On Medicare? Trying to find a doctor? Good luck. Medicare patients are already starting to feel the impact of Obamacare. 

It seems that Medicare may be failing. If it continues to slide in this direction, where will all of its’ recipients go? It is likely they will be forced to use Obamacare instead. Could this be the ultimate goal of the Obama Administration?

Since last year, more doctors have started reducing the number of Medicare patients they will accept. Even worse, 9,539 doctors have chosen to opt out of the Medicare program completely, reports The California Health Line.

Why are doctors becoming so wary to accept Medicare patients? You guessed it- Obamacare.

Doctors who accept Medicare patients are already buried under a tremendous load of paper work and have trouble getting fully reimbursed, reports The California Health Line.

Under Obamacare, doctors are concerned they will not be reimbursed.  The Congressional Budget office estimates that Obamacare will reduce Medicare reimbursements by $716 billion over the next ten years, reports Money Mornings.

Doctors are already anticipating these changes. “Family physicians have been fed up for a long time and it’s getting worse,”  said Jeffrey Cain, president of the American  Academy of Family Physicians. In fact, from 2010-2011 one-third of primary-care doctors did not accept new Medicaid patients.

If Medicare patients can not find doctors they may be forced to use Obamacare. This will only further centralize the healthcare system, a system that should be decentralized and privatized.

The consequences of a government run healthcare system is already being felt. It is hard to imagine how severe the pain will be once Obamacare has fully descended upon the American public.

  • JohnF

    …what did we expect- something different? The Americans that voted for this joker – have no one to blame but themselves for their stupidity – the rest of us have to find ways ways to protect ourselves from become a socilazed medical State…

  • dominke

    Obama told us in 2008 speech what he would do to USA and people still wanted him. These same people are starting to cry over their decision to elect illegal Muslim. Voting for a black man was more important than saving their country. Ignorance and stupidity in America.

  • 7734daniel

    Yes,.. A whole lot of STUPID lumps of flesh voted fore obama, He isn’t even black (Joke is on the Stupids). The only cure for stupids is retroactive birth control.

    Obama care was never about health care, just control. One just had to read the bill and learn that.

  • Stormy Hayes

    Psalms 33:12  Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord; and the people He has chosen for His inheritance.Psalm 9:17  The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God. Psalm 118:8-9 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man; princes.  The Obama administration and all those in government, here this…. Stop politicizing the justice system and rule by the laws of our land!  Respect our courts of law, the decisions arrived as the evidence proves.  Enforce our laws, not by mob rule or special interest groups, but by truth and bona fide evidence! Praise God in heaven election terms aren’t permanent and are about to expire! Let God be the Judge and every man be a fool! I pray God’s truth will convict us all and the entire Obama administration, Justice Department, Congress and Judicial Branch, the IRS and every local government agency. This government has shamed our nation! The Executive Branch has choosen death over life. They have run up our debt and wasted $17 trillion Food stamps, illegals obtaining income tax refunds and not to mention more food stamps for those who really don’t need nor deserve! Oh yeah,  Obamaphones, mandated insurance to business and individuals, etc, etc, etc? $100 million dollar vacations? Really?? There IS something very wrong here!! George Washington is turning over in his grave! You have led our nation in the wrong direction. Our nation has become an abomination in the site of God as well as those who fought and died for our freedoms!  This goverment is shamefully removing personal rights from its people. Have you no honor? Have you no respect?No love of country?Your actions have cost the lives of uncountable innocent babies, children and seniors, a death sentence without protection nor concience!  No accountability? Wanna bet? It’s coming, one day you will be accountable for every word and deed!Because of our governments politcal dereliction of duty, we are losing our national identity. You TRY to remove God from our schools, government institutions, our national monuments, and our conciousness! You write laws to allow unthinkable social behaviors to become the norm, this is delusional and criminal! You are blinded by greed, you’ve distanced yourself from the ones you’re supposed to protect and serve! Remember your oath? Does it not mean anything to you? Remember? You swore to God to uphold and defend the constitution and our laws, but do your best to make them irrelevant? The moral majority has lost confidence in government due to pandering and playing politics with peoples lives!You lack leadership, try to divide and conquer. Instead of doing what is right, you give way to our destruction. This administration has lost any or all remaining credibility in the eyes of every true blooded, God loving and fearing, consitution abiding American and should be removed from your position! You should be arrested, sentenced and held accountable for all you have AND haven’t done, as well as the broken promises you perpetrated seeking office! I don’t expect this letter to move your heart to change, but it’s not me you’ll have to answer to. I’m one of millions of concerned legal voting citizens who love my country and desire my children’s children to have the same opportunities I did. Not to live in a China or a European style government run state!I don’t have enough time nor writing space to share how disgusted my family, church and co-workers feel about our government.  But I do have time to thank God and my Savior, Jesus Christ!  I pray that He continues to be merciful and longsuffering! One day He will return and judge the actions of our government, this nation’s people and those who inhabit the earth! It will happen!  I pray our Lord is merciful to those who diligently seek Him, and their lost to be saved!Then, all will be right. I will pray for you and my nation! Psalms 33:12  Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord; and the people He has chosen for His inheritance.Psalm 9:17  The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God. Psalm 118:8-9 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man; princes.  Thanks to Jesus Christ, Sinner saved by His grace!