We’ve monitored this Anthony Weiner scandal since it began. It was terrible, creepy and nasty back when he was still in Congress. It was terrible, creepy and nasty after he resigned from Congress, and it continues to be terrible, creepy and nasty today.

It’s astonishing this guy is still poised to pick up a good half of the votes in the New York Dem primary. This is a man who shouldn’t be allowed within 300 yards of a school, much less given the keys to the city. Weiner is a pervert and a weirdo. An embarrassment for New York City to say the least. Yet, half the Democrat primary voters are still willing to give him a vote?

We could report on this from the same direction as our colleagues across the news realm, but most of that has already been covered. That said, we decided to point at the madness for what it is. We decided to do so with satire and the power of video. presents… NEW YORK WEINER ROLL! 

  • charles17121

    If We The People can have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President then New York City can have a pervert as mayor . But then again most liberals in New York City thinks it is cool to cheat and lie even if you get caught just as long as there is no penalty to be paid .

  • coffeehaus

    Though points were made, the video was in poor taste. I’d love to see Liberty News stay a wee bit above the fray, so to speak.

  • dave larochelle

    New York deserves the big Weiner after the big gulp Bloomberg.

  • dave larochelle

    Watch out for his Muslim Brotherhood wife, Huma the Islamist Hillary Clintoon role model.

  • Alan

    If I had made that kind of major mistake, I would be too embarrassed to enter the political arena again. The point that our society is so jaded that any type of misbehavior is accepted is not surprising. As a private citizen, he can send intimate photos to all who wish to accept them; as a leader the standards are supposed to be higher. Sad that he does not see that.

  • James

    WELL- That was certainly painful!