Western Portion of Maryland Seeks to Secede from State!

Western Portion of Maryland Seeks to Secede from State!

Last week we watched two powerful Democrats fall to re-calls in Colorado. The Democrats were fired over their successful move to limit 2nd Amendment rights of Colorado residents.

Similarly, Maryland politicians have successfully made it very difficult for residents to practice their guaranteed rights without barrier. As it turns out, many Maryland residents aren’t just going to stand by and take it. In fact, some are pushing to secede from the state.

A group of Maryland residents frustrated with its state’s liberal government is joining a recent movement across the country of regions trying to secede.

Western Maryland is made up of five counties whose residents largely vote Republican and feel under-represented at the state capitol, run by Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley and a Democrat-controlled legislature.

The movement began in July as a social-media effort, with activist Scott Strzelczyk starting a Facebook page titled the Western Maryland Initiative.

The movement, however, has since garnered significant media attention, with Strzelczyk talking to everybody from National Public Radio to The Washington Post.

“We are tired of this,” he said during an interview Thursday with Washington-area NPR affiliate WAMU. “We have had enough.”

Strzelczyk said the biggest concerns are increasing taxes, and the Democrat-controlled legislature gerrymander voting district so that the state’s big metropolitan areas have the most representation and tighter gun laws enacted this year, which he calls “the last straw.”  

The movement is just one of several across the country that includes the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, Northern California and several conservative northern Colorado counties.

How long will America continue down a path of representation that doesn’t represent?

  • nottmee

    Well maybe those idiots in D.C. will get the memo. I love the idea because this country did not start like this and be damned if we all just lay down and take more up the prostate. Some will say secession is a dirty word because Lincoln said it was. Ever read his letters to one Horace Greely! Course you have not. Well now is the time to think about what our country has evolved into. King George put a one cent tax on tea and that started the Boston Tea Party. We are burdened with more TAXES than we should be but, we have had our heads in the sand because as long as it does not affect me it is fine! How about NOW!