Levin:  Obama Is The Biggest Doomsday Prepper in the Land
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000380740966 Susan Bates Stead

    If the sequester happens, o tells us that air travel will
    cease or severely slow down. The
    borders will go unprotected; illegal aliens have already been released to
    augment this problem. All teachers,
    fireman, and police will have to be furloughed. All vaccines will become unavailable. Healthcare for everyone will be affected
    negatively. Poor children and old folks
    will have to go without food and shelter.
    All shipyards and military industry will be shuttered. We may not be able to pay our brave soldiers
    and certainly won’t be able to send out social security checks or tax
    refunds. (Calm down, there will be no
    impact on welfare payments.) With the shutdown
    of headstart and other free childcare, parents will have to scramble to look
    after their own kids. Water and Air will
    be impacted so negatively that you will be able to neither drink nor
    breathe. Of course, all the progress we
    have made in protecting women will cease and rapes, domestic violence and
    unwanted pregnancies will skyrocket. 750,000
    people will lose their jobs. All of this
    and much more will happen, if we cut 2.3 cents from every dollar we spend. WOW, those are all the things that I care
    about! If we can do all that on 2.3
    cents, let’s not cut that!! Let’s
    continue to spend the 2.3 cents and cut the other 97.7 cents!!!! 97.7 cents of every dollar is obviously spent
    on non-essential stuff.

    Oh, and I probably exaggerated that healthcare thing. That has little to do with the sequester– Ocare
    is killing that.

    Meanwhile, unemployment is 7.8%. Interest rates are hovering around 1%. Guns are being given to Mexican cartels, Ambassadors
    are being assassinated, Food Stamp usage is on the rise, family wealth is on
    the decline and EACH American, even the ones born today, owes more that $53000
    towards the debt. Can the sequester be
    worse than this?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jo.sain.3 Jo Sain

      well said. I call him 0, not o or O. because he is worth nothing.