More Obamacare Lies Exposed – Over 460,000 Insurance Cancellation Letters Sent to Angry Customers

More Obamacare Lies Exposed – Over 460,000 Insurance Cancellation Letters Sent to Angry Customers

So much for Obamacare allowing people to keep their insurance plans if they like them!

According to NBC, Nearly half a million insurance cancellation letters are going out all across America telling consumers their plans are being terminated because they don’t meet Obamacare standards!

Florida Blue is cancelling 80 percent of its individual polices in the Sunshine state – that means 300,000 people will not be keeping their policies like Obama promised.

The CA insurer, Kaiser Permanente, is terminating 160,000 individual policies.

NBC News reports, “Consumer advocates say such cancellations raise concerns that companies may be targeting their most costly enrollees.”

That means people who are really sick, but happy with their current doctor and current care package are being told they have to find new insurance providers.

The aforementioned insurance companies are sending patients into Obamacare whose medicines and hospital stays will cost them even more under new government regulations.

Even Liberals who are shopping on the exchanges are surprised by sticker shock too, given that the President said this plan was going to be so affordable!

The government is mandating that insurance companies provide more coverage for more services than ever before and monitoring compliance.

That means patients will be the ones suffering because, in order to maintain profits and corporate functionality, the insurance companies have to pass the price hikes for government-mandated increased coverage on to clients in the form of higher co-pays!



  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    Well they get what they deserved. A major pain in the neck

  • flystraight

    Sorry bastard liberals.

    • Justin McInvale

      They don’t care. They are exempt.

  • Lisa Rogers Krause

    Affordable Care Act?? Affrdable for who??? Certainly not the blue collar worker like me and my husband and certainly not for my elderly parents!! You LIED Obummer! LIES!!

    • Masami Rockefeller

      Yes, it’s called UnAffordable Care Act. We can also dropped the “Care” as well.

      • Lisa Rogers Krause

        I agree Masami! They forget those of us on limited incomes. Why should we have to pay for those that are here illegally or are not TRYING actively to work? Its not my fault so I hate that I have to pay for them. I can understand those that are really trying and are still at the poverty level but I dont like paying for those that arent trying.

        • Masami Rockefeller

          Me either, Lisa! It seems that this is one of the reasons why Obama does not care whether the illegals come to the states or not, just so we can take care of them.

  • Masami Rockefeller

    For the words of all the teenagers. Obummer got “Powned!” very badly.

  • gregoryvii

    This is what you get when you vote for the National Socialist Party. Bama, Reid, Pelosi et all.

  • Tchiock

    If this legislation is allowed by the Constitution as a Tax (according to the Supreme Court) and was originated in the Senate, then according also to the Constitution (Original Clause: Art I, Sec 7) it is Un-Constitutional since all Tax legislation must begin in the House. Somebody needs to do something fast!!!

    • Joy


  • dfwfire127

    “The Naked Communist”, written in 1958, explains exactly where we are as a Nation in 2013. Check it out. Honestly, those of us responsible, taxpaying citizens should relish this, watching and hearing all the Kool-Aid drinkers try to act surprised that their beloved Obamacare hasn’t panned out as he promised. You morons deserve this.

  • Gene Pratt

    I have warned all my friends and family that this is a government scheme to extort the AMERICAN PEOPLES hard earned bucks, and not to sign up for it, I just want to say this is not about the oblahma butt kissing dummiecrats or the Republicans, it is about what WE THE PEOPLE do not want and that is a government controlled, IRS policed health care program, that is out to take our bank accounts, tax refunds, drivers licenses, and some people will lose their homes, I want the freedom to pick the insurance I want and not have to take some forced health insurance I dont need, What I see from this is we are having to pay for the people who cant or wont get health care, just like we pay for all the lazy shits on welfare, this is called communism where the solvent are having their solvency taken away to pay for the insolvent. The government needs to worry about governing and leave WE THE PEOPLE out of their schemes to take more money out of our pockets to spend on frivolous and expensive vacations, days off with pay, free lunches, free gas, use of any government limos or vehicles, helicopters and fancy planes with $10,000 bars like PELOSI’S on her plane, oh and by the way it is not free, our taxes pay for it!!! Oblahma AKA Barry Soetoro, LIED TO GET INTO OFFICE LIED ABOUT JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING WHILE IN OFFICE AND IS STILL LYING, WE NEED TO IMPEACH HIM AS HE IS NOT DESERVING OF THE TITLE OF PRESIDENT!!!

    • johnfkostrubal

      Unfortunately, not many in the House and Senate have the Patriotism nor Political Courage to act on this issue .
      Hopefully we can keep the House after the 2014 elections .

  • keepersleeper

    This is what happens when you have an ignorant, delusional, in denial citizenry! So, you just had to have a black man in the White House? Well, you got him…and what a DAMN MESS HE IS! Oh! Before you get your drawers in a knot, I AM NOT WHITE!

  • Miranda Grant

    House Ways and Means Committee ranking member Sander Levin, D-Mich., says “these aren’t cancellation notices but just transition notices!” What a crock of poo!

  • johnfkostrubal

    This has nothing to do with Medical coverage, just power over the American people .
    Vladimir Lenin, the master of Communism said that Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to a Socialist State .
    Obama is just a figure head, put in place because he is half Black, and his bosses knew Americans would be scared to criticize him , for fear of being labeled racist .
    His supporters like George Soros, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, Wade Rathle, the not so Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko, to name a few .are doing everything they can to destroy our nation . And let us not forget his hero Saul Alinlki .
    They have taken over the National Media, infiltrated our schools, put in place our enemies into high government positions and will do anything to disarm the American people. This has been slowly happening since the 1960`s and has escalated under this Administration .
    The Socialist Democrats are better organized than the Republicans , better funded, and if Amnesty is passed, we will become a One Party Socialist regime .