The List of Weapons Banned By Feinstein
  • Roy Bosworth

    What an idiot frankenstein is…. This dinosaur really should resign so that someone who has a brain and more competent doesn’t attack American people just to fulfill her messiah’s wish to destroy America.

  • Lemrob

    She has got to be one big embarassment for those who voted for her.

  • Laura Kaufeler- Pacheco

    Looks like good old Joe Biden will have to give up his Berettas

    • Tom

      Yeah right…Their entitled to do what they want:(

  • Tom

    Investigate the current Administration for misuse of power and Constitutional violations.

    It is my belief that the current administration should be investigated for all the various acts (to many to list) that have occurred and impeachment procedures started if just cause is found.

  • William Fuzi

    Shoot I want an M-16 in semi auto, Oh! I’ll take an M-249 SAW in semi auto. I wonder if belted ammo is considered high capacity?

  • Jodie Consoles

    oh this will keep the crimminals safe….

  • Joe B

    Not all the types are listed here. I think of several that are missing. Like usually, Diane F#%kstien hasn’t done her home work. For someone who wants to ban these types of guns, you would think it would be a complete list. This list is half at best.

  • Robert Walo

    the woman has dementia, should really resign before she tries to pass a bill banning depends

  • mow

    It’s up to “We the People” to squash this type of rampant stupidity of our lawmakers. I respect their right not to carry but they need to respect our right to carry. Feinstein is a hypocrite as she at one time ,(and I suspect still does),carried for protection. The very same right she is trying to take from us Americans. Remember all of this tyrant anarchy at the voting polls. Support the candidates that support you and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. If we don’t make a change our children and our grandchildren will not be free. Don’t let history be repeated here on American soil!