Nanny of the Month for January: Prison for Smokers, Permits for Strippers
  • cmdorsey

    These people who want to interfere in our lives must have very little in intelligence, not to mention, obligations – Lack of something or anything ELSE to do. If they don’t like smokers – ban. TAX (Legalilzed extortion) “for the children”. Second hand smoke kills ‘the children’. Ban, ban, ban, ban, unless it’s a state run casino – smoke becomes pure there.

    Here are some things I DON’T LIKE and should be banned: Handing out condoms in schools, teaching gay sex in schools, legalizing pot? – I don’t care one bit except I’m troubled about the second hand smoke around ‘the children’. Won’t it make them high? I don’t like it when I get up everyday and right away I feel like one of those metal balls in a pinball machine game. Every nook and cranny, every minute of the day, you are being taxed and surcharged or fined for some stupid thing the left hates. I don’t care if same sex people want to live together or whatever, but I do not appreciate them barging into places of worship that do not have that same belief and demand they get married there and if not, you get sued. I don’t like Planned Parenthood. I don’t like Planned Parenthood clinics in the schools. I don’t like knowing that if I had a 12 year old daughter, she can get an abortion without my knowledge through the school when in fact, it’s RAPE, plain and simple – and how hypocrital it seems when the school DEMANDS parents’ signature if your child needs to take an aspirin. I don’t like late-term botched abortions. It’s murder in my mind and that is definite. Ok, if the mother’s life is in danger, but for crying out loud, the baby is already half born when they go in and murder it. That really makes no sense to me. AND I REALLY HATE being forced to help pay for them. I don’t like illegal aliens coming across our borders – they are breaking the law – and I have a hard time putting my heart and soul into my work and I get angry knowing I taught my kids to work hard and they are but now too are getting pilfered.
    The govt. has a great ponzi scheme going – taxes – otherwise known as legalized extortion FEES.

    I REALLY dislike Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Schumer, MARXine Waters, Hitlery, Durbin, Waxman, Boxer, Sheila Lee Jackson and others as they dismantle MY homeland where I wanted my kids to live with freedom. Can we please call for some heavy heavy BANS on all of this?