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This video was uploaded to youtube on the 12th  by Middle East Media Research Institute.

These two representatives of a sick and twisted culture would like the viewer to believe it is acceptable to beat a wife if she is disobedient, or she refuses to have sex with her husband.

In the Koranic verse regarding guardianship:  Men are the guardians of women. Allah says: ‘As for those for whom you fear disobedience, admonish them, do not share their bed, and beat them.

This scholar from Kuwait goes on to say explain that there must be a remedy for the problem of disobedient wives. That remedy  is…“non-harsh beatings.”

Please make a note that the guidelines for these non-harsh beatings are as follows: A man can beat his wife in a manner that does not cause fractures or wounds, and he should do so in a way that no mark is left upon her face.

black-eyeWhat could be the reason for these restrictions? Is it so a woman can still function well enough to endure being raped after a beating? “Stay away from the face. You want her to still look nice while…”

The final outrage and most unbelievable lie in this ”instructional video” focuses on what item one should use to beat a wife.

These men are saying when the Koran teaches you to beat your wife, what the book really means is you should hit her with a handkerchief. This is the message made at the end of the video.

Why do men need to worry about fracturing a woman’s body with a handkerchief?

Watch the video…  and remember, real men never hit women.

  • Len Williams

    LMFAO See what were dealing with folks,

    • StuMarksez

      This is another large reason that we do not need to be the world police. Let idiots be idiots within their own boundaries. But once someone gets to our shores, then we can protect them from the IslamIdiots of the world. Since Islam is NOT a religion of peace, then let them stay in their own country/countries.

  • Sister_In_Christ

    All one has to do is a google image search on “Islam woman burns”, etc. to see the brutality that exists in their warped sadistic culture. To say WOMEN are the sadists is an outright lie.

  • Sister_In_Christ