to control people on his whim

          • TheOleTeaBag

            Once again you demonstrate a complete IGNORANCE of history. The KKK was a DEMOCRAT invention. NOT Republican. DEMOCRAT. But the final fallback position of the liberal is ALWAYS “if you have no logical argument, throw the race card.”

            I never SAID that Obama was the “only” thing wrong with our government. it is obvious that our ENTIRE government, both parties, from top to bottom is dysfunctional and out of control. You get no argument from me on that. But it has gotten very much WORSE and divisions much more BITTER since Obama was elected because Obama and the Democrats are CONSTANTLY playing “divide and conquer” on EVERY issue, just as they are doing on THIS one.

          • Randy Schilling

            WHAT??? You were the one who put the race card in there a few comments ago! You said Quote “Everybody is AFRAID to say “no” to him or DO ANYTHING ABOUT HIM because he is black.” So don’t come for me with that race card crap. You brought it up NOT ME. Who the hell cares who invented the KKK? Problem is that it is 2013 and people still flock to it’s idiotic beliefs. Oh so only the Democrats have been playing “divide and conquer”? Look lets just agree to disagree because I can see here that my simple statement meant to “call for more action and less conspiracy theory bit$%ing” apparently requires a bit more patience, understanding and work then anyone is willing do put fourth these days. So all your worst fears are going to come true. America is swirling the bowl of the preverbal shitter and all anyone is doing about it is bitch about it in meaningless comment sections on this page, which by the looks of the majority of comments and stories is purposed for just that, keeping us all divided. Good day to you ma’am

          • AndreaBishopDaynes

            Sorry ‘Tea Bag’, your dead wrong. This isn’t about left/right/REP/DEM anymore (never was) THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK, come on now. Open eyes people.-Did people just go to church on Sundays with the other Conservatives and NOT KNOW THIS IS WHAT’S IN REVELATIONS?!? This is about good/evil. There is no two parties, it’s ONE, ran by the bankers, the Queen and the Pope while their ‘selected puppet’ Obamanation does their bidding. There is a timeline, an Agenda 31, fully staffed fema camps everywhere in the US stockpiling guns/ammo while staging
            ‘Sandy Hoax/Aurora/Boston for their excuse for disarming. All government CIA planned acted and murdered by BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT for the UN’s takeover. Holy crap people, REALLT?!? I only worry when I read comments of Americans who are content in their little bubble of a world they live in (right where they want you) and don’t bother questioning anything. Don’t even question WHY this Kenyan has half his security/defense staff are from Lybia/Iran/Egypt. WOW

        • AndreaBishopDaynes

          Actually Randy, your comment just now made me so very proud to be an American. I swear, the military/vets, Christian Conservatives give me a glimmer of pride. I want to THANK-YOU Randy for your service from me and my family. My brother just got called to go to Syria for his 4th tour, but after 13 years, I and he dedided he won’t go. No way. A President who gives three stand-downs for our Ambassador/Seals and COUNTLESS others in the Consulate for eight hours be sodomizid, beat and killed while the WATCHED on real-time then went to bed for his ‘Vegas’ fundraiser the next night, is evil and is sent here by Satan. THIS ISN”T THE AMERICA MY BROTHER JOINED TO DEFEND, IT’S NWO, implants, and evil now-Just sayin’

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        No-one’s laughing @ Sarah Palin’s ‘death panel’s in Obamacare statement now are they?!? It’d 6 years later and she’s CORRECT!!!

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    Obama and Reid are both like a pouting kid. If they don’t get their way they want everyone to be miserable too.

  • kid721952

    These memorials are not federally funded but kept up with private donations,they can not close these memorials Obama is just punishing the American people for saying “NO” to him on obamacare, the world did not end over a government shut down we will survive obamacare we will be stuck with FOR LIFE and our children and their children,obama has declared “WAR ON YOUNG PEOPLE” besides the high cost of healthcare to offset the elder the young will have to pay our debt of 18 trillion which Obama and the democrats are accountable for 8 trillion dollars in 5 years that WE have racked up for the young to pay,what a legacy we are leaving for our children and their children

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      It’s just one more thing to get at Christian Patriots, evil, pure evil-

  • Guest

    No Mr President you are the fol that we blame for all of the woes we face for you are suppose to be the head of the government but it seems you are the butt of the jokes world wide. The more troubles you heap upon the people of the of USA you only add to your incomptance and FAILURES!

