Did Obama Government Order $13 BILLION Fine on JP Morgan for Political Punishment Over Criticism of Administration?

Did Obama Government Order $13 BILLION Fine on JP Morgan for Political Punishment Over Criticism of Administration?

Charlie Gasparino, Senior correspondent for Fox Business, shared his thoughts on a $13 BILLION dollar fine slapped on JP Morgan. Gasparino points directly at Obama’s government and claims the fine was punishment for public criticism of the Obama admin’s failed fiscal policy.

“This is something, most of it, that JP Morgan did not do. This was something they inherited. They were asked to buy Bear Stearns. They were asked to buy Washington Mutual. During the financial crisis of 2008. Asked by the US government by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. I know this for a fact because Paulson once told me this… Here’s why they’re doing it. Jamie Dimon went from being the greatest banker of all time, leading his company through the financial time, doing the government a favor to a critic of the Obama administration.

And, you do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to put those two things together. The minute you start ramping up his critique of Obamanomics, of Dodd-Frank… that’s when the hammer started coming down on them. This is all about vindictiveness and it’s really bad for the American political system.“

Anyone shocked?

H/T: Gateway Pundit

  • Masmani

    NOBODY criticizes 0bama, damnit!!

    • 1911er

      nobody, nobody, nobody. I want my mommy

      • loangirl

        Don’t forget….nobody, nobody, nobody, I want my mommy, my food stamps and my Obama phone!!!


    Shocked? surely you jest!

  • Linda Bartram

    every one needs to vote repo in 2014 to inpeach this crazy guy look at his eyes hes nuts

  • Linda Bartram

    every one needs to vote rep 2014 to get this crazy nut inpeached

  • Cecelia Henderson

    Typical of the Obama Administration. Two dying companies dumped in JPMorgans lap to help Obama and then they get sued for billions. Total corruption by the most incompetent president in the history of America.

    • Brandy Miller

      I’d feel a whole lot MORE sorry for JP Morgan if they hadn’t participated in Obama’s thuggery against the Catholic Church when the Catholic Church wouldn’t back down about the HHS mandate.

      • conniericketts

        Interesting – didn’t know this!

  • Wayland Sumerlin

    so we bail out this ‘too big to fail’ institution and then fine it $13B???

    • loangirl

      when I first read this article a couple of days ago, and saw that Eric Holder was the one in charge, I knew why…and I know that this is only the beginning of more to come..There is only one way to stop this!

  • Steve Ashcraft

    It’s the Chicago way… The Emperor is angry….

  • steelregion

    Its falling apart for Hussein. Whats next someone steals his camel?

  • LinusToo
    • http://www.facebook.com/petrasgranddtr Tammy Thompson

      You little thumb sucker, get a life

      • LinusToo

        So Liberty News is not so much the “report truth, take action” website as it is a “report truth, get told to take a hike” website. Okay. BTW, I have a life, thank you very much, one not lived in willful ignorance…and that’s more than you and your cohorts here can say if you comments are any indication.

  • Gary Wolfenbarger

    Our DOJ, and “Fearless Loiterer”, don’t seem too concerned about black on black crime, or black on white crime. Killing Christians in Egypt (all over middle east), including an Ambassador and Navy Seals, don’t even rate a sleepless night. However, if you have the gall to disagree with his direction or leadership (or lack of)… WATCH OUT, NOW YOU’VE DONE IT! HERE COMES THE REAPER! BAM! POW! DOJ, IRS, NSA, EPA, FBI, DHS, ARMED DRONES, YOU ARE IN DEEP SH*T NOW!
    Perhaps, if we told him the goons killing Christians think “OBAMACARE SUCKS”, then we might see some action! Just a thought.

  • Gary Wolfenbarger

    I was leaving a casino the other night, when it hit me. Sometimes the boys in DC remind me of playing penny slot machines. No connection? Wait. You put in say a dollar-fifty, hit the button. The machine pays out sixty-five cents and says “YOU WIN”! Anyone else get that?
    There is one big difference, in DC they turn around and tax you on the sixty-five cents!

  • Daniel Wylie

    Obama also has violated the 28th Amendment. Reminds me of a corrupted thief. This obamacare is a joke. Also he has made too many laws that are too retarded.