Nancy Pelosi Comments on Obamacare, Says Law is About “The Liberation of People To A Life of Liberty, Freedom”

Nancy Pelosi Comments on Obamacare, Says Law is About “The Liberation of People To A Life of Liberty, Freedom”

Can we now agree Nancy Pelosi needs to have her head checked?

Via Real Clear Politics.

REP. NANCY PELOSI: I am very proud about my state of California, where it’s going great, and most of the states that have their state-run exchanges, it’s all going positively well. There’s no question that what’s happening with the systems, the national plans is something that has to be improved. They were overwhelmed by the traffic. Okay, but now let’s see how long it’s going to take to have that be fixed. But, that’s about the technology — about the benefits, about the liberation of people to a healthier life of liberty, freedom to choose their happiness, that all remains.

I hope that we would have some answers soon and that the answer will be, okay, we’ve found the glitch or whatever it is, it has been corrected and here’s a demonstration of how people, when they approach it now, will be received.

Forcing someone to purchase something they may not want or may not be able to afford is quite literally the opposite of freedom.

  • Ryan Seppala

    What a flaming nutball!!!

  • mighty1jp

    Hey Nancy! Why don’t you go use that good ole Obamacare, and get yourself a bottle of “keep the crazy under control” pills to appear that you know what the hell you’re talking about! Oh wait… you’re still a part of our government. You’re all a bunch of nutbags!

  • Terry Derwitsch

    here’s the truth

  • paul

    I’ll bet those techies in California will be really happy and satisfied when they find out they cannot keep the insurance they liked and their Doctor is not on the list…. oops and their costs are going wayyyyy up .. not down.. they will not save a minimum of $1200.00 and their deductible is through the roof.. and they have elected a complete nut to represent them .. over and over and over… nice going California

    • screwliberalism

      Not to mention that if they do investigate an exchange and determine they will *not* buy into the Government mandate, they’ll be immediately charged the “I-don’t-want-this-lousy-piece-of-crapola-legislation” fine. :/

      • Roberta Welch

        you have to Jan 1 2014 and out of all the people going in to sign up look it up not many if any get on line another thing look what the irs did to anyone who was against obama the lied cheated and now they are the ones with your social security number and obama has hied a lot illegals to help people to navigate the obamacare all you need to lose your identity is a social security number. and when people navigate you through they have more than your social security number. i am not that trusting to anyone

    • Roberta Welch

      not to mention the shut down of hospitals. Lake Shore hospital is closing so people watch to find out what hospital you may have to go to because of the hospitals that will be closed because of obamacare

      • RVNMike

        One step closer to the government taking over all aspects of health care.

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  • Tony Baker


  • Lawrence Brown

    why would anyone vote for a complete Idoit over and over



      • Shari Peterson

        Judge much? SF has more to offer than that. She is however a huge sellout idiot regardless of what you think about SF. :)

    • Stir_ the_ pot

      San Francisco is known for its culture and quirkiness. No one ever said anything about intelligence. Seems that is less important than being a freak.

      • Wynonna Juggs

        San fran always was the liberal cancer that infected conservative california………..

    • mcd1948

      Because idiots vote for idiots……..

    • Jean Nelson

      do you know what lives in SF

      • RVNMike

        Nothing important.

    • VicBailey

      HELL, they did it in Massachusetts for YEARS with Kerry and Kennedy, and TED was a murderer, Kerry a TRAITOR! When you figure that out CLL ME! Semper Fi.

    • CoonOkie


    • RVNMike

      Its California. What can you expect from them. They don’t even understand most of their cities are broke.

  • Michael Davis

    Please join this campaign: http://

  • Debra Bortner

    Why do’t you try actually READING the bill you voted for and that you promote as so great. Higher premiums and more taxes are not what I call Liberty and Freedom. Not to mention all the jobs and hours that have been lost due to this rediculous farce.

    • Stir_ the_ pot

      They finally did. That is why they promptly exempted themselves.

  • Robert Hufford

    She must take idiot pills no one could be that stupid natrually

  • Guest

    Forcing hospitals to accept uninsured people into emergency rooms will bankrupt the hospital and make it CLOSE.

