ObamaCare Prices Some Families Out of Their Healthcare

ObamaCare Prices Some Families Out of Their Healthcare

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Some families could get priced out of health insurance due to what’s being called a glitch in President Barack Obama’s overhaul law. IRS regulations issued Wednesday failed to fix the problem as liberal backers of the president’s plan had hoped.

As a result, some families that can’t afford the employer coverage that they are offered on the job will not be able to get financial assistance from the government to buy private health insurance on their own. How many people will be affected is unclear.

The Obama administration says its hands were tied by the way Congress wrote the law. Officials said the administration tried to mitigate the impact. Families that can’t get coverage because of the glitch will not face a tax penalty for remaining uninsured, the IRS rules said.

“This is a very significant problem, and we have urged that it be fixed,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, an advocacy group that supported the overhaul from its early days. “It is clear that the only way this can be fixed is through legislation and not the regulatory process.”

But there’s not much hope for an immediate fix from Congress, since the House is controlled by Republicans who would still like to see the whole law repealed.

The affordability glitch is one of a series of problems coming into sharper focus as the law moves to full implementation.

We’ve passed the law. Now we’re finding out what’s in it.

What most irritating is the people who are complaining loudest are those who helped get it passed.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1534357187 Robert Stevenson

    Obamacare passed 100% by Democrats (Some of which were either Threatened, Bribed, or Lied to)! NONE, Not ONE Democrat even READ the bill prior to passing it, while Republicans were screaming for Obama admin to post it to the Public. Dems stalled until 3 days before the vote, with the bill having Thousands of pages, along with Wide open doors for the HHS to Write in a Boatload more Law! There is No law more devious, destructive, bigger, more expensive, than this Job destroying MONSTER!

  • antistupid

    its because of this that i have been dropped from my current plan and lost 30 hours a week its bull and we’re going to lose a lot more before its stopped