San Diego Police Chief:  We Can Disarm America in a Generation.

San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm America in a Generation.

This is the goal of many leftists worldwide:

Lawmakers and mayors aren’t the only ones ratcheting up the debate on gun control. Some big city police chiefs are also stepping into the political arena, lobbying for tighter controls that they and their officers would then enforce.

Take for instance San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne, who in an interview last week called for tougher gun laws and clearly chafed at the influence the National Rifle Association has held for years over the national debate.

Lansdowne suggested the Newtown, Conn., massacre may have undercut the gun lobby’s power and opened the door for new gun control legislation. “We broke the NRA,” Lansdowne boasted in an off camera portion of an interview with San Diego 6 and the Washington Guardian. When asked to expound, he demurred.

The White House plans to unveil its regulatory plan Wednesday for tightening gun controls, and Lansdowne threw his support behind President Barack Obama.

“I could not be more supportive of the president for taking the position he has,” he told KPBS in a separate interview. “I think it’s courageous with the politics involved in this process. But I think it’s going to eventually make the country safer and certainly safer for my officers that have to respond to these calls. ”

San Diego’s Lansdowne, who plays an active role in the western region of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), said in the interview it may take a generation, but guns will eventually be taken off the streets through new laws.

He also has personally advocated for a legislative solution that would allow current lawful firearms owners to keep their assault weapons if new sales are banned, but prohibit assault firearms from be passed down to living relatives after death, meaning the weapon would be destroyed when the current owner dies.

And then what?

What happens when the people are disarmed?

History tells us:


Any questions?

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  • David Wasmer Sr.

    The 2nd Amendment DOES NOT grant the people the right to keep and bear arms!!!!

    The right of self defense is not a “Constitutional right.” The Constitution affirms that the right is a God given right, a natural right. The right precedes the Constitution and all governments. No government gave the people this right and no government can take it away. It is the birthright of every human being. It is an inalienable right that cannot be surrendered, transferred or taken away. The right of self defense is beyond the reach of government.

    The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is not to grant the people rights, but to restrict the government from infringing upon their rights. Any government that infringes on the right of self defense becomes illegitimate and should be resisted. If our government infringes on our right of self-defense, then it will be doing violence to God, to the Constitution and to the people. It will be our duty to resist.

  • colby

    This police chief is an idiotic fool, tightening the gun laws for citizens to whom obey the law will make his officers less protected, not all Police Chiefs have common sense, but with the Mexico border south of San Diego and all the guns, drugs and violence why not arm the U.S. citizens? Not in California… where gang violence is very common.

  • GianniP

    I guess ‘taking guns off the street’ is tantamount to removing them from homes.
    Guess this jerk has never heard of ‘home invasions’

  • Carlos Ramos

    San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne is a moron! The calls that his officers are answering are no doubt shootings and murders by illegal aliens straight up from Mexico and who are well armed thanks to Eric Holder and the mexican drug cartels. Why wait for a generation Chief? We can Help the nation in a day if you tender your resignation tomorrow — yourself and all the rest of the Anti Constitutionalists who have bought into this diseased socialist idea – Resign and move south amigo – You are not wanted in San Diego OR California!! Take Fienstein an d Boxer with you!