    • mysty Blue

      The hospitals have been doing that for YEARS.. they get their money from welfare which isn’t enough to maintain a private hospital. Make the welfare recipients go to county hospitals like they used to. There was a time the indigent were not allowed in anyplace other than a county hospital that got it’s funding from the government. It was Reagan (Reaganomics), I think, that said no one could be turned away from any hospital ER unless it’s life threatening. even then, when the patient was stable the hospital shipped them off to county. That is when the prices of healthcare REALLY skyrocketed as the private hospitals had to charge the insured MORE so the hospital could pay it’s bills, doctors and staff to maintain itself. In the mean time, the indigent just piled into ERs without money to pay and the insured started to go to urgent care clinics to be seen. The hospitals lost MORE money and a vicious circle ensued.

  • DesertSun59

    It’s quite amusing the number of totally uninformed Fox News viewers posting here.

    Forcing hospitals to accept uninsured people into emergency rooms will bankrupt a hospital and force it to close.

    Plus, the ACA doesn’t affect you in any way whatsoever. If you have health care insurance already, there’s nothing for you to do and you’re not taxed in any way whatsoever.

    • Warren Roberts

      That is A Lie, My insurance coverage dropped by Half and I pay the same price. Also my deductible went from 3500 a year to 12500, and my hospital stay per day used to be 500.00 , Now I pay 33% of the total bill. So when you say it won’t effect us in any way you have no idea what you are talking about

    • Summer Gilbert Taylor

      It doesnt effect us if we dont have Obamacare? Than explain to me why my insurance plan is now triple the premium it was before. The plan hasnt went up. We are now being assessed a “governmental fee” we have to pay that is 2 times as much as the original premium plus we have a higher dedictable to
      pay.Explain to me how 10 million extra
      people are going to recieve healthcare in
      already crowded
      hospitals but not
      1 dr has been
      added because
      of the ACA.
      PLEASE , YOU

      • Tammy Thompson

        As a nurse, the hospitals are laying off nurses, Drs are leaving the practice, retiring, or taking cash patients only. Hospitals are closing. United Health just let thousands of Drs go, because of ACA. You will have long waits for care, in Canada it takes 6 months to get a broken hip repaired. The elderly have already been told, no more hips or knees, or cataracts, no transplants, as Obama said..”tell grandma to take a pill and forget the surgery.” You know how much pain the elderly will have to go through and how many years will get cut off their lives. And preemie babies are way too expensive. As Kissinger said, “Unfortunately, many people will have to die” Thank you Obama and the Demoncrats

        • Linda Bartram

          that what he son of a bitch wants my daughter needs surgey in horrb pain for ngthts but she needs her gul bladder taken out.but the dr said he has to play the obama game. wants to kill the old people make every one suffer. I hope he gets cancer and the drs tell hmm to go get on Obama care k,don’t forge therep they won’t stand u tp Obama,i think hes paid them all of they shoud all be firedifornot rading what they signd

    • chris

      You are a payed liar get out of here. There is I believe one location in the U.S where premiums went down by .04 percent. Everywhere else it’s between 5 and 250 percent. So nice try dumb ass. Not to mention deductibles everywhere have sky rocketed. Not to mention answer me this desert with all contracts you should read them right? There is 11,000 almost 12000 pages of regulations for this bullshit “product”. How the fuck is any normal person let alone a laywer/super hero supposed to read and retain all that information. To have a chance to even make a semi educated guess on what to do. So stfu dodo bird you are getting paid by the dee da deets. No one likes you anymore so please go away.

    • Linda Galli

      The 27 new taxes in obamacare will affect all of us. The reduced care after age 75, the fact that illegals are exempt so they will still be using hospital emergency rooms and not pay their bills will still affect hospitals. The cancellation of policies, the reduction of doctors and loss of work hours will affect all of us. The 1000’s of new regulations will affect all of us. The only good thing in obamacare is that to receive medical care you must provide photo id. Now people will have no excuse that they can’t provide it to vote.

    • Nanci Alley

      Really, is that why people are getting letters from their health care insurance company CANCELLING THEM?????????? Hmmm, I know, I know everyone is lying about that too! BS pull your head out of the sand!

