George Zimmerman’s Brother Hands Piers Morgan His…Hat

George Zimmerman’s Brother Hands Piers Morgan His…Hat

Piers Morgan asked Robert Zimmerman, the brother of white Hispanic George Zimmerman, if Trayvon Martin would be alive if his brother didn’t have a gun.

Robert asked, “Would George?”


You can only slam somebody’s head violently into the concrete so many times, uh, you can only break someone’s nose and sit on them for so long while they’re screaming for help for over a minute before that person has to take some kind of action to save their life.

Well said.

Hat Tip: IOwnTheWorld

  • James DeRuvo

    Once again Morgan LIES about the AR15 being used at Sandy Hook. The man is a disgusting propagandist.

  • Candi McKay

    ‘It’s terrifying’ well move then Morgan!

  • Larry C.

    Still an absolute douchebag. More and more facts have come out in Zimmerman’s favor and twats like Morgan won’t accept reality.

  • Legirons

    At some point in time one would think that Piers would get tired of looking like a complete tool and begin a crusade over things he can change. Piers if you read this, you are a total dumbass and this guy ate your breakfast lunch and dinner. Go back to the UK if they will have you Piers, you are not doing any one any good here.

  • steve

    Piers Morgan is such a fag.

  • Lyn Clark

    more people are killed in US by hands and feet, than with rifles….. what is Piers solution ?