News? CNN Mocks Senator Paul’s Civil Liberties Filibuster

News? CNN Mocks Senator Paul’s Civil Liberties Filibuster

-By Warner Todd Huston

During a long stretch of the day in the U.S. Senate, Kentucky’s junior Republican Senator, Rand Paul, led a filibuster to decry the Obama’s administration’s seeming disregard of due process, the rule of law, and American’s civil rights. This, apparently, is funny to CNN. Makes one wonder why CNN imagines itself a news station!

Obama’s administration has admitted that it sees nothing inherently wrong with using flying drones to kill Americans here in our own country. This is something that Senator Paul and millions of other Americans (on both sides of the aisle, by the way) think is wrong.

As Obama’s nomination for a new CIA chief came to the floor, Senator Paul launched an old fashioned, talking filibuster to block the nomination in order to get his point across that killing Americans without due process, without proper warrants and trials is simply wrong.

This was something that CNN’s Erin Burnett thought was worthy of mocking.

Here is what CNN’s viewers were treated to during Burnett’s show…

Is this what CNN thinks is news? Mocking the serious question of whether or not the U.S. should be allowing its chief executive to have the power to kill any American citizen he wants without trial or warrant? This is funny?

No wonder CNN has become such a joke.

Here’s the segment

**Screenshots courtesy of Cole Streeper of Misfit Politics. (See him on Twitter: @colestreeper)

  • Hellpig

    Time we start STOMPING these ProgComs

  • whyIoughta

    Erin Burnett, you are a useless piece of flesh.

  • Trevor Terry

    It was a joke, get over it – The overall clip i watched seemed to indicate they were being serious about the issue.

  • cebg

    May God Grace her with a drone loss of her own! Parents, children or anyone she cares about.

  • Laura Jones

    Am I the Only one who notices that Erin B. is doped up. Look at her eyes. CNN can’t even do news sober. No wonder they support Legalization of Pot. they proably sell it to their workers. Hay lets be fare she may have a card…..Yea right.

  • sheilakay57

    Good thing I have better taste in new channel selections. CNN is not one of them.

  • Nick Cultrara

    I just changed my mind on drone attacks. CNN has got to go.

  • peggyrickle

    I dont no why people like this woman live in this country..Rand Paul is just making sure there are no loop holes , he is protecting the american people…I no longer will support this network,in any way..shes unamerican,

  • Jeremy Duley

    CNN is lying through their teeth. Get out of obama’s pants and start reporting the truth.

  • Tim Harris

    I use to have utmost respect for Erin Burnett and CNN organization. If this how they treat a serious matter I have lost all respect for her and the rest of their regime. I was already not happy that they did not think women should own Guns to protect themselves against the scum that intend to harm them. This has gone to far.

  • Kimberly Clements

    I wish the public was as cute and brilliant as Erin Burnett thinks she is!. Just another reason not to watch CNN, if you needed one.

  • Brian Gunderson

    Erin….go chew on some carrots