Nebraska Lt. Gov. Sheehy Resigns Amid Scandal

Nebraska Lt. Gov. Sheehy Resigns Amid Scandal


Nebraska Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy stepped down from office earlier today. Sheehy is involved in a scandal revolving around four women who have been receiving calls from his state-issued cell phone. The resignation was announced by Gov. Dave Heineman in a news conference this morning. Sheehy did not appear at the news conference.

In the news conference Gov. Heineman said,

“As public officials, we are rightly held to a higher standard. I had trusted him, and that trust was broken.”

The story was first broke by the Omaha World-Herald. Apparently the calls took place over the past four years. One of the women he frequently called told the Associated Press that she and Sheehy had maintained a long-term relationship after they met at a convention of emergency responders in Texas in 2008. In his position as lieutenant governor, Sheehy was over the state’s emergency management efforts.

Records released by the governor’s office revealed thousands of late night phone calls to the four women. Dr. Theresa Hatcher who was in the long term relationship with Sheehy told the AP she thought she was the only one, but “apparently, I was grossly mistaken.”

Sheehy was considered the front-runner in the Republican Primary for the governor’s seat in the 2014 election. Earlier Gov. Heineman had endorsed Seehy, but now doubts he will stay in the race.

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