A lesbian Air Force commander ordered a sergeant to disclose whether he believes people who oppose gay marriage are discriminatory. When he refused to answer the question, the 19-year veteran Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk of the Air Force was demoted.

“I was relieved of my position because I don’t agree with my commander’s position on gay marriage.  We’ve been told that if you publicly say that homosexuality is wrong, you are in violation of Air Force policy.”

Although a spokesman for the Lackland Air Force Base public affairs office tells Fox News that Monk was not penalized and that his assignment was over, a string of events suggest otherwise.

It all started when Monk returned from deployment –He had a new commander–an open lesbian superior, Fox New reports.

From the beginning, Monk knew that it was going to be a difficult, seeing that his new commander was an open homosexual who despised those in opposition.

The test finally came when Monk was asked to advise the commander on a disciplinary matter involving an instructor who was accused of opposing gay marriage. Monk couldn’t find fault with the instructor.

From that point on, Monk became a target. His commander told him that if he didn’t get his act together he would have to work somewhere else.

Finally, Monk was ordered to answer the question in whether people are guilty of discrimination if they object to gay marriage.

Monk says:

“I refused to answer the question.”

Thus ended his military career.

Monk explains:

“I was essentially fired for not validating my commander’s position on having an opinion about homosexual marriage.”

Monk knew that he couldn’t, in his right conscience, answer the question the way his commander wanted, so he refused and faced the penalty.

In other words, it’s okay to penalize someone who exercises their freedom of speech and opposes homosexuality, but it is wrong to penalize someone who slanders Christianity.

Double standards appear to be on the menu in Obama’s America.

  • Milehimo

    His position should be reinstated, with lost pay reinstated. His supervisor should be facing an Article 15 board for “conduct unbecoming of an officer”, and put out to pasture. This is a clear abuse of a position of power. Regardless of your sexual preference, it should be your own business, and you should have enough respect for the next person not to discuss that in open conversation to begin with.

  • Louis Arnold

    You retire with the highest Grade held.

    Our Servicemen/women will outlast this FRAUDULENT POTUS.

    I am retired… I can call him a FRAUD all I want. He is NOT a God. He has no documentation validating him, and this Senior NCO knows he is a liar with no integrity and thus *unworthy of leading my Air Force.

    That is an OPINION based on FACTS. You regain a spoken opinion when you walk away from Active duty service.

    Alvin L. Arnold, MSgt, USAF (Ret.)

    P.S. Call me back on Active Duty and Court Martial me…

    • Louis Arnold

      If you do… Unlike other Servicemen who challenged him on Active Duty who were unable to get Obama’s life story put on a review table… I will because it is the reason and motivation for my spoken position.

      We will have every birth certificate he has tossed on that table… and his Social Security Numbers too.

  • JB Brown

    Astoundingly stupid writing. No specifics as to what actually happened to the SMSGT. Was he demoted, fired, discharged? There are so many obviously unanswered questions.

    • Tammy Thompson

      JB this story has been told and retold so many times I am shocked you do not know every detail, Gays are not getting equal rights, they are getting superior rights and those who do not agree are being punished. Here, in Wash, we have had numerous people and businesses punished by loss of their businesses or loss of income due to law suits. This is not right. Christians should have the right not to participate in any situation they feel is disgusting and against their religion . One family in particular had a bed and breakfast in their home. A gay couple wanted them to do their reception. They told them kindly, they did not feel comfortable participating, it went against their religion. They referred them to another business. They got sued and the court took their license to have their bed and breakfast. Otherwise, they lost their livelihood. This is not right. The odd couple and their friends called, etc until the people finally moved away because of harassment

  • englishrancher

    Of course the name of this commander isn’t reveled.

  • MeanieHead

    Okay, less than 1% of the population is gay, yet we’re supposed to elevate their rights above everyone else’s????????? That is just not okay. If they want equality, then they need to allow people their opinions and forcing someone to have an opinion is bullspit.

  • Larry C Mason


  • shannon

    the military i knew growing up was one without “personal opinion”. you weren’t given an opinion unless the CG gave you one! you followed the rules, discipline, code. if you want opinions and mushy feelings and worried about stupid things like your feelings getting hurt because someone doesn’t like you or your lifestyle, THEN GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE MILITARY! go somewhere else where people give a damn. the military isn’t there for your personal bitch fest.

    • Retired US Army E7P

      He was not demoted in Rank, He was relieved from the position he held on the organizations TOE. There should be an Article 132 hearing on his Commanders Actions.

      • Raiderwolf

        I think your comment should go towards AFjag78’s comment, disproving the point of their claim.

  • AFjag78

    this is an interesting fact. E7 and above can only be demoted through courts martial. not just by a more senior person

  • Steve Marshall

    The Commander should get thrown out of the military! The Sergeant should get his position back with all his pay.

  • Doctor Suckit

    Good! Get that bigoted wonk out of there. He’s an enlisted guy, anyway and should have the discipline to do what he’s told. Perhaps he’s scared of it all because he’s possibly in the closet.

    • Ashlee

      He is a SMSGT, not exactly an easy rank to get, and just because someone is an officer does not mean they have the right to belittle another person. Enlisted men and women of the Air Force, regardless of their race, religion, sexuality, should be treated respectfully by other enlisted, civilians, and officers alike. Being an officer does not make you a god.