  • ZekeHoover

    No Mr President you are the fool that we blame for all of the woes we face for you are suppose to be the head of the government but it seems you are the butt of the jokes world wide. The more troubles you heap upon the people of the of USA you only add to your incompetence and FAILURES!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

      when all is said and done the president is a stupid man!

      • AndreaBishopDaynes

        No, he’s very smart and evil. He’s giving us what America voted for THE FIRST TIME (Not the second voter fraud one). CHANGE – Everyone but me (I was doing the Alaskan Pipeline project for Sarah Palin) laughed when she stated Obamacare has ‘death panels’ in 2007. Guess what, no-one’s laughing now-Evil Bankers running this puppet doing their bidding right beside the Queen and the POPE-

  • justathought22

    how to tell when obama is lying? his mouth is open!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

    he believes his own lies….or does not really care that they are lies. he thinks we will believe them. sorry buster, not me!

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      Satan is the king of lies-

  • Linda Patterson

    Well, you know if he mouth is moving he is telling a lie. Guess the world war 11 vets showed him who was boss. they could chew him up and spit him out before he knew what happened. the most useless human on the face of the earth, If he goes to Asia on Sat, when he comes back into the country , congress should be there with impeachment papers ready for the pos.

  • Francine Valentina Arrington

    what a crock of lies, over 300 national parks were closed in 1995. Learn the truth!

    • Anthony Curtis

      The article does not say that the national parks were not closed, only that the War Memorials stayed open. Now I was in Junior high in 95 so I can not say if they did or not.

  • Diane Reeves

    They can police all this, but can’t control the borders…!! How messed up is that…??

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      Another lies by the Kenyan-

  • Laura Thompson

    get this…I subscribe to PJTV Media and an article on that website
    said the direct orders from the biggest dunderhead of hall at the WH is
    to shut down all the private parks that operate within the national
    parks. These are PRIVATE companies with no govt workers, that are a
    revenue stream to the govt. Now that is cutting off your head to spite
    your face. What idiocy! It is clear that Obama wants this to be as
    painful as it possibly can be to the American people even when it means
    shutting down private businesses that pay money into the govt. OH MY, it
    never ceases to amaze me how stupid these people are that Americans put
    into office!

  • Kathy Garcia

    SURPRISED?????????????????????????????little kid throwing a tantrum, gonna take my ball and go home!!!!!!!you cant play with it,, MR OBAMA, GROW UP AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY, THATS YOUR JOB

  • Robert Martin Baczik

    If a politician’s lips are moving he/she is lying!

  • Debra Ward

    My governor (Scott Walker) says he will NEVER block anything from the vets. Made sure all parks, memorials, etc remained open…actually ordered it. they were told they were only to listen to his orders, and not that of a dictator..

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      Awesome Debra!!! Thanks for posting that!!! The military, vets, and conservative Christions are the only hope I feel for this great nation anymore-

  • thomas

    its all a big mess i would say

  • Cheryl Harless

    “When an Obama official says it cannot be avoided, he/she is telling a lie. And that’s a shame.”

    It might be a shame, but it is also business as usual for this administration. SIGH

  • Adam Broderick

    they just don’t want us to realize that everything runs great without them…remember a couple years ago when britain fired 500,000 gov’t employees? we need to do the same, but we need to go top down…not bottom up…these people are robbing us blind and living like fat cats…time for nancy to miss a couple face lift appointments !!!!

    • AndreaBishopDaynes

      Just one Congressmans salary would pay for about 15-30 Americans ALL YEAR-

  • Jerry Curtis

    Hell in Nevada he is Moving people out of their house that are on Federal Land., I don’t believe he is but the American People also because of the rejection of Obamacare. Obama is using the shutdown to punish us all to his fullest extent.

  • Atticus Finch

    Arrest all the Republican tea party/baggin’ terrorists who are employed by tax payers to DO THEIR JOB. Investigate those nut jobs who are out exploiting our Vets ON THE TAX PAYERS’ TIME CLOCK.