Bloomberg Security Team Harasses Journalist After He Questions Mayor On Gun Control

    You go Jason. They see us as “the little people” not important. Tell the truth, the corruption and hypocrisy is deafening. We need to stand up now before its too late.

    • Tom Elder

      It may already be too late. The brain-dead ‘sheeple’ are asleep or distracted with football, Snookie or Michelle’s new ‘bangs’. The Obama led, ‘progressive’ machine knows no limits other than the ones placed on then by the remaining sliver that are willing to stand up, speak out, and be heard. The liberal elite will not be deterred by mere public speeches. It takes votes and power in the government to slow this disaster headed directly for us. Work. Support. Contribute. If you think that’s hard, just wait until the alternate reality they have pointed at us arrives.

  • 1389AD
  • Lawana Harris

    Bloombergs’ thugs!