    • mysty Blue

      That’s a lie, my insurance went UP 30% so far and is projected to double! So I and my family ARE AFFECTED. Do you REALLY think that the insurance company is going to keep your premiums low when Obama care is getting DOUBLE AND TRIPLE THE RATES AND DEDUCTABLES? NO… SHEEPLE.. THAT INSURANCE COMPANY IS GOING TO RAISE IT’S RATES TO MEET OBAMA CARE! WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE, IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER! The private hospitals have been taking care of the indigents for YEARS ( Reaganomics) and getting paid the low welfare rates ( just enough to keep the doors open). The ACA DOES affect me as MY premiums go up along with my deductible. I’ll see in open season HOW MUCH DEDUCTABLE I’LL HAVE TO PAY FOR A FAMILY OF 4. YOU, desertsun.. have been spending to much time in the sun PAYING GOLF, PROBABLY. You don’t need to watch news for this information.. I don’t even WATCH the news. I WATCH C-SPAN AND GET THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF THE IDIOTS MOUTHS. Why listen to these dumbazzes fight, argue and talk over each other in a debate that there is NOTHING they can do anything about? stupid sheeple. You must watch FOX news though.. you seem to know what they are saying to be able accuse others of watching it.

    • RVNMike

      My insurance went up another $74 a month because of obamacare and the letter said it was going up another $54 in January. Again, because of obama care.
      I don’t think you have a clue as to what you are talking about. Maybe you do, and you are just another liberal fanatic lying again.

  • Marge Metevier

    There’s nothing quite as weird as her unbridled enthusiasm for a law she’s never read! Oh, wait as minute … she’s so in love with Obamacare because she doesn’t have to sign up for it! That alone is probably why she’s so happy!

  • American-By-Choice

    Bass-ackwards and downside up.

    Deceit FRAUD Ignorance
    >>> >> S O C I A L I S M << <<<

    Can anyone think of ANYTHING that the Left will NOT LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH ABOUT?

  • James B

    Sooo out of touch with reality, does she think anyone believes this crap! When she lies she stutters, stammers, hesitates, just like Obama!

    • RVNMike

      Pay attention. She’s drunk.

  • gregz

    New York State is great too. We have Democrats and RINO’s to choose from. I believe that we are in deeper debt than California. If not, then damn close. That’s what happens when irresponsible candidates are voted in by irresponsible voters.

  • chris

    Freedom with a law that forces you to take part of it. This woman is a complete dodo bird. Please California I know you’re quite a liberal state. But for all things holy kick this obviously mentally challenged woman out of her seat. You do remember her roughly saying your work hours are getting cut. So you can essentially learn a hobby. Please tell me who wants to loose 11 hours of work? Which most likely equates to picking up a second job. To take up knitting, or maybe even a pottery class. Pretty please wake the fuck up just a little.

  • mcd1948

    If its so wonderful……………why did Congress exempt themselves from Obamacare?

    • Tammy Thompson

      And why do we, the tax payers have to pay 70% of their Cadillac healthcare for the rest of their lives?

  • Guest

    She lied as much as Obama , I tried to go on Covered Calif today, i put in myself and my 2 kids and it added up to 3 instead of 4. and even though my annual doesnt qualify me for a subsidy , it said was eligible for medicare. What a joke, hmm must be the new common core standards. 1+1+2 =3..Would be funny if it wasn’t so sad

  • Rich Rock

    She lies as much as Obama, basically when their lips move, I went on Covered Calif today !!! as i was told that the off plan exchanges mirror the online, the only difference no subsidy. I put myself and my wife in, then added my two kids. It added up to 3.. Then it said i was eligible for medicare. even though i make too much for a subsidy.. It must be the new common core standards, 1+1+2 =3..It would be funny it , if it wasn’t so sad. For those doubters i tried it 3 different time with the same result. even closed the web page and tried over..

  • madeuce42

    She is speaking to the top turds.

  • mysty Blue

    My insurance went up 30% so far. All obamacare does is put WE THE PEOPLE UNDER DIRECT PHYSICAL THREAT FROM THE GOVERNMENT, PAY FOR THE ILLEGALS TO HAVE HEALTHCARE! 30,000 IN CALIFORNIA ALONE? CHIT.. THAT’S THE ILLEGAL POPULATION IN CALIFORNIA!!! Why do I say direct threat? because we will lose our doctors,we will be paying HUGE premiums AND deductables to keep some illegal healthy while WE go with out food on the table to accommodate these CRIMINALS. we are faced with the dilemma of feeding and sheltering our family or paying an EXHORBITANT tax or having a HUGE fine or THE IRS THROW TAX LIENS ON HOMEOWNERS. What if you don’t own a home.. are gestapo agents going come in our homes and take our children to recruit in the Obama SS? Are they going to take us away and kill us? We KNOW they will NOT allow old people to have the medical care they need and leave them to wait it out and die. We already have gestapo agents in our schools threatening our children’s educations and individuality by suspending them from school FOR JUST BEING KIDS!!! I joined the ranks of the Republicans now. I’ve seen enough of my democratic party turned socialist. It’s the only way I have to fight. I’m taking the conservative road. I have NO idea what is going to happen to all the PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS OUT THERE THAT ARE LIVING OFF MOMMY AND DADDY. BUT GOOD LUCK ALL!!! We’re ALL going to need it.

