Department of Justice Memo: Ban Without Confiscation Ineffective

Department of Justice Memo: Ban Without Confiscation Ineffective

A National Institute of Justice memo gives everyone a peek behind the curtain at the slippery slope of gun control:



What’s interesting is this, from earlier in the report:




The bottom line?  An assault weapons ban will only work if all the current assault weapons are taken out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

And then, the impact will be minimal.

Hat Tip:  Gateway Pundit

  • kahnavka

    Actually, violent crime will increase because then only the criminals and the government will have those weapons.

  • Trevor Sullivan

    How about we just abolish 95% of the federal government’s overreaching departments, and keep our guns? Thanks.

    • Anthony Soro

      you got that right dude!!!, Besides the type of crime that there up rived up about are those 2 psychos, Ct, And the movie one .2 this is all about those 2 shootings, like there going to stop crazy people from doing those things. All the gun laws in the world wont stop that. At least they dont happen every day. But it is a good excuse for the left to push there anti-gun program, We all know its all about Politics And not about saving people……

  • Norm Levesque

    The Government likes to throw the word Confiscation around like it was nothing. I assure you that should this someday be implemented the outcome will be devastating…