CRACKDOWN: Missouri Dairy Raided By State Milk Board, Property Confiscated

CRACKDOWN: Missouri Dairy Raided By State Milk Board, Property Confiscated

Gailon wrote about raw milk today on the HealthWIRE. This is in conjunction with that post.

My initial reaction to this was, “Wait, we have a “Milk Board” in Missouri?”

Following that, I sat in stunned silence as I considered the idea of a state that feels it necessary to police the consumption of milk and cheese.

How do we consider ourselves free men if we cannot choose even the milk we drink?

Do I not have the right to raw milk?

Do I not have the right to eat cheese made with raw milk?

Do I not have the right to seek compensation if I’m harmed from this dairy’s products?

This is tyranny. Plain and simple.

A family farm, that hasn’t had a complaint in 30 years of operation, has 36 tons of property seized by some totalitarian moral busybodies sitting in an office in Jefferson City.

What has happened to our country?

Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

  • Kim Sprinkle

    “How do we consider ourselves free men if we cannot choose even the milk we drink?”
    This is tryanny, plain & simple.

  • Kenneth Edwards

    For there to be due process of law, there must be an appellate process. These people were denied their 14th Amendment right to due process and their right against unreasonable search and seizure. But the greatest crime is against the consumers who are losing the freedom to choose healthy products because of government interference that only serves to harm small businesses and establish unfair advantages for the big businesses. Notice that the Ag bill that was rushed through kept the subsidies for big ag, while trimming all assistance to the small farms. This is part of a larger plan to control the population. He who controls the food, controls the people. Anyone with more than a 7 day food supply in their home is considered a potential terror suspect. They want all of the people to be dependent on the government to feed them. When everyone is completely dependent, that’s when they will poison the food supplies to eliminate as much population as possible. Their goal of massive population reduction globally is written in stone. See the Georgia Guidestones. This is an attack on the people perpetrated on behalf of the super rich globalists who are enemies of the entire world as well as the U.S. Anyone who assists them is committing treason.

    • tammytnt

      Kenneth, they r called the Bildeberg Society. Obama, Clinton Kisssinger Soros, both Bushes, Carter, the ceo of GE, fb google, Kerry, many Democrates and Republicans, the Fed, the World Bank and many rich powerful people thru out the World. Kissinger explained basically what you said in an interview he gave on TV about 4 years ago. Scarey and yes you are right

    • anna

      Chlorine and fluoride are already in too many water, comercially sold soft drinks and processed foods to completely avoid them although either one could kill you. Fluoride is more likely to be lethal, though because it accumulates in your body over the years and is difficult to flush out of your system. Mental and medical issues have been linked to high levels of fluoride consumption. Autism is rapidly increasing among American children, especially where there is no easy alternative to fluoridated city water. Dementia, arrhythmia, cardiac arrest and mental illness have multiplied in recent years. Children of primary school age have died from fluoride overdose after swallowing mouthwash or toothpaste with a fluoride content too low to be considered lethal; fluoride had built up in their livers, brains and other organs simply by living in a city with fluoridated water and eating a typically processed American diet. Chlorine runs its course a lot faster than fluoride, but still does damage along the way making you more susceptable to physical ailments such as digestive issues and virual infections.
      By looking at the statistical data on health and lifestyle, you can easily see that despite the health craze our nation is still getting sicker because of widespread contamination of foods and drinks, and an excessive emphasis on using medications for fixing every little problem. Even a low fat diet has been proven to be unhealthy because we need enough fat in our food to absorb certain mandatory nutrients that don’t dissolve in water. Low sodium diets can lead to health problems, too. We’re already being poisoned, intentional or not.

  • Will Hitit

    The Members noted below are the current, active members of the Milk Board, even though their initial terms might have expired:

    Dr. Linda Hickam
    Agriculture Representative
    Jefferson City

    Mr. Erwin Gadd(R)
    Consumer Representative
    Jefferson City
    Term begins: Feb 15, 2007
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2010

    Mr. Gregory Helbig(R)
    Dairy Processor Representative
    Term begins: Mar 9, 2010
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2013

    Pat Shannon
    Health Dept. Representative
    Jefferson City

    Mr. Bernard R. Malone(D)
    Kansas City Health Dept. Rep.
    Kansas City
    Term begins: Jun 7, 2007
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2010

    Mr. Randy Mooney(R)
    Milk Producer, member of organi. 1
    Term begins: Nov 2, 2007
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2011

    Mr. William Siebenborn(D)
    Milk Producer, member of organi. 2
    Term begins: Jan 14, 2005
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2009

    Mr. Robert Cary(D)
    Milk Producer, member of organi. 3
    Term begins: Feb 19, 2007
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2010

    Mr. Alfred J. Brandt(R)
    Milk Producer, member of organi. 4
    Term begins: Jul 28, 2009
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2010

    Mrs. Karen M. Prescott(D)
    Springfield Health Dept. Rep.
    Term begins: Oct 9, 2007
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2011

    Ms. Patricia Mahoney(D)
    St. Louis City Health Represent
    St. Louis
    Term begins: Feb 6, 2007
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2010

    Mr. Thomas Owen(R)
    St. Louis County Health Repres.
    Term begins: Mar 9, 2010
    Term expires: Sep 28, 2013

  • Martha Lee Vincent

    One word, obama, is what happened to our country.

    • Dean Myrick

      I am not an Obama supporter. But I will say that the movement towards Statism and away from Individualism began before Obama was born. I will say it has been stepped up quite a bit in the last 20 years or so by Republicans and Democrats alike.

  • Charles Harris

    It is time for the people to speak instead of sitting on their arses.

  • Lon Gibson

    ” ‘I’m just doing my job’ is the excuse of the weak-minded. It is a desperate attempt to shift responsibility for one’s actions to someone else and therefore take on the actions of a mindless, immoral automaton who is incapable of independent thought. Throughout history, countless atrocities and war crimes have been conducted under the excuse of “I’m just doing my job.” To hear it now cited in the United States of America is a worrisome red flag that we are headed into an era where rational thought is being overrun by fear mongering idiots.” ~ Mike Adams

    • Dean Myrick

      I bet many of the Nazi concentration camp guards were “just doing their jobs”.

  • Laura Kaufeler- Pacheco

    What has happened to our country?

  • Pam Johnson

    The government is too big. This what we get for voting Obama back in, he lied and you all believe him, welcome to a third world country, us USA.