Kentucky Sheriff Vows to Uphold Constitution, Not New Gun Control Laws

Kentucky Sheriff Vows to Uphold Constitution, Not New Gun Control Laws



Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman

Let’s hope this catches on:

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman has some advice for federal officials attempting to confiscate legal guns held by citizens in his jurisdiction: “go ahead, make my day.”

Sheriff Peyman says he is very concerned about proposed federal legislation that could result in massive gun ownership bans and orders of confiscation.

“My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore to uphold,” Peyman said. “Let them pull that stuff in other places if they want, but not in Jackson County, Kentucky.”

Now I have to make a choice. If the shooting starts, do I go to Kentucky, Texas or Wyoming?

Hat Tip: Breitbart

  • Coastie

    Good Man

  • Ray Zehrung

    Good…now he can work on nullifying federal drug laws, since they are unconstitutional too. It took the 18th amendment to make alcohol illegal. Where is the amendment for drugs or substances? He can also work on the illegal requirement to license people to travel by car. We have a Right to travel, and Rights, not being privileges, are inherent. If one must obtain a “license” to travel by automobile, travel then becomes a privilege and not a Right. The SCOTUS has determined on five separate occasions that Americans have a Right to Travel Freely Upon the Public Roads, even by automobile.

    But…I doubt he will attack the above unconstitutional mandates, since his department receives monies from the DEA and DHS for cool, neat equipment and money every time someone doesn’t use a turn signal.

    • numbersnerd

      Loony. No one holds a license to travel license as you assert, yet untold numbers travel on roads daily. Many, however, hold a license that allows them to operate an auto on those same roads. Big difference. The act of travelling IS a right and by itself presents no infringement or danger to others. The operation of an automobile or other conveyances on roadways carries with it a responsibility due to the nature of the device, its use, the environment in which it is done, thus the potential danger and attendant liability for doing so and becomes a public safety issue.

      • Sha Poe Ryu Elam

        Well Stated numbersnerd !

  • J.c. Randall

    I wish more Sheriff’s would jump on this bandwagon. Thank you Sheriff Peyman.

  • Ben Hanna

    AMEN….Than You Sherrif Peyman, we hope more sheriffs will begin to take the Constitution and there oath to defend it seriously…

  • Paul Miller

    Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman – Now there’s a man to ride the river with.

  • Bryon Man

    Tears in my eyes! Great man!!!!!! I can only hope more elected officials make a stand on this issue God Bless.

    • Donna Cox

      That is the one thing they haven’t figured out, that we will stand and fight to our last breathe.

  • Jesse Dalton

    God bless this man. Finally someone standing up to Obama and his flying monkeys.

  • B. Willey

    Makes me want to move to Jackson County, Kentucky. It’s refreshing to see Law Enforcement on our side!

  • Ruth Nelson

    I have a feeling that more and more county sheriff’s will begin to voice this same opinion. Sheriff Joe was first, now we have Sheriff Denny!

  • Brett Bouler

    Awesome man! Need him in the White House instead of that worthless, anti-American, anti-Christan, anti-White, sorry, good-for-nothing traitorous african muslim!

  • Sha Poe Ryu Elam

    Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman, finally a man that we Kentuckians can be proud of !

    It is my hope that all Kentucky Sheriffs will follow Denny’s lead along with local and state officials, as we who live here know, Kentucky is a good sized state “but” word of mouth travels faster than the phone ! Elections will come and people here don’t seem to forget who done what when, as I am sure they will remember Mitch McConnell breaking his oath ! Jackson County has a well noted history here in Eastern Kentucky along with some other counties as well, as dose the state of Kentucky which is the home of the 101st Air Born. Denny Peyman has made this a PROUD DAY for Eastern Kentucky and I am sure that the citizens of Jackson County are Proud to have him as their Sheriff, God Bless You Sir !

  • Carroll Koon

    I think George Washington gets credit with saying the following, ” the thing that separates the American christian from every other person on the planet is that he would rather die on his feet than serve on his knees” — thank you for your stance on allowing me to keep my guns Sheriff Payman.– we need more law enforcement officials that feel the same way

  • Michael Mattei

    Well you’ve got great hunting and Yellowstone in Wyoming, all the small batch bourbon a man could ever want in Kentucky and Texas has the Gulf-you’re right, tough choice

  • Erica Chaves Sandwall

    Going to Kentucky since it is only 20 mins away. God Bless this man and the people willing to take a stand.