NY Democrat Wants to Force Gun Owners to Get $1 Million Insurance Policy
  • http://www.facebook.com/lbaier2 Lothar Baier

    you know i can see it if you have a concealed carry permit that you should carry some kind of liability insurance just in case – you never know what happens but for every gunowner , thats over the top

  • http://twitter.com/NoMandate Mandate Amendment

    THIS IS WHY WE MUST PASS THE MANDATE AMENDMENT. It is NOT going to end with health care. Please help us, we are just a small group of concerned citizens and if we do not get help from the likes of Liberty News et al we will fizzle out.

    This Amendment is our only hope and nearly impossible for most people to oppose, unless they are a full fledged socialist. It is short, simple, and common sense:

    “Congress shall make no law mandating the purchase of a product or service from a private entity”

    This is a bold and courageous effort to strike at the heart of this precedent now while much of our country is appalled by the decision and the infrastructure and dependence upon the law is not sewn into the fabric of our country. If we build a coalition now, we will be poised to have candidates pledge support as they run against incumbents next midterm election. We believe in the next election the Democrats will be out of excuses for a failing economy and the country will be well positioned for candidates that favor American principles and therefore this Amendment.

    Even just an article about the Amendment would be a huge help. We are all doing this on our own dime and in the red. Please Google Mandate Amendment for more information or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • JuneB

    We absolutely need to fight this, on every front possible. Recalls, elections, support candidates who will gut these regulations, boycotts, etc.
    But specifically re this insurance craziness – join the NRA. That’s right – buy your weapon/liability insurance through them as a member. You’ll be supporting insurance companies who support your 2nd amendment rights. screw those NY dems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.soro.3 Anthony Soro

    I told every one this was coming, Now we have to get nasty to fight this off, If its not to late, fight people make your voice heard now or for ever hold your peace.