Sen. Ted Cruz Embarrasses Anti-Gun Lobby
  • Mike Howell

    The real issue in NOT about guns. Its about GOVERNMENT TYRANNY and the people’s ability to stop this New World Disorder insanity. I also feel that many politicians are either psychotic or sociopaths. Either way, there are a lot of freedom haters in the District of Corruption. Thank God for level-headed folks like Senator Cruz.

  • disqus_O7ES49dpVV

    that bold fat head either did not understand the question or was beating around the bush. He just avoided the question by stating his opinion. excuses, The man asked for facts, solid facts. bold fat head had nothing. Humble yourself and except the fact that you are wrong.

  • maxwell_brown

    due to great medical facilities many don’t die after getting the bullet someone thought they deserved

  • Martha Lee Vincent

    Senator Cruz, Texas is tough and a keeper.