Is Commission Junction Shutting Down Relationships With Firearm Related Affiliates? (EXCLUSIVE)

Is Commission Junction Shutting Down Relationships With Firearm Related Affiliates? (EXCLUSIVE)

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UPDATE: Commission Junction responded and confirmed they do not discriminate against firearm related companies. The issue here was account profile related and was resolved. Click here for the full explanation

I’ve got a call in to both Commission Junction and and I’m awaiting response from both. At this point, it appears as though Commission Junction has shut down its affiliate program relationship with, LLC.

For those who may not be familiar with Commission Junction, the company is a middle man type of service that connects publishers (like our website) with companies looking to market products. Commission Junction handles tracking of sales and processes payments between publishers and advertisers.

An email floating around this morning suggests Commission Junction could be taking a stand against the 2nd Amendment, making clear their intentions to refuse their services to businesses who participate in the 100% legal sale of firearms and firearm related products. The following is the exact language of the email sent out to Publishers from

Dear Valued Publisher,

Please be aware that Online Gun Auction, one of the advertisers you are joined to in the Commission Junction network, has been deactivated.

While Online Gun Auction is deactivated, you will not receive commissions for traffic you drive via the advertiser’s banners, text links, and/or other link types. Consequently, please replace these links as soon as possible with links from active advertisers. To view the links you are using that are generating traffic for Online Gun Auction but from which you are earning no revenue, go to the Invalid Links Generating Traffic Report.

During the advertiser’s deactivation, you will still remain affiliated with Online Gun Auction if and when the advertiser reactivates its affiliate marketing program with Commission Junction. Once reactivated, Online Gun Auction will appear in My Advertisers in the Account Manager. You will receive another email from Commission Junction alerting you to the advertiser’s reactivation.

To view all of your affiliated advertisers who have been deactivated from the Commission Junction network, go to the Deactivated Advertisers Report.

If you have further questions regarding the status of Online Gun Auction, please contact your Commission Junction account representative or Client Support.

Best regards,
Commission Junction

The affiliate information page at is still active and sends you to Commission Junction, but upon landing at you are presented with this message.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.55.27 AM

The message states “This company’s partnership with Commission Junction is currently inactive,” which does not specifically suggest severed or deactivated the partnership. This said, we cannot identify any affiliates who were given any kind of notice from, which suggests the cancellation came from Commission Junction. Based on the nature of the products sells, we’re guessing Commission Junction takes issue with firearms and firearms part dealers.

But what is even more troubling here is the fact that does not actually sell the bulk of the product promoted through its pages. The site appears to be a simple transaction brokerage point for private sellers to private buyers, a 100% legal transaction that should in no way be frowned upon.

Other modern online “middle man” companies are acting out against the 2nd Amendment in this manner as well. We recently reported that Groupon bailed on the 2nd Amendment, pulling a similar maneuver and blocking related legal transactions. In many cases we see major players such as Bank of America and Dick’s Sporting Goods also creating barriers for law-abiding citizens looking to practice their 2nd Amendment rights in the free-marketplace.

Commission Junction is, without question, a top 5 affiliate program company globally. If Commission Junction is actually standing in the way of 2nd Amendment Rights, I expect others will soon follow the same Path. It’s time for law-abiding citizens who enjoy freedom and the right to self-defense to be thinking about their spending habits. Companies that act in opposition of our rights deserve no part of the fruit of our labor.

We’ll update this as soon as we hear back from either company.

  • TL

    FYI, I just received an email a few minutes ago from CommissionJunction stating that GunBroker has been reactivated.

  • TL

    Also, I have to mention- Brownells, Cabelas, and others operate on the CJ platform. I wonder if they were effected at all, or if GunBroker specifically requested that they be deactivated due to the inflation in gun sales, and prices keeping their profits high, and not really NEEDING affiliate traffic due to the tragedy.


    It’s time for the “silent majority” the RIGHT WING AMERICAN’S to stand up and protest and show the whole world that we’ve been walked on long enough. Our tax money is giving to terrorist anround the world, we work to support illegal aliens in our country, we support millions of people that absolutely refuse to work and have been taught that it’s their “right” to be given a free ride all they have to do is get loud and become obnoxious.

    Now on top of being the paycheck of the world they want to disarm us, put RFID chips into our body, force us to buy insurance that they don’t have to buy. We all need to start calling, writing and emailing the companies that need our business (money) and tell them that WE are their customers not the liberals that DO NOT buy from them but only contact them to complain about doing business with the people (us) that actually keep them in business.

  • ltdinvestments

    They were deactivated again on 4/9/2013 and remain so as of today 6/13/2013……