One Armed Old Man vs. Three Teen Would Be Robbers
  • EdMallory

    Nice shootin Jack! Mighty nice of you to spare these miserable perps their lives while you’re being assaulted. I’m not sure my aim would have been that good. I usually double tap.

  • Anita Eitmann

    We need to send more of these animals home to their mothers in body bags. If we start doing this then maybe, just maybe these people will start raising humans instead of animals to turn loose on society. Good job Jack. This is one person who should also be attending theState of the Union Bullshit message.

    • Jackson Bando

      “Muh babby didn’ do nuffinh.”

  • Max Watts

    Bad shooting! Aim to kill next time. These cockroaches are wasting our oxygen and polluting our gene pool.

  • Old_Conservative

    Hoorah! Let’s hope these three teens get the jail time they ALL deserve!! And Obummer thinks we don’t need our firearms for self defense or to take back our country!!