Georgia: Two Teen Robbers Shoot Baby In Head In Front Of Mother – UPDATE

Georgia: Two Teen Robbers Shoot Baby In Head In Front Of Mother – UPDATE


As a father, this is heartbreaking.

As a human, this is unthinkable, cruel, mindless and sickening. It’s the thing of nightmares.

It’s the thing of monsters:

Sherry West was pushing her 13-month-old son Antonio yards from their home in Brunswick, Georgia, early yesterday morning when she was approached by two African-American boys.

She told how one of them, who looked about 15, demanded money from her and threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him any.  She told him she didn’t have any.

‘He said: “Well, I’m going to kill your baby”, and I said “Please don’t kill my baby.”

Ms West added: ‘I put my arms over my baby and then he shoved me and then he shot my baby right in the head.’

Ms West began CPR on Antonio but it was in vain and the infant, who had been sleeping when he was shot, died at the scene of the 9am attack.


We have arrests:

Police arrested two teenagers Friday who are suspected in the shooting death of a 13-month-old baby in a stroller and wounding the baby’s mother during an attempted robbery.

Seventeen-year-old De’Marquis Elkins is charged as an adult with first-degree murder, along with a 14-year-old who was not identified because he is a juvenile, Police Chief Tobe Green said.

Police announced the arrest Friday afternoon after combing school records and canvassing neighborhoods searching for the pair. The chief said the motive of the “horrendous act” was still under investigation and the weapon had not been found.

  • Whacko Bird

    kill them. HANG THEM. if their families protest, burn them out. root them from the earth and the very community that sheltered them.
    that’s what you do with murdering animals, for they are certainly not men.

    • Shelia Lynn

      I agree 100%. These two don’t deserve to Breath Air or have any chance of Life. They are Gang Bangers for the Bloods. The one being charged as an Adult, he will be taken care of in Prison they don’t play around. He deserves everything he gets. People should take to the streets, demanding Justice.

    • janie


  • Dennis Stanley

    is feinstein gonna ban blacks from being within 250 feet of whites now?

  • Scott McDaniel

    THIS is why there is a death penalty for murder. This is why there is a 2nd Amendment. All of the social programs in the world isn’t going to help someone who is plainly, purely evil.

    Yes, I said it. “Evil.” That makes me “judgemental” in many people’s eyes.

    You know what, they might be right?

    You are supposed to be discerning, to know the difference between good and evil. You should know the difference between right and wrong. Evil like this cannot be “rehabilitated.” Only “eliminated,” either through the saving grace of Jesus Christ or by making sure that they do not do this again.

    Maybe all of these folks with their sense of noblesse oblige can explain to me how it is a product of poverty, of racism, of bulying, of even genetics? How about accept the blindingly obvious truth that there are people in the world who consistently choose to harm others. They are the reason we arm ourselves, and it is high time that they feel the sting of the very instruments of death that they would use on innocents as this sleeping child.


      And what happens when you got the wrong guy? There is always a chance ANOTHER INNOCENT PERSON IS MURDERED.The death penalty is just as evil and is also murder.Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • David Hymes

      The mother should be put in jail for not being able to defend her infant because she didn’t have a gun. Had she been packing she could have saved her baby.

  • samazf

    Too bad the mom didn’t have a gun to fire back and rid the world of the scum they are.

  • Jean Poydence Slovak

    I don’t think we should shelter the killer because he is young – he is a KILLER. Tell the world who he is, He does not deserve anything else!!!

  • G.Frazier

    Unfortunately, this will fuel the gun-grabbers’ theories.
    In reality, the morals of the U.S. have sunk so low that NOTHING surprises anyone, anymore.
    And, it all began, when they expelled Almighty God (and His Word) from the public schools!

    • Mandy Berrong

      What good will back ground checks and all the other BS do when these are clearly under age and they had a gun anyway. See they want to unarm the people that abide by the law and arm the thugs like this. Wake up America we need to fight for our God given rights.

  • Terry D. Waters

    And not a word about this being yet another horrendous black on white race crime.

    • Shelia Lynn

      IN watching GMA this morning, I did not hear One Word about this. The MSM never talks about Black on White Crime, (Not saying that is the issue) with this particular case. From looking at the Murderers Facebook page he is a ” Blood”, a Punk Gang Banger.

    • Roberta Eusden Mastro

      How do you know the victim wasn’t black as well? It is a horrible crime no matter what their color.

      • George Maddog Smith

        The victim was pictured earlier. She is White. Now I will bet the perps will NOT be charged with a hate crime!

        • janie


      • janie

        TRUE but caucasions have been taught to feel bad about being white…I am not sorry I am white and I am not sorry for those boys. They are done and have no hope here on Earth.

        • Linda Reis

          they have no hope where they are going either…and I’m not talking about a jail, a juvie center or anywhere on this earth…they are heading for HELL as God has witnessed.

    • Mandy Berrong

      Amen!! Why the heck not!!

  • Zoinx Bleck

    They should be drawn and quartered.

    • Thomas Ford

      How about the old stocks chain them down in the town square and starve them to death in front of everyone!

      • dearth_vader

        No, no. We cannot let ourselves sink to their level. They deserve the death penalty, but we must calmly and rationally deliver it. In spite of what they did, we must control our rage. March them through town carrying large signs which say ” I killed Antonio West in cold blood. ” then put them up against a wall and shoot them. Show no concern for their pain, no concern for their past. But if we don’t at least execute the 18 year old, we have become a coldly senseless and immoral society.

  • Robin Leclerc

    an eye for an eye..what a pair of morons..god bless that poor mom..i cant imagine the horror she will live with the rest of her life…shooting these 2 in the head is too easy for them..they need to be tortured slowly …and forever…they have no respect for life…all the more reason to have a gun permit..its a shame u cant take your baby for a walk without needing a gun but thats modern american i guess…criminals will still always have guns..a gun ban will only take away from the person trying to defend themselves

    • Paul McCord

      If they don’t surrender to Jesus there is every reason to believe they will reap their reward in this life and the one to come. Jesus said we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us but these sorts of folks make that a very difficult task to say the least.

      • Darren Thomassie

        To me this is unforgivable. No matter what god anybody believes in. If that god forgives this, I would want no part of that god. This piece of trash needs to burn and suffer miserably. No life sentence, no life. To put this piece of crap in prison would be unjust and a waste of tax payers money supporting this trash. DEATH is the ONLY way to go in this case.

      • Adam_Rodriguez

        I don’t believe in a god who could/would forgive this crime.

  • Lilli McLean Anderson

    Before we kill them or hang them, let’s TORTURE THEM.

  • Sean Simonic

    How is this not on the national media as a racial hate crime??? This is obviously a gang initiation robbery, where failure to get money requires the death of a victim or the initiate will be killed. Why is none of the press talking about this obvious fact either? They keep asking why, but they know the answer.

  • Dale Sampson

    Theyll get lawyers and be out in 20, i say hang them both, downtown, at noon tomorrow!

  • Bro. Steve Winter

    Will Obama also claim them as “sons”?

  • seahorse

    The main problem is the fact that people, even kids, have no fear of committing major crimes with guns because there is no fear of the punishment. They spend their time in prison, with tv and 3 squares a day. Initiate and bring back the death penalty for 1st and 2nd degree murders and carry it out within 1-2 years after they are found guilty! This would also ease the overcrowding of prisons!

  • samazf

    The good news is that other inmates don’t like child abusers/killers. Paybacks can be a mother f***er.

  • manofsteel

    You know if this was the other way around and the woman and child were black and the killers were white, the blacks would be calling it a black racial thing. I say hang the black bastards and burn them both in a pit of tar and fire. God Bless the mother and the poor baby that was killed by these two world class fuckup!!!

    • ILPatriot

      And Al & Jesse would be right in the middle of it. Where are they NOW?

  • Andrew Buchen

    This is a travesty. My Sympathy for Mrs. West, her sorrow cannot even be imagined and my prayers go out to her. The two “African American” youths? Let’s call a spade a spade, I do not give a flying crap about their age. The only justice that even comes close to being correct in this or any other situation involving off color individuals especially non-Americans like these “Africans” is instant public death. Hang the little pieces of useless crap from their necks in a public place. Let them hang there for 3 days to make sure it sinks into the rest of those “African American” minds.

  • Deb Lytle V

    Can we now start concentrating on raising our children to respect life and God and less on being victims themselves? Proof that the socialist programs are a HUGE failure in our society!

  • PoppaLongReach

    This is why we need more armed citizens and stop this stupid gun grab by the government. This will become an everyday occurance when more guns are banned. This women I wish would have had a conceal permit and shot both those assholes in the dick.

  • Kathy Young

    NO anonymity for the juvenile. Share HIS name too.

  • Libertarian66

    Here’s his other facebook page, he’s now using to talk with friends without being traced: notice his family listed on the side, all his siblings have different last names. And read the comments about the murder, and the pictures of men with guns on the page.

    • ILPatriot

      I went to that FB page and guess what? He’s innocent. His aunt says so!

  • June Colby

    They need to be maimed slowly,so they suffer, then, have the inmates, have at them, knowing they are babykillers, NoMercy for them, since they didnt show no mercy or regards to life! Have inmates use them in every disgusting way!

  • melode rollison

    I dont care how old they are, kill them also. they will be no good to society any way.

  • janie

    execution in a swift amount of time and make their parents watch……..bastards

  • Darren Thomassie

    DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH, need I type it any more. This low-life does not deserve to live and to have tax payers hard earned money support him. DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH is the only way for him. He should be stoned to death , that way he would suffer very miserably and very painfully for a good while. What the hell, do it to both of them.

  • scott_w_hyland

    I want them beheaded. They deserve nothing less.

  • DAN

    ban guns from all black youngsters that want to kill white babies , sounds like a black panther member

  • Chris White

    more pigs raised by obama supporters. Imagine that!

  • Anthony DuLac

    Fly these animals (obviously they’re not human) out over an active Volcano, then shove ‘em in. They’re a complete waste of life.

  • Todd Modderman

    I’t would be too bad if both of them were accidentally escaped and went in an alley and were both mysteriously shot in the head…….

  • Squigmund Hutter

    time for mass, nation-wide vigilante-ism!!!!!!

    • Adam_Rodriguez

      Dude, you aren’t kidding. This crime has burned me so bad, we are long past due for a Batman wannabes. Crap like this requires Punishers everywhere. Seek and destroy. The ****ing government needs to let the local populace handle this. They have become a hinderance.

  • Bud Woodard

    kill the mother fuckers hang them like the good ol days

  • Jared

    Who wouldve guessed a tragedy would be used as a platform for everyone to propogate their own slanderous bigotry and personal ideology/philosophy. Fast food and credit cards, we americans just have to move right on to the next big thing dont we…

    • Adam

      yes, maybe we should all take the blame?…or maybe we should just euthanize dumbasses like you along with them in the hopes that we can prevent idiots like obama from getting elected again!!!…hail obama right?…your prius driving , apple using piece of human waste…people need to held responsible for their actions,not society, enough is enough these little bastards didn’t go to the local gun store and buy their weapons like I did with backroud checks, inflated prices and bullshit over priced gun classes like I did. the stole it or bought it from some other douche bag…
      It would be great if none of us had guns, and none of us had to think about it, but the fact is that criminals have them, and they always will, so we MUST arm ourselves..the liberal way of thinking that we should get rid of guns is flawed….they exist, so citizens must own them..because criminals will, regardless of law…(that’s why they’re called criminals, they don’t obey laws)…so everybody strap up, and watch violent crime go to the way side…..

  • Adam

    regardless of age, people like this should never be released into our society, but some liberal feel good idiot will say…he was only 14, he didn’t know any better, lets blame his poor neighborhood and society for not giving him a chance. And the cycle will repeat . why should the rest of us law abiding citizens live in fear of these people. Obviously social programs don’t work, this would have never happened in kennasaw where everyone is armed…..gun control doesn’t work…the gene pool that produced these these fast swimmers would never wind up where every citizen is ready to protect themselves….these people are animals and they should be caged and then shortly thereafer euthenized if no one has the stomach for it, I’ll be glad to step up and deliver, regardless of the method assigned. I just can’t even imagine what this poor mother is even going through…how could your mind even comprehend that someone would do something so incredibley evil……who could do that? ..I ran a toad over on my motorcyle in my driveway on the way to work the other day and felt bad, I mean really…..what kind of complete waste of flesh could do that to a baby…I hope i never have the misfortune of taking in even a single atom of air this piece of shit ever breathed !!!!!!!

  • Adam

    at some point, one must accept the responsibility for being who they are…..time to step up slugs..and accept your judgement…not ours, but Gods if their is one, and regardless of what you believe, I think a speedy arangement for the meeting should be made !!!! as I said before, I’ll gladly arange it, regardless of preffered method…something slow and painful I hope…oh yea, we have to be humane……bullshit give what they gave….

  • Geof Jones

    will join the rest of the african americans who are already in jail!

  • Vincent Dow

    There was a story like this in the east bay, back in january. Two teenage brothers lured a 12 year old girl into their house (neighbors) they strangled her, dumped her body in a garbage can, and stole her BMX bike. Also in oakland CA, two teenage girls (15 and 16) were gunned down by three murderous teens. Shot both girls 11 times, and drove away. Neighbors comforted the girls, held towels to their leaking holes, and then both died there on the sidewalk. No apparent motive (except outright hatred), and I’m not aware of any investigation (though I check the oakland papers here and again). Black on white crimes, and ultra-violent.

  • dexterszyd

    Bath salts