North Carolina Board Of Elections Worked With Obama Campaign to Register Voters

North Carolina Board Of Elections Worked With Obama Campaign to Register Voters


In a blatantly partisan move, the staff of the North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) successfully subverted state law to facilitate online voter registration in North Carolina by the 2012 Barack Obama campaign. In doing so they coordinated with partisans behind closed doors, lied about the NC Attorney General’s Office concurring with the SBE staff on the issue, and dodged oversight by their own board and the legislature. The end result was to add thousands of people to the North Carolina voter rolls illegally.

The SBE staff’s audacity is so breath-taking that it’s hard to believe, so let us emphasize:  The Civitas Institute has documented how SBE bureaucrats conspired with a private company, working for the Obama campaign[i], to facilitate a form of online voter registration for the 2012 General Election – in violation of state law. It’s a classic example of how bureaucrats ignore the democratic process and hijack an agency for partisan purposes.

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  • Mike Reyn

    jail time seems about right more DIMORATS

  • Chris Wohland

    And this is surprising how?

  • Larry Holmack

    Am I surprised….??? No….!! But what is being done about it?? Clearly laws were broken…but with Obama’s cronies running everything…who is going to prosecute these crooks???

  • corey

    The question is, what, if anything, will be done about it, and who, if anyone, will be going to jail?

  • Kelly Rentschler-Mills

    This is not good! In spite of their efforts Romney won here, what should that say to Americans!

  • stevie six

    This is worthless information, unless something is done.Where are our representatives, or our AG.

  • Cindy Russell

    Okay, so now we know that NC has corrupt politicians in their midst. Like the rest of the people commenting, I would like to know…. what will they do with the evidence? Probably nothing.