Dem. Senator Calling for Higher Taxes Owes Back Taxes

Dem. Senator Calling for Higher Taxes Owes Back Taxes

-By Warner Todd Huston

Apparently Louisiana’s Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu is very big on raising taxes on the country. However, she seems a bit less excited to pay her own taxes.

Landrieu recently argued for higher taxes during a Senate hearing but what about her own tax problems?

Daily Caller found that Landrieu and her husband seem to have an outstanding tax bill of their own. “The Louisiana senator and her husband appear to have not yet paid $1,206.95 in tax penalties to the District of Columbia government on their Capitol Hill home,” the DC found.

According to public records available online in the District of Columbia’s “Real Property Assessment Database,” the D.C. government has penalized Landrieu $1,003.33, plus $202.62 in interest, for 2012 taxes on her mansion on East Capitol Street. It is unclear what the penalty is for.

On the other hand, Landrieu was claiming that government “revenues” are too low and taxes need to be hiked so that more such “revenues” can be brought into the treasury.

Naturally, Landrieu is trying to avoid having to make any statements on this state of her personal affairs. When DC called her office and asked for a statement, none was forthcoming. Her office told the DC that the couple were “traveling” and would get back to them later.

Yeah, later. My guess is MUCH later.

  • Lemrob

    Don’t do as I do; but do as I say is their motto.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    LOL “she seems a bit less excited to pay her own taxes”

  • sandrajdf

    What I would like to know is why Landrieu even owns a home in DC…it implies she believes she will be spending a long time in DC. Since she represents Louisiana, shouldn’t her home be in Louisiana? And notice, it is referred to as a mansion. An elected official should never be so confident in their re-election that they purchase a permanent residence in the place where they legislate, Unless you are the non-voting member of the House from DC, none of our elected officials should own permanent residences in DC.

  • Chris Wohland

    And this is a surprise how?

  • Nancy Messer

    Now, now! We know she intended to pay them. Just as John Kerry still intends to pay Massachusetts taxes on his yacht from several years ago! And Jesse Jr. intended to pay his campaign back for all the money he spent on his mistress and furnishing his private home!

  • Doug Socha

    Just like the others in office…Run your mouth for more but don’t include yourself. She is a big DA. Your out – next.