No Charges for David Gregory for Violating DC Gun Laws – Updated

No Charges for David Gregory for Violating DC Gun Laws – Updated


Washington, DC’s prosecutors will send more than a few people to jail for possessing high capacity rifle magazines to jail.

David Gregory will not be one of them:

NBC journalist David Gregory won’t face charges for displaying a high-capacity ammunition magazine on his “Meet the Press” news show, District of Columbia prosecutors announced Friday.

The city’s Office of the Attorney General, which handles low-level crimes, said criminal charges wouldn’t serve the public’s best interests even though possession of the magazine — capable of holding up to 30 rounds of ammunition — was clearly against the law. In a letter to NBC’s lawyer, D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan also said he recognized that the device was intended as a prop to provoke public discussion on gun control following the Connecticut school massacre.

“Influencing our judgment in this case, among other things, is our recognition that the intent of the temporary possession and short display of the magazine was to promote the First Amendment purpose of informing an ongoing public debate about firearms policy in the United States, especially while this subject was foremost in the minds of the public” after the shooting and President Barack Obama’s address to the nation, the letter said.

This is relevant:


Here’s the charging letter on Gregory:

David Gregory Charging Letter by anon_737269469

  • Corey Amundson

    Yeah, never mind the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution that clearly states we all have a right to own and carry a high capacity magazine. It’s OK if it’s because of the first Amendment, but not the second.

  • Corey Amundson

    Does this then mean that any protesters who would like to speak out against any weapons ban in Washington, can then bring high capacity magazines with them as props? Since they would be excising their first amendment rights?

  • Sam Porter

    Oh, I see. It was
    the “INTENT”…”to promote the First Amendment”. By that logic, then
    the “INTENT to promote the SECOND Amendment” should not be prosecutable

  • Clint Thomas

    Well, I guess liberals and socialists can break the law, but the rest of us would be locked up.