Cabela’s Pulls Out of Gun Show, For All The Right Reasons

Cabela’s Pulls Out of Gun Show, For All The Right Reasons


While Dick’s Sporting Goods is busy hiding all the scary black guns they used to sell, and Wal-Mart runs out of ammo, Cabela’s stands there with arms wide open, ready to embrace all the gun owners in a big, manly bear hug.

They get it, it seems, because when Reed Exhibitions decided to ban the display and exhibition of “assault rifles” and high capacity magazines, Cabela’s told them what they could do with their so-called gun show:

Due to recent changes made by Reed Exhibitions regarding the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, Cabela’s will no longer sponsor this year’s event. After careful consideration regarding Cabela’s business practices, and the feelings of our customers, Cabela’s will, unfortunately, not have a presence at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.

Basically, Cabela’s doesn’t want any part of this war on the Second Amendment.

And the response has been positive.  The announcement on their Facebook page has over 2,800 shares, over 2,800 Likes and over 11,000 comments, mainly like these:

Good on you, Cabela’s.  You just made a customer for life.

I’m guessing more than one.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Thank you, Cabela’s, for taking a stand to support out 2nd Amendment right.

  • Bev Sarten

    Support you 100%!

  • Larry Goodman

    Thank You..

  • Joseph S Michalek

    Guess where I’ll be purchasing my firearms and ammunition from now on??? (Comes BEFORE “Dick’s” in the alphabet) ;-)

  • Pat

    Thanks calebas for your support and gun owners will support your store more than ever.

  • Tony V.

    Thank you, Cabela’s, for taking a stand to support out 2nd Amendment right. You’ve gained another customer for life – I (we) Support you!!!!

  • SFerggie

    That is why I am proud to say I am a Cabela’s customer!

  • Michael Alan Bridges

    Bravo zulu to the management of Cabela’s I hope to do more shopping there in the future…

  • Ricky Sanchez

    I love that Cabela’s has a pair and stands with the people, not the corporations. Customer for life!

  • Paul Goodell

    Good to hear and thank you. Now figure out a way to get more American made stuff in your store and I’ll be ecstatic.

  • Donald Smith

    Humorously. Dick’s is a PA company, while Cabela’s isn’t.

  • Paul Titus

    This: As a hunting-focused event, we welcome exhibitors who wish to showcase products and firearms that serve the traditional needs of the sport. Clearly, we strongly support the 2nd Amendment. However, this year we have made the decision not to include certain products that in the current climate may attract negative attention that would distract from the strong focus on hunting and fishing at this family-oriented event and possibly disrupt the broader positive experience of our guests.

    ESS is proud to participate in the preservation and promotion of the rich hunting and fishing tradition passed from generation to generation by American families.

    • roswell7

      Bull s… ———–

    • sandhiller51

      Those “certain products” are used for hunting more and more all the time! WE CANNOT, AS LAWABIDING GUN OWNERS, EVEN ALLOW A FOOT IN THE DOOR!

  • Daniel Dorsey

    customer for life,we support you

  • The Old Man

    It’s a shame when a sports show that is the biggest in the country has to be boycotted due to the rediculous B.S. from the left
    There are many other smaller shows and I am sure they will be packed when opened.
    However, I am glad to see that Cabela’s will boycott in support of the 2nd amendment.

  • Phil McConathy

    I know where I will be buying my ammo from now on! Thanks Cabela’s for taking the right stance.

  • Richard Radzik

    I respect your company from my entire being. The best way to deal with flakes, spineless companies, etc. is to vote with your feet. I am proud of you!

  • keepersleeper

    I’m about to become a first-time gun owner and I certainly support the 2nd Amendment! Cabela’s got it RIGHT! Good for them!

  • Ben Britton

    Been watching about 10 companies that I follow on FB and all of them have pulled out of this show. Makes it easier to figure out which businesses I will be spending my money with.

  • Perry Shaw

    Thank you for making a stand for all the gun owners.

  • tyedyed69

    I have a Dick’s Sporting Goods 3 miles away from my house. I will no longer shop there for the rest of my life and am proud to tell everybody I know why. I will drive the 94 miles to go to the closest Cabela’s to buy the things I need. I already bought 2 rifle cases and some muzzleloader supplies on my most recent trip.

    This is not about money but supporting The Constitution Of The United States Of America and the rights of the people. I purposely gave up my freedom for over 20 years supporting our country and will not just see it handed away now. Companies like Cabela’s understand this and will get my support.