Connecticut Passes New Guns Laws, Certificate Required for Ammo Purchases

Connecticut Passes New Guns Laws, Certificate Required for Ammo Purchases


Connecticut legislators passed new gun regulations yesterday, even though the state has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

Now, in order to purchase a rifle, handgun or even ammo, Connecticut citizens have to show an eligibility certificate:

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, a Republican whose district includes Newtown, called the proposal “the most comprehensive package in the country because of its breadth”.

It would create a registry of weapons offenders and require a new state eligibility certificate for the purchase a rifle, shotgun or ammunition.

Such a certificate would be issued after the buyer was fingerprinted, took a firearms training course and passed both a criminal background check and checks to see whether the person had been committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Criminal background checks would now be required of all prospective gun purchasers. Currently, federal law exempts so-called private transactions, which can include online sales and sales at gun shows.

In additional to proposals directly related to guns, Mr McKinney said there was also “a lot here underneath the surface” addressing mental health, school security and other issues.

In a compromise, legislators did not ban existing ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds. Instead, already purchased high-capacity magazines will have to be registered.

I’m trying to figure out which of these would have stopped Adam Lanza from getting his hands on the guns he used to kill those children.

They were his mother’s weapons. She could have jumped through all of these hoops, giving Lanza the same access he had before.

Does this really prevent anything or is it yet another attempt by legislators to be doing “something” to address the problem?

  • Ray O’Rourke

    Once again there isn’t any discussion of mental health issues or reporting those who are on psychotropic drugs that all mass shooters were taking!

  • Patrick Beron

    Are you kidding me….none of this would have stopped sandy hook. Looks like i’ll be going to RI to get my ammo. As for reg of my mags not a chance

  • Patrick Hutchison

    illinois has to have a FOID card to even hold a gun in some stores

    • James M.Stepp

      Tell ‘em,”That’s odd-I didn’t find that anywhere in the SECOND AMENDMENT,which makes that law UNconstitutional,which makes it invalid. There’s lots of OTHER stores I can buy my guns from though.”

  • Tea Partier

    fascist blowhards with nothing better to do than take away our freedom. Liberty in the USA is shrinking exponentially. Thanks a lot, Connecticut.

  • Zant

    Connecticut Sucks!!! First they chase away all mfg. with their oppressive taxes, now they’re going to screw around with our constitutional rights. Might be time to consider moving out of here before they start breaking down doors to see what’s on the inside. Sure sounds like communism to me!!!

  • Bob Exum

    I hope Colt packs it up and moves to a gun friendly state.

    • hairyapple

      I am a closely allied with the new CEO at Colt. He doesn’t want to leave the state. He has offers all the time from other states to relocate and has bent over backwards to keep Colt here. It gets harder and harder for him to convince his board that they should stay. There are 700 hard working individuals at Colt that would either have to relocate or lose their jobs if that move was made. He knows that and is sensitive to their needs as well as his company’s.

      • James M.Stepp

        I understand his situation,but he also needs to see that the trends of the State’s Government may very well outlaw his product completely in the near future. He SHOULD review and revisit those offers and see if any of those States are willing to help with his move,maybe offer to contribute to a voluntary relocation effort for any employees who wish to move with the Business. I hate that this is happening,but sometimes you have to make hard decisions and do things your heart doesn’t like but your soul knows is right.

    • SenorSid Fernandez

      Colt has already announced that they are leaving the state.



  • Brian Bertha

    Welcome to the socialist states of NE USSA

  • cdodgela

    Another state falling to progressive liberal socialist nanny statism. Come on down South all Connecticutans, Coloradoans, New York Statans and any others that have been pushed too far. We still have some freedom and sense of personal responsibility though the whole country, for the most part, is going to hell in a handbasket.

  • drbhelthi

    Interesting. Shows you how far people can stretch a hollywood performance. I continue to look for genuine evidence that the alleged massacre at Sandy Hook actually occurred. We know that 9-11 occurred, due to massive evidence. We know that no airliner flew into the pentagon, as no wreckage was present. Where is the evidence to verify that a massacre of children at the Sandy Hook school actually occurred? That which did not occur cannot be documented. Pictures presented by a hollywood master of smoke and mirrors have no weight with me.
    Similar to the alleged murder of Osama bin Laden last year, when he has been dead since 19 Dec 2001. And the FBI found no evidence linking him with 9-11. Similarly, there is no evidence linking the alleged massacre of Sandy Hook with reality. Similarly, no evidence links the new Connecticut gun laws with reality. Connecticut officials need to withdraw their noses from the anus of Obama long enough to get a glimpse of reality.

