LibertyNEWS TV: The NRA 500 (NASCAR), Colorado Gun Bans & TSA Stupidity
  • franktell

    Sounds good to me!

  • JoAnn Warner

    Sounds Great to me too!

  • Alice Kemp Dodson

    Love it!!

  • von anderson

    Texans strengthen the Honor and values of the USA every time Texas stands up for the Morals and Ethics which formed our nation.

    The name, of this Race alone, signals our respect for the 2nd amendment and a truly American Sport. The successful economic boost of Hosting this event demonstrates what every other state can accomplish without Fed. assistance.

    We contrast a Strong Positive Successful State vs a Failing Authoritarian Federal Government.

    Proof independent, individuals can succeed and thrive if they are not hog tied by Nanny State taxes and regulations.

    Texas ‘NRA 500′ symbolizes ‘Liberty Unshackled’.