Unreal: Dem Displays Complete Ignorance of Firearms and Slams Women in One Soundbite

Unreal: Dem Displays Complete Ignorance of Firearms and Slams Women in One Soundbite

Here’s the setup.  Piers Morgan continues his attack on the AR-15 rifle.  On his show is Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, who he asks:

I have an interview coming up with two young women who wrote a piece in which they said they wanted the rights of the AR-15 weapon at home because they feared they would be attacked and they wanted a gun that would guarantee they would murder or would kill their attacker. How do you respond to that particular argument, which is they believe under their second amendment right they should be allowed an AR-15?

Her answer is one of the densest concentrations of fail I have witnessed in my lifetime.

See for yourself. (h/t Breitbart)

I will tell you, if you talk to professionals, hunters and certainly sportsmen, they’ll tell you that’s not the gun to use. A rifle is more accurate. It’s certainly easier for a woman to be able to do that.

My first thought after reading that?


First off, an AR-15 is a rifle!  This alone shows how ignorant this woman is regarding firearms.

Second, if you talk to a professional, they won’t suggest a rifle for home defense.

Why not?

Because of the penetrating power of the gun. It shoots through walls, endangering anyone else in the house. Instead, most would recommend a 12 gauge shotgun with a non-penetrating shell. Much safer.

So clearly she’s either making this stuff up as she goes, or she’s talking to complete morons about guns.

I suppose it could be both.

And finally, she claims it would be easier for a woman to use a rifle than an AR.

What in the world does she think women in combat situations are going to be using? I’m sure she supports allowing women in combat situations. Should we modify what weapons they use so these dainty flowers can handle them better?

But I’m waging a War on Women, right?

I support a woman’s right to choose her firearm, and feel this is a good place to put this video:

They seem to have a pretty good grasp on things. Better than the honorable woman from New York.

  • Bluwater

    Um…. NO to everyone!!! An AR15 is a rifle and anything can be used in self defense. If I have someone coming through the door or window that I feel compelled to shoot, I don’t really give a rip who’s behind him or not. Because anyone coming in behind him doesn’t belong there either.

    But I don’t want either a shotgun or a rifle for self defense inside my house because both are considered medium to long range weapons and if I can see them well enough to shoot, they are in the same room with me, meaning no more than about 15 feet. You can’t shoot anything but a handgun if your back is literally up against the wall. A handgun is the best option, though I’d happily use any firearm in self defense.

    But that’s irrelevant. Don’t let liberals make this about self defense. It isn’t. It’s about our Constitutional rights…. PERIOD! We don’t need people challenging whether we are entitled to our Constitutional rights based on whether they perceive we have a need for them according to terms they define. Next up is whether you have a NEED to speak against the President. If not, they will argue that you should not have that right.

  • http://twitter.com/cblammert Christopher Lammert

    I think it is much more telling that Piers considers defending your home an act of “MURDER”!

  • BobM001

    A handgun MAY BE the “best choice” providing you are PROFICIENT IN ITS USE! For “CQB”(close quarters battle) NOTHING beats a SHOTGUN! A 20 gauge is low enough in recoil that a woman can handle it. Loaded with 3″ #4 turkey shells that will give 1 5/16 ounces of shot leaving the muzzle @1200 feet per second. That’s almost THREE TIMES the weight/hitting power of a .45ACP with each pull of the trigger. It’ll take their head clean off !!! Buckshot is not a good idea for a home where others may live. Over penetration could injure other occupants.