    • Rusty

      Thank you for your words. But, keep in mind the whole illegals thing is about one thing, and that is another voting base. The Politicians are beginning to realize ( and this is Democrats as well as Republicans) they losing the American people. Votes, that’s all it is vote’s. That’s why they don’t want the voters to have to show an ID or prove their citizenship. Obamacare is an insult to all the American people! it is a tax to help build a bigger Federal Government! I personally will op-out. God Bless America and God save OUR Constitution…………!

  • Michael Carlson

    She needs another facelift is all I can say. As for what she says, wow what a bunch of BS. We have found the glitch and fixed it. Has anyone even asked questions about the taxes that start Jan 1, 2014 to fund this liberty for all the people sitting on there backside. People hold on to your wallet because they are gonna take it.

  • sciteach123

    This wacko is absolutely nuts. send her to a mental institution and then let Obamacare pay for it.

    • Tammy Thompson

      She is a drunk. She emptied the liquor stock every week as she flew back to Calif. She is so pickled, I doubt she has two brain cells to rub together. Notice how she slurs her words and how often she loses her train of thought and rambles

      • RVNMike

        Yes I have noticed how she loses her train of thought and rambles on. I have said it is either old age or she was drunk. Maybe all the face lifts and botox are putting too much pressure on her little brain.

  • Shari Peterson

    The liberation of PEOPLE huh? Is that why big pharma and big insurance were involved in drafting it? She really, really despises you and thinks you an idiot.

  • asnowrose

    It’s about Communism. Plz watch this video while it is free.
    AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie) FREE to watch for a limited time! We need to know the real enemy.

  • Johnston2

    Liberal fascism. It’s for your own good.

  • JenJen

    They’ve always had “liberty” and “freedom.” The ladies vague pronouncements speak of a vacuous mind.

  • Janet Campbell

    I live in Nancy’s district. After quoting some of the story above, I told her the following, by email off her site:

    Tell me something, in what sector of the economy is it “better” in California? My work has been dead since January of 2009 – literally NONE for the first 9 months of 2009….and since then, limping. LIMPING. SO again, what planet is this California on you speak about?

    Is it all the unnecessary expenditures made for “infrastructure” here? Or the spreading around of “bennies to buddies”?

    Are you aware that you have made yourself so hated to the rest of the country, because you treat them like dirt? Why do you think so little have signed up – besides the non-competitively bid contract given to a CANADIAN company to use 10-year old website technology to do this Obamacare messky going on????

    No one trusts the government, not in their right mind. And IRS agents who have illegally disclosed in emails found to the White House head of Obamacare from Ms. Ingram private info on citizens….which you know is beyond not right (felonies), well, why do you think anyone in their right mind would “sign up” for 4-8 times the cost “health” care?

    No, they won’t. Exchanges in NY and California don’t count. You have had about 20,000 people sign up outside of those (which makes another 30,000 drawn into the dragnet of control and freaky business).

    Nope, you failed. And it will continue to. When you make yourself hated to the country, allllll those flyover states that are beneath you while party hardying on government aircraft across the country, you should expect major distrust and rejection. End of story.

    No one trusts abusers.

    You don’t know what you are dealing with, so you have created the kind of distrust that never goes away.

  • Rev. Roy Gallant

    And I’m sure there’s gonna be a list of WHO we have to give our money to, no matter WHAT we want to do! It wasn’t bad enough when they just took our money as taxes, to spend on Foreign aid, and useless pork-barrel projects and studies we didn’t want or need, now they’re going to tell us who we have to BUY from

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    She couldn’t be stupider if someone chopped her head off.

