NEW TONE: Conservative Reporter Steven Crowder Is Beaten And Assaulted By Union Goon

It’s one thing to disagree and state your positions. It’s a whole new level to start throwing full throttled blows at those who have a different opinion.

Welcome to Obama’s America. Remember, just yesterday Obama was joining up with these goons in opposition of the majority of Michigan residents (a majority supported right-to-work legislation). These thugs are on his team.

Source: Steven Crowder

  • Bob Knows

    Democratic member of the Michigan House Douglas Geiss threatened that if his fellow legislators passed a new right to work law, “there will be blood”. Yep! The union goons have started already.

  • Sean MacDonald

    exactly what Obama wants …

  • Michael Golubiewski

    expect more of this as things get worse and more state/city/local governments crash under pensions and benefits that are unsustainable … a Civil War is coming …

  • Ross Murphy

    Really a great group of “Stellar Pillars of the Community” represented here. All union members should really stand proud of their representation.

  • Allan Pitzin

    RIP Eddie York !

  • Paula Peterson

    Time to reign in unions.

  • Michael Biggs

    The POS probably goes home, beats his old lady and molestes his daughter!

  • Ellie Gaines

    And the union thugs don’t like being called “thugs”… really???

  • Bryan Jensen

    Too bad he didn’t pulll that shit on me he’d have his windpipe crushed and his head smashed.

  • Gary Dover

    yea obama went there to fire the people up,,the day before,, did ya notice acorn comin out!! What a shame!!

  • Rich Kolasa

    Too bad he didn’t beat the crap out of that fat piece of shit.

  • Ed Carp

    How much you want to bet that they won’t even be arrested, let alone prosecuted?

  • Sue Quam

    Same crap we had happen here in WI. Hang in there Michigan…it will get better!

  • Lyn James Kaddatz

    This is despicable. Not only did they attack the reporter, it sounded like the threatened to kill him.

  • Danny Foreman

    I like unions but their time is going down…they used to support their against them …it appears..

  • Rick Ott

    Hopefully, he will be prosecuted for assault.

  • Paul Pettit

    Unions suck

  • Jeff K Stone

    Irresponsible to say this one individual was part of “Obama’s team”. He is just a dumb thug like you could find anywhere or of any party affiliation.

  • Burt Downing

    Right to Work passed today Go home and cry to someone who cares! Union Thugery!

  • Charles Henderson

    This administration and supporters LAUGH!

  • Laura Rogowski Lackner

    Terrible. We need to return to Biblical values. If a man is only an animal, then this is the behavior that we can expect. Ugh. If God is the author of life, then life is sacred and is treated as such. Praying for our country.

  • Wally Cox

    Desperate people do desperate things.

  • Patricia Frame Ferrebee

    Obama fired them up with his radical speech yesterday…just like he did his comment on “If I had a son he would look like Travon” This POS in the White House is NOT a President…he is NOTHING more than a community organizer for the Communist Socialsit Democratic Party who OWES the UNIONS !!

  • Lisa Medendorp

    Welcome to the New Obama created America.

  • Bonnie Tilden

    It seems that all the Liberal Democrats know anymore is violence, racial slurs, fraud and all the rest, you name it. the unions have always practiced violence and threats to their members to do as they want. Shame on them all. If they had acted as adults being responsible and equal to their members and all others, legislation like this would not be necessary, but they don’t, so thanks to the voters, everyone’s rights are protected.

  • Burt Downing

    Michigan made us proud today “Right to Work state” American Freedom at work!

  • Rod Castro

    Wow this is the new world order under this Administration! Well I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for him

  • Ruth Miller

    Liberal Civility on display

  • Apple Gaffney

    Vote with your dollars avoid the union label.

  • John Aventi

    Criminal thug bastards!!

  • John Stauffer

    Typical union thug, showing again their true colors. These are types that do Obama dirty work. They ARE a huge part of Obummers team. He should be thrown in jail and fired, but he won’t, because he’s union…

  • Bob Hunt

    They’ve always been thugs. It’s just a matter of your perspective. Once the Mafia had issues with protection monies collection, they got smart and leveraged unions and invented insurance companies. Sad state. Something for nothing…

  • Kim Urick Shourds

    Yet republicans are hateful, smh!

  • Mel Moffitt

    … and noone believes there was probably any voter fraud in the past election… prove it!

  • Don Crouch Sr.

    I can’t wait until ALL states have Right to Work Laws, all unions do is support the libtard democRAT agenda.

  • Scott Falcon

    Texas has been a right to work state for some time. It hasn’t stopped me from prospering. These lazy fat POS union thugs just don’t want to have to put in a real, full days work. They’ve been skating by with union protection. No better than the mob.

  • Christine Murphy

    I hope he sues the union thug and their leader, Trumka

  • Jