Democrats Mourn Death of Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez

Democrats Mourn Death of Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez

The headline initially read, “Democrats and Media Mourn Death of Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez,” but I read it and thought, “Eh, that’s redundant.”

It all started with this tweet:

Former Congressman Joe Kennedy also openly mourned the left’s loss:

Former U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy II offered his prayers Tuesday to the family of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, saying he cared deeply about the poor and helped nearly two million Americans through the former lawmaker’s heating assistance charity.

As Ben Shapiro chronicled, Democrats couldn’t contain their grief:

Former President Jimmy Carter followed suit, mourning Chavez’s “commitment to improving the lives of his fellow countrymen,” and stating that he would “be remembered for his bold assertion of autonomy and independence for Latin American governments and for his formidable communications skills and personal connection with supporters in his country and abroad to whom he gave hope and empowerment.” As for his Chavez’s destruction of freedom of the press, nationalization of industry, and alliances with murderous dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Carter had nothing to say.

Sean Penn, of course, spoke up to praise Chavez as a “great hero.”

It wasn’t just the most extreme Democrats and their idiot actor friends pushing the Cult of Chavez. The mainstream media quickly jumped on the bandwagon. The Associated Press ran a fawning obit for the authoritarian, leading with the droolingly ugly line, “President Hugo Chavez was a fighter.” Eugene Robinson of the Washington Postsounded off to call Chavez, “quick,” “popular,” and funny. Larry King, formerly of CNN, called in to say that Chavez was “effusive,” “huggable,” and “larger than life.”

Shapiro continued, showing how effective America’s Memory Hole is when it comes to whitewashing a socialist dictator’s rule.


  • Elisa Gaddy Later

    as per Sen Ted Poe-‘The United States has lost an enemy, the people of Venezuela have lost a dictator, and Satan has gained a new comrade tonight. The people of Venezuela have finally been freed from the chains of Hugo Chavez, a sworn enemy of America. His death presents an opportunity for a free and democratic Venezuela and the chance for a renewed relationship between Washington and Caracas. The United States must stand with the people of Venezuela as they recover from the oppressive Chavez regime.’ PITIFUL so called Americans…and holly-wierdos….just like them to LOVE and RESPECT such awfulness in the world…

  • Mary Ann Colucci-Russell

    Perhaps those who praised Chavez should speak to the everyday person who lives in Venezuela. They may see a different side of Chavez.

  • Jane Galt

    Chavez, a champion of the poor? His net worth was $1-2 billion, stolen from the people of Venezuela.

  • Warwick May

    Chavez was the ultimate scumbag… he’s ruined and impoverished Venezuela having, along with his family and cronies, stolen everything, including the elections. Theaverage Venezuelans is poorer today than when Chavez came to power in spite of the fact that the country makes far more from oil sales than ever. He installed Cuban officers in the Venezuelan military because he could not count on the loyalty of the troops. Anyone who thinks this creep was a “friend” of the people is not paying attention. Venezuela is well rid of him although it may take decades for the country to recover fromthe damage he did. The irony of the situation is that the only country on earth with the medical knowhow that had a chance of curing him was the one he was always fighting with and couldn’t ask for help… oh well, sayonara!