Sec. Kerry Says Greatest Foreign Policy Challenge is…Congress

Sec. Kerry Says Greatest Foreign Policy Challenge is…Congress

It isn’t Islamic radicals slowly taking over Middle Eastern countries.

It isn’t North Korea saber rattling and threatening South Korea.

It isn’t a nuclear Iran.


Important, dignified and especially “credible” diplomat. (Photo: cliff1066/Flickr)

Nope, according to our newly minted Secretary of State, the greatest foreign policy challenge is the United States Congress:

In prepared remarks for a speech at the University of Virginia, Kerry cites the adage that “we can’t be strong in the world unless we are strong at home.” He calls the budget impasse a threat.

The State Department has said automatic spending cuts would jeopardize $2.6 billion in aid, security assistance and other international programs.

Kerry says legislators need to avoid “senseless cuts.”

Otherwise, he says his credibility as a diplomat might be damaged.

Yeah, I laughed at that last line too.

  • Richard Rowe

    ur credibility was damaged when u threw ur fake medals over the whithouse fence,thtose purple hearts for self inflicted wounds jackss!

  • Douglas Andrew Hanlon

    is he pointing to the single brain cell still functioning?

  • disqus_P2e8bbvo0I

    The only damage being done to a ONCE honorable office, is nominating a traitor and a coward to the office. Congress should have tossed this clown into the unemployment line!