Recall Sheriff Joe?  Say It Ain’t So!

Recall Sheriff Joe? Say It Ain’t So!

Since they can’t beat the man at the ballot box, the leftists in Maricopa County are trying to recall the toughest Sheriff in the country:

A political group called Respect Arizona has filed paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to launch a campaign to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Randy Parraz, co-founder of Citizens for Better Arizona, said the recall effort which recently launched has not raised any money. When it does, the Respect Arizona committee will file the appropriate financial reports.

Parraz said Citizens for Better Arizona will make a donation to the effort but that an amount has not been determined.

Citizens for a Better Arizona last year waged a failed “Joe’s Got to Go” campaign to defeat Arpaio in his re-election bid. Parraz said that’s because Arpaio took advantage of the huge interest in the presidential and congressional races, amassing a huge war chest through out-of-state campaign contributions.

Arpaio’s opponents were at a competitive disadvantage, Parraz said.

“We feel that it wasn’t a leveled playing field,” he said of the 2012 elections.

“We feel…”

That’s the difference between the left and the right.

They feel. We think.

Does the recall effort have a chance?

I’m guessing no. If Scott Walker can survive in Wisconsin, Joe’s not in any danger in Arizona. But then, they’ve done it before.

Something to keep an eye on.


    We the people of Arizona elected Sheriff Joe. We want him to be Sheriff and I’m sorry you can’t get the results you want but STOP WASTING OUR TIME AND MONEY.

  • MrMark

    This is how leftists think. When the majority votes against their candidate, the majority must be misinformed or stupid so something must be done to correct their error. They use phrases like “the playing field wasn’t level” when their concepts don’t resonate with sane, rational, level headed voters who see through the fantasies of progressivism and opt for realistic solutions.

  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    Who writes this drivel? Some clown declares he is starting a political group that list no membership has no money, and wants to throw out a duly elected official, why? He don’t like his political beliefes. The political mechanism is already in place to do that, it’s called an election dummy! Iknow I’m going to start a political group to send Obama to the moon. Lets see that make it into the media !