BREAKING: John Kerry Signs United Nations Arms Treaty

BREAKING: John Kerry Signs United Nations Arms Treaty

John Kerry, the Secretary of State for the United States of America, has officially signed an arms treaty with the United Nations. Many experts believe the arms treaty threatens the sovereignty of the U.S. and opens a pandora’s box of new gun control measures, all of which would violate the 2nd Amendment.

Legally the Senate must vote to confirm the treaty. Whether or not Barack Obama will attempt to circumvent the Senate is unknown at this time. describes the dangers surrounding the U.N. Arms Treaty.

In simple terms, here’s how the Arms Trade Treaty threatens gun owners, freedom, and the 2nd Amendment:

A ‘National Control List’ Would Be Established

Article 5 of the Arms Trade Treaty creates a “National Control List.” Global leaders around the world who sign the treaty: “shall establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.” 

Obama promised us he was not going to establish a national gun registry. “He’s not seeking a registry,” White House Spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on March 25, 2013.

In his twisted mind, Obama told the truth but not the whole truth. He didn’t want a national registry. He wanted a global registry. He wanted foreign governments to know whether you own a gun. That way, if you even think about jumping ship and leaving the United States to seek freedom elsewhere, there will effectively be an asterisk next to your name. Probably something like:

  • Name:Jimmy Brown
  • Criminal Activity:None
  • Gun Owner:Yes.
  • Notes:Watch out for this dude; he’s a duck hunter. He shoots lots of waterfowl in the fall. No criminal record. But, be alert. Could be a terrorist.

The beautiful and talented actress Audrey Hepburn once said: “I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.” Tell Obama to listen to Audrey. Tell him to stay away from your guns. And leave you alone.

United Nations Would Control All Guns and Ammo

The New American reports that Articles 2, 3 and 4 of the Arms Trade Treaty give the UN the authority to apprehend the right of private citizens to: “own, buy, sell, trade, or transfer all means of armed resistance, including handguns.” Ammunition, parts and components also fall under UN purview.

Funny thing is, no government or group of governments will ever, ever, ever have the “right” to do this. As humans, we have an inherent right to our private property, including our bodies. We also have an inherent right to use self-defense to protect our bodies. Reason tells us this. Whether we choose to use our own fists or a Glock, we have a natural, God-given right to hold off lethal attacks with force.

No one has the authority to take away your natural rights. A bully with a pack of international bullies backing him up can only use force to extort your natural rights. That’s what Obama’s administration is trying to do; extort decent and law-abiding Americans like you.

Stand up for reason, justice and freedom. Tell Obama not to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty and tell your Senators not to ratify it if he tries to send it their way.

We’ll keep an eye on this an update you as new information becomes available.

  • Cyber Slammer

    I am so sick of this bs in this country.

  • Julie Skinner

    I am purely sick and tired of these treasonous bastards that are supposed to work for us, going to the damn u.n.this is treason, it should only be going through our whitehouse, not a bunch of communist, islamist bastards that care nothing about freedom and liberty, or the American people. it’s past time to have the u.s. pull away from the u.n. completely and permanently!

    • gearheadbiker

      Thats because they need your guns to give to all the terrorists…

  • Mark Terrill

    Signing this pile of bs is nothing more or less than pure treason

  • lindaackerman

    Nancy Pelosi says she ran out of things to cut???How about herself and all these gutless bums in the Democratic party that DO NOTHING…..aka JOHN KERRY!!!!


    sounds like treason to me…

  • JIMH

    Kerry and his boss are Traitors…….The UN is nothing but Dictators, Commies and just plain thugs……and America wants to get in bed with them? Like those other Countries are so happy being disarmed? Being unable to resist the Government means you are a SLAVE to that regime……..

  • hayjim

    This is treason. Who the hell does Kerry think he is? He can’t sign away the second amendment. Fire all except Lee and Cruz.

  • Tubesy the Cowboy

    Signing that treaty wasn’t a good idea, Mr. Kerry. You’ve just pissed off a lot of people… and they all have guns. I’m willing to fight for mine, my brother’s, and my countryman’s. This is why we have these guns- so we can stop anyone from trying to take them away.

  • Michael McGuinness

    I guess I will be buying ALL of my guns from the area street thug’s and drug dealers. They do not have to register ALL of there guns.

  • Kent Vivrette

    Hanoi John is a lying piece of malodorous fecal matter. The UN is absolutely worthless. Who cares what Lurch signs with the UN? Ignore the trivial crap.

  • AnnaGraceS

    Hey kerry you freaken TRAITOR what you just did at the UN is T R E A S O N and you need to be arrested and thrown in jail along with your T R E A S O N O U S boss barry hussein obozo the sissy fag muslim fraud!!! You have pissed off millions of people today and they are all gun owners… If I were as stupid as you are I think I’d get a body guard!!

  • Mikael Parks


  • John Phillips

    I really wish a UN group would come and try to take my guns…the ensuing slaughter would be epic…and justified….. and also supported by the local police who would probably already have removed the threat before they got to my house….I hope the Czar of this country doesnt think he has the support and backing of the Police and Military because nothing could be further from the truth

  • AZRanger

    I hope you ar all ready to do battle, because if the Senate ratifies it, then civil war will now be upon us!
    hope everyone has stokpiled what you will need to carry on this conflict, because it will be bloody!
    REmember, we did not start this, the Communists in the federal govt’ did! And every one of this will pay for thier treason!

    • Faithful_Watchman

      You have to have 2/3 of the senate to ratify a treaty. Although 51 cowards for it it still is not a UN treaty thank god.

  • Jeff

    Americans dont have to listen to the UN its only the federal government.

  • Mark Bigger

    does this mean 51 senators voted yes?

  • Mark Bigger

    does this mean 51 senators voted yes?