    • Bob F

      Sandy Hoax is the new Holocaust(TM).

      • drbhelthi

        Obviously, the greater hoax is the U.S. Congress. One surmises that the CIA has used MKUltra techniques on the U.S. Congress. All the congress persons supporting the disarmament of the U.S. Citizenry are success cases.

  • hairyapple

    I’ll have to agree with ZANT. What once was an engine of American manufacturing and innovation has turned into a ghost town swarming with visigoths. The governor, being from Stamford, thinks that all of the state functions like the high rollers in SW Ct. He is insensitive to the fact that these gun manufacturers are the last vestige of the American arsenal born and bred in the Connecticut River valley. There’s more to the state’s economy than hedge funds and their cocktail drinking managers that live off the labor of the common citizen.

  • marineh2ominer

    New England yankees are ALL a–holes , To hairyapple , I will NEVER buy a COLT product , they are nothing but overpriced junk made by yankee a–holes . Remington , Ruger , and Para-ordinance make equal or better products and are affordable by the average American .

    • James M.Stepp

      And I LOVE my Hi Point C-9-made in America,guaranteed for LIFE.

  • James M.Stepp

    What part of UNCONSTITUTIONAL don’t they understand? I think EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN should ALSO take a NEW expanded Background Check;any one who refuses to comply would be expected to either Resign or be led away in handcuffs,as refusal to submit to such a Background Check including prior Medical Records would have the same effect as admitting to Criminal Guilt. This wouldn’t violate THEIR Constitutional Rights ANY more than it would violate the Constitutional Rights of EVERY prospective Gun Buyer in These United States. If it’s fair to do that to US,it’s ALSO fair to do the same to THEM!

  • James M.Stepp

    You know-technically speaking,all that’s NEEDED to make the Schools safe again is to ALLOW School officials,teachers or other responsible and TRAINED adults the opportunity to carry in School,and VERY PUBLICLY eliminate GUN FREE ZONES nation-wide. This “experiment” was a dismal failure and works in exact opposition to the intended results.

    People who would use a Gun Free Zone to kill the most people possible are cowards by nature and VERY likely won’t risk opening fire in a place where the distinct possibility of one,or three,or a dozen armed people may exist. By allowing responsible adults who choose to carry in School that endorsement,it’s likely that on any given day there will be at least a couple of armed adults there if needed. In a BEST case situation,just ending the Gun Free Zones would stop the mass shootings with no other changes.

    • Redraider Ttu

      “You know-technically speaking,all that’s NEEDED to make the Schools safe
      again is to ALLOW School officials,teachers or other responsible and
      TRAINED adults the opportunity to carry in School”

      You are right to a point. But the more accurate statement would be that what is needed to make the whole society safe again is the eradication of liberalism. Liberalism permits a moral relativistic culture where people are permitted to create their own moral code, independent of anything else, especially an objective moral standard such as taught by Christianity, which liberals also hate, that would allow them to think they are justified in what they are doing, WHATEVER it is, even if it is killing children. Heck, what do you think abortion is? The proof is that all these shootings, AND abortions, are and were done by liberals, end of story.

  • Leslie Fish

    I hope JPFO starts planning its lawsuit right now. By the time it gets to the Supreme Court, Obama will be out of office, and — hopefully — some rational judges will be on the federal court benches.

  • David A. Tuttle

    just the beginning folks, stay tuned for more f’d up laws coming from our stupid officials!!!

  • SenorSid Fernandez

    Ok, so someone explain to me how you are going to register magazines??? I don’t remember ever seeing serial numbers on them? Glad I don ‘t live in that stupid state. It’s open season on all law abiding citizens. Criminals will now terrorize your state, knowing of all the restrictions, seeing as they are not going to follow any of the new or old laws, hence the word criminal.

  • SenorSid Fernandez

    This is NOT about the children!! This is plain and simple, all about power!! Control the American people. If it were about the children, they would do something about pedophiles, abortions, child hunger in the country, broken families with single mothers and education. Ok Mr. President, Vice-President, Democrats……anyone……Bueller……Bueller!!

  • Roger Brown

    If you must pay to have a permit for guns and a permit for ammo, how is this constitutional? We can’t make people show an ID to vote, because it discriminates against poor people. Shouldn’t the same rationale apply to exercising your 2nd Amendment Right?