  • jack comeaux

    A total brain dead blithering inbred skank who should be run out of this country

  • Jean Nelson

    She is such an idiot


    Sorry, its not the technology, the technical problems are the direct result of government stupidity. I trust that Ms. Pelosi intends to lead by example by signing up for her insurance on the ACA Exchange and refusing to let taxpayers pay 70-75% of her premium as we are doing now. NO, I really doubt it.
    The basic idea of ACA; health insurance for the uninsured and indiiduals with pre-existing conditions is good. The implementation is a disaster because the law was not properly studied before it was passed. The math does not work out. For a system like this to work, it needs WIDE participation. This program, as it stand, is only for a tiny percentage of the population and, of course, premiums are going to be HIGH and deductables unaffordable.
    The Republican alternatives aren’t any better.
    We need to go back to the drawing board and determine what kind of “fixes” might result in a viable system. If nothing is done, ObamaCare will be a massive FAILURE and a tremendous burdon on an already over-burdened economy. Our National Debt is approaching $60,000 per man/woman/child. We can’t afford to keep borrowing money unless we want to start speaking Mandarin.

  • johnny

    It is a cess pool that SF! A city full of illegal Aliens from Mexico and China, then you have all the fags, and lesbians, and the burnt out drug addict hippies, bums. That city is digusting with bath houses, people allowed naked in public, and sex clubs everywhere. A straight cess pool of losers and AIDS victims with no future. Those are the people tgat vote for these crazies, they offer free handouts just as O’Blamer did to achieve votes and to get votes again.

  • VicBailey

    She LIES better than Bama! She is Bat Shit CRAZY! Like Miller said, I bet she sleeps UPSIDE DOWN! Semper Fi.

  • robertdavidhummel

    RDavid Hummel
    former Speaker Pelosi said…”Pass this ,then we’ll find out whats in it”…..Obama’s Democratic Congress PASSED the AHCA/ObamaCare Bil, March 2009….

    NOW, Oct 18, 2013…along with many very contentuous standards of the law, Here is ONE of the law implimenatations that “We are subject to.effective March 2014.

    Please view the first 4 minutes and the last 3 minutes of the video to quickly see what was NOT DEBATED by the Congress BEFORE THE BILL WAS PASSED….(If possible , view the 26min36sec. Entire video)….

    The specific requirement to COMPELL a IMPLANT in our body…by GOVERNMENTAL LAW…’IS A CALL TO STRIP ALL AMERICAN PATRIOTS of the FREEDOMS Promised by Our Constitution and Bill of Rights”

    We MUST ABOLISH THE AHCA/ObanaCare Bill,…or…Become accesories to Obama’s CHANT…”I will Fundamentally change America”….( ENSLAVE/SOCIALIZE Americaq).”

  • Wynonna Juggs

    Yea…plenty of time for hobbies that we can no longer afford…..Thanks dummycrats

  • Barbara Finger

    Guess she doesn’t know that most of us can’t afford it and we could just have signed those who had no healthcare up with Medicaid or something that the working poor, middle class and those with pre-existing conditions could afford. AND IF IT IS SO GOOD WHY DOESN’T SHE HAVE IT????

    • Tammy Thompson

      Here in Washington state, we have had pre-existing coverage for at least 15 years. You can change jobs or insurance co and they have to cover you for the same as everyone else. They also have Medicaid for the poor or people who have extreme medical problems. My grandson was a 23 week preemie. Even tho my son and his wife made really good money, the state covered his medical for about 6 years until he caught up. Well, actually he is 9 and has CP but is so very close to his normal for his age. Thanks to the good care he got here. Very few people here needed ACA, mostly only the working poor. They could have helped those people without destroying the whole system
      But healthcare was not the end result, control over every American is. Next is control of our children(Common Core) and then control of food and water.(Monsanto). God bless America, we are going to need all the help we can get

  • mark_alan

    Nancy, be real….how many californians going to be able to afford to pay for their insurance. You are used to most californians getting freebies from Uncle Sam. Tell us who will pay for theirs? you know they won’t. You are destroying this once great Nation. Nancy, I sure wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when you one day stand before the Almighty God Jehovah at the Great White Throne Judgement. Ya lizninnnn’?

  • marcyharris92

    Then why don’t you get yourself on it so you too can be liberated to a life of “Liberty and Freedom?” Oh that’s not really what you meant is it.

  • sclars

    Less than 1% of the people in Calif have been to the site. The purpose of obamacare has evolved; it was voted in with the promise to save people money and improve the medical health, now it’s about the liberation and freedom she is giving the people. I think she needs to rethink her position, she claims to be Catholic – but knows more than the pope about faith, now she is claiming she is giving us our god given rights, her god-complex by definition proves she’s not sane.

