Nineteen U.S. embassies are closed today because the Obama Administration believes it’s better for Americans to run and hide rather than face violent Islamist terror threats with military force.

That’s one possible reason behind the continued closure of 19 U.S. embassies in the Middle East after a mysterious, “imminent” terrorist threat surfaced last week.

Another explanation is the President could be using this Islamist “threat” to U.S. oversees holdings to distract the American media from further investigating the truth behind the 9-11-12 Benghazi attacks!   

The timing of these embassy closures seems to curiously coincide with last week’s explosive CNN announcement of its intent to comprehensively look for the truth about Benghazi.

The mainstream media is finally interested in learning the reasons behind the attacks that killed an American Ambassador, three State Department employees, and violated U.S. territorial sovereignty.

CNN no longer says Benghazi is a phony scandal.  The Obama Administration can’t say it enough.

President Obama is so afraid of the truth coming to light about whatever he’s hiding about the Benghazi case, that survivors have been forced to sign non-disclosure statements to get benefits!

Is it possible that Presidential fear could generate phony intelligence to bury a not-so-phony scandal?

Possible…sure it is.  Probable…you can decide that for yourself.

  • Moliminous

    Remember, the cost of maintain an army (in this case all the political tools of his administration: FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, DOJ, IRS) is the cost of maintaining an enemy.


    The threat’s are PHONY..

  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    Could this possibly signal the birth of the Muslim Caliphate ?

  • Rich Bitter

    Do ya think? Like any of this threat crap is real. If it were would we be getting all of the background he is giving us?

  • federalist frank

    Just before the Embassy closings , HSBC bank declared it was telling the British consulates and the Vatican to get their money out of their banks in 60 days or less in fear of audits that would show their money laundering schemes ,(remember HSBC was fined 2 Billion dollars in a similar scheme ) I belive that the US is doing it also and needs to buy time to “clean up” any incriminating evidence so closing the Embassies would be great cover .. When was the last time the Hussien warned you of a threat or anything except him taking away more of your rights.
    ??? There was too much info released . I don’t believe them !!!!

  • messup

    One has to understand how this administration operates! First and foremost this administration needs a “crisis” it plans, controls and knows the “exit strategy!”
    Secondly, behind this “imagined crisis” is the real “planned operation!” In other words the “imagined crisis” is a cover for “the planned operation” that’s really going to unfold.
    O.K. what’s important to this administration? “Data Mining” and all forms of information flows internally to the USA. You can bet your sweet patootie this administration has a “skunk works” clandestine operation developed and underway, designed for gathering and collating all internal information flows within the USA. This “embassy crisis” is a shield for Obama’s continued protection and evolution of this “skunk works” program.
    Secondly, Washington DC Elites need the IRS, Obamacare and HHS united in electronically gathering of every Americans patient care records…fits in with “data mining!” Current Congressional dog-and-pony show is a cover for this operation… just gaining time.
    Thirdly, monetizing America’s debt for financial purposes. This third leg of the “embassy crisis” is a cover for crony capitalists in Wall Street, Hollywood Bundlers and vested interests to “fund” the DNC coffers, Union contracts, collective bargainings, Federal Unionized Employees and increasing Union membership… read Immigration reform (congressional August break will see alot of “hot air”).
    Remember, newly minted Americans can be employed in both public and private sectors (they will vote Democratic). Farm Bill dithering is a problem.
    Lastly, this administrations “reform” of the housing mortgage industry. See, his visit to Phoenix, Arizona is to unveil (partially) help for the 25% of American mortgage holders currently filing for bankruptcy (or foreclosure). And relief of banks inventory of some 1 million or more homes held on their books…see, if they got rid of these “duds,” the American housing market would collapse.
    Finally, if one thinks $17 trillion dollars is alot…well, sweetie pie, one hasn’t seen anything yet. THAT’S THE REAL BUDGET BATTLE. And this administration has three more years to go. Yep, “embassy crisis” arrived on time. Pray Amen. God Bless America…land that was.