Guardsman in Fatigues Returns to Alma Mater for Letter of Recommendation, School Evacuated

Guardsman in Fatigues Returns to Alma Mater for Letter of Recommendation, School Evacuated

Do you think we’re over-reacting yet?

Here’s the money quote:

The man, who had just gotten off work at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base, told authorities he went to his alma mater to talk to a counselor about a job recommendation. The man, who wasn’t identified, left the building and went home when told by a janitor that counselor wasn’t in, Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said.

“This individual has been very cooperative with us,” Wickersham said. “He used poor judgment.”

He used poor judgement?

Are you kidding?

I think the school over-reacted.

What do you think?

  • Bob_Knows

    The school and Sheriff Wickersham used VERY BAD JUDGEMENT. Both school administrators and Wickersham should be summarily fired for gross incompetence and malfeasance of public office.

  • ConsSthLady

    Quick! Find him! Put him in jail! (dripping with sarcasm) What an extreme waste of time and taxpayer money! Under a tyrranical government, everyone assumes everyone else is guilty and rewards their proof of innocence by shaming them. Who is guilty of bad judment?? The people who over-reacted and called the police, the school janitors, and the police officers. Where was the school resource officer? People are insane!! The main thing schools teach, and have taught for years, is that we are to allow ourselves to be controlled by the few people who force their way into positions of authority (and many of them do force their way in because they are unqualified and incapable of having a real career.) These self-appointed elite insist that the rest of us are too stupid to make good “judgment” calls and set about to control, control, control. In reality, people who have a desire to control others have a mental illness called Co-Dependancy. A co-dependant cannot be happy unless he/she can manipulate and control the people around him/her to get them to do exactly what the co-dependant wants them to do, no matter how minor or insignificant the issue. The co-dependant believes that he/she can be happy by making others do their bidding because, of course, they themselves are perfect. It is everyone around them who are causing the problems. Co-dependancy IS a mental illness — a mental illness which is virtually never “cured” because successful psychiatric treatment must begin with the co-dependant admitting to having a problem, something he/she will never do because in his/her own mind, self-perfection has been achieved. I’ve said before and say again, all candidates for office should have to submit to a psychiatrict evaluation by at least 2 psychiatrists, and if they are found to be co-dependant, narcissistic, bi-polar, or otherwise imbalanced, they should be disqualified. What a control-freak mess we have!