  • CoonOkie

    That bitch was dropped on her head when she was a baby.

    • jamie


  • Roger Long

    Everybody always blames California. While we elected her, she was born in Maryland. As far as I’m concerned, she’s a carpetbagger.

    • Tammy Thompson

      You guys still elected her and keep doing it over and over. You guys need to take her down. Californians are the only ones who can. Get her out of office, please

  • Kerry N Drennan

    Wow is she talking thru here A**. As of today they said it wasn’t fixed, they spent 93 million on a system that doesn’t work, they spent 93 million on a system that is owned by CANADA, what is that, why couldn’t they go Made in the USA? Hello ……i checked out California’s Obamacare (california) site and my lord, for the cheapest $5000 deductable? yea they get it for 2 bucks a month, but all the other charges, if you go to the ER look at just walking thru the door at almost 200 bucks…and in some cases people can’t get the Doctors they had, offices they had, so they have to start over with a new doctor that doesn’t know them and their history, this Obamacare is a joke…I’m so glad I have my military insurance, Tricare, i get meds for 4 bucks, my wifes heart attack with stent put in cost us out of pocket maybe 3000, I had surgery on my thumb that was over 5000.00 my cost 500…….and to top it off Members of Congress are exempt?????,

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  • Michael Parker

    Happy Hour is over, Nana. Go dry your liver out and be still…..

  • Anthony Krutis

    I will not comply.I will not sign up.It’s about FREEDOM.

  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    California voted these morons in. They deserve to pay the highest premiums possible

  • Carmena Hilliard

    What an f-ing miserable hag. Tell that to the people who enjoyed full-time hours and coverage that now have part-time hours and no coverage. Sickening to hear liberals talk about how wonderful this is. This has ruined more middle-class and working poor lives and propped up the gimmee crowd.

  • Carmena Hilliard

    She needs to stop the botox and finish aging normally. She always looks like she was surprised by a rat.

  • unclebarb

    Aw geesh, the stupid, it goes on and on!

  • Mark Werst

    And how much money has been wasted on the start up Nancy you fool may you and all the senators should pay for it out of your own pocket you need to retire better be put out to pasture

  • RVNMike

    Be careful about saying anything bad about Nancy. She may turn loose her flying monkeys.

  • Wayne Van Scoyoc

    Nancy doesn’t have insurance bought from the exchanges at massive cost and massive deductibles. She doesn’t know jack.

  • Dee

    Some friends from Britain just spent two pleasant weeks visiting with us in our home, north of Sacramento.

    As they were due to depart for home from the San Francisco airport, we decided it might be fun to spend the final two days of their visit, walking around in downtown San Francisco.

    Driving into the city across the sun-silvered waters of the bay on the new bridge, it’s hard not to be almost overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of San Francisco with its imposing towers and spires soaring into the blue October sky.

    The majesty of the city when viewed from afar, in no way prepares the unwary traveler for the ugly and shocking reality of San Francisco up close.

    As we tentatively made our way through appalling filth-littered streets populated by swarming legions of incoherent, unclean, foul smelling wretches, I was reminded of the parable about the gleaming alabastrine sepulcher, so impressive at a distance, yet on the inside- filled with darkness and corruption.

    We have traveled much of the world and all too often witnessed those living in poverty and neglect, elsewhere. However, it seemed people, even in dire circumstances, maintained a modicum of dignity and a self respect that is nowhere evident on many of your streets. Indeed, much of San Francisco seems to have rapturously embraced a level of degeneracy, wholly without parallel.

    Can you name, for instance, another city on the planet where lawmakers seriously debate the propriety of public nudity?

    San Francisco, perhaps it is well that you are deliberately blind to the worlds’ comic perception of you. In your wild pursuit of a tolerance unfettered by any standard of decency, you have unwittingly become the unofficial lunatic asylum of the world.

    And so it was that we cut short our visit to San Francisco.

    Our guests, at great inconvenience, mixed no doubt with relief, flew back to Britain a day early.


  • RalphVSmith

    If Individualists do not figure out how to distribute wealth from the few that make it to the many that need it, the Socialists will and they’ll take your freedom while they do it. Conservatives don’t even realize there is a problem so they have NO way of solving it. Heaven help us.