Reagan Birthday Video Tribute

Reagan Birthday Video Tribute

One-hundred-and-two years ago, Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, and the world has been a better place ever since.

Little-Known Fact About The Gipper…

In honor of the Gipper’s birthday, Grassfire is releasing a special Video Tribute that highlights a little-known fact about Reagan’s journey to the White House. Please share this with your friends and leave your own tribute to Gipper as a comment to this post.

UPDATE: Over at Liberty News’ High School Conservative website, one of our younger conservatives has posted a very nice tribute to the Gipper. Go here to read.

  • arley_barley

    Happy Birthday to the Gipper, with a heart big as the stellar Dipper.
    We miss you and your Leadership.
    A thought: Rename ‘MLK’ day to ‘MLK and Gipper Day,’ for two men of Faith, in love with this Country, and all of its People, in the prayerful hope that we all could learn to be equal, and live in harmony.
    To celebrate (in a humorous way), we’d dine on MiLK, and G(k)IPPER, the whole ‘MLK and Gipper Day.’
    Pray, Ponder, Pass it On.