      • Doctor Suckit

        Bah. He volunteered for a paying workforce that would take just about ANYBODY, then marked time by laying low and kissingg butt to get to that rank. You know what enlisted people and paper plates have in common? They’re both DISPOSABLE.

        • Ashlee

          Try having respect for human beings. I have many friends who are high ranking officers and not one of them treats enlisted people poorly. I feel bad for people who have had to come in contact with you. If you were in the military, you are giving a bad name to officers.

        • Tammy Thompson

          You really do suck. You are also disposable and deservedly so

      • Dave Dowding

        Tell that to the Officers.

        • Tammy Thompson

          Or BO

      • FEDUP

        Exactly right Ashlee. Many non-commissioned officers hold higher levels of education than the ones leading them. Just because they have a degree does not make them smarter and it certainly does not make many of them leaders. Unfortunately, some officers do believe they are better than anyone holding less rank than they do. A whole lot of officers in the military, but few leaders.

    • Mi Li

      Suckit, suckit you can’t have it both ways suckit! He has a right to not answer the question. It’s none of her business what he thinks about homosexuals suckit, as it shouldn’t be any of hs business whether or not she is a bush licking sicko suckit. So the people that don’t agree with that disgusting immoral behavior are bigots but the ones that think it is OK aren’t. I think the homos are the bigots and the bullies so suckit, suckit!

  • Snailmailtrucker

    NO Perverts should even be allowed in the US Military much less in any position of authority over any one else !


  • Snailmailtrucker

    This MSGT Monk is exactly the kind of man the US Military needs and Team Obama has done everything possible to remove them or replace them with others who will do his bidding….Did you notice all of the generals and Admirals who were replaced or thrown out in the last few years….
    OBAMA HAS A WAR ON THE US MILITARY…so that when he gives the order to attack American citizens…THY WILL BE DONE !

    • Tammy Thompson

      He has also hired thousands of foreign soldiers. Russian and Islamic. Now why would he do that unless he plans on an internal war. He is pushing it any way he can. Racial, economic, jealousy etc

  • TopAssistant

    Folks, you need to do your research on what is destroying America and that is Cultural Marxism i.e. political correctness. Cultural Marxism was created in Frankfurt, Germany in 1923. Here are a couple of articles to get you started.

    July 6, 2013, Political Correctness Is Cultural Marxism by W.A. Beatty

    June 29, 2013, Conservatives Pushing Back by Bruce Walker

  • Peter

    Sooo…. Obama, the commander-in-chief gives the military a religious test. If
    you don’t believe in the religion of homosexuality then you’re
    discriminated against.

    “a lesbian Air Force commander ordered a sergeant to disclose whether he
    believes people who oppose gay marriage are discriminatory.”

    The tolerant homos show their true colors once again. That lesbo commander is a fascist!

  • Diplome

    The truth is a little less hysterical than this article. Monk was not demoted, was due for transfer and even he admits that his new assignment is appropriate for his rank.

    There is no loss of pay, no damages whatsoever. The only offering here is what Monk “thinks” may have happened….and he was due for the transfer anyway. His replacement had already arrived.

    Oh the outrage. Someone didn’t like their commanding officer. Like that’s new.

    • Raiderwolf

      “even he admits that his new assignment is appropriate for his rank.”

      Where did you read that? I don’t see that anywhere, not here and not in the Fox story. If you wouldn’t make up stuff out of thin air like that comment (but I understand, that is the only way liberals can get their agenda passed, lie), you would be seen as being credible. In any case, that is not what he said, which in no way lines up with your absurd claim:

      ‘I was essentially fired for not validating my commander’s position on having an opinion about homosexual marriage,’ he said.”

      So, stop lying, you will be better off for it. Your whole comment is based on your false claim, so your whole comment is without merit, even your supposed witty faux outrage, another typical liberal tactic because they have no moral basis for anything they say, it’s all shallow, unsubstantiated opinion.

  • Thaaff

    You know folks, that as long as we allow ourselves to be run by this pack of Godless so-called “progressives”, happenings like this will continue and only get worse! How much longer will our military be forced to their knees by this vile, corrupt, illegal administration before they stand up and say ENOUGH!! The only power anyone can have over us is power we give them… think about that! To those of you who are serving on our military, the very ones who are breaking your —-s and stripping you of your own Constitutional rights actually hate your guts and will keep on castrating you as long as you let them!! You all swore a solemn oath to defend the American people from all enemies, foriegn and domestic! You know that our greatest enemies are in our White House – they are set on the destruction of these United States, and they are counting upon you to help them!!

  • Eric N Julia Chen

    What is the name of the female superior officer?

  • justathought22

    Just more proof they do not want equal rights; they want special rights. She is a hyporcrit and should be relieved of duty immediately. She does not make me feel safe with this military.

  • Mike Boettger

    Gay people are better than hetero people. They will be so happy when hetero people become extinct and only gay people rule the earth. I don’t understand why they need hetero people to validate them now. I don’t need gay people to validate my lifestyle.

    • Tammy Thompson

      They can not breed, they would die off. Obviously they are not normal, or God would have given them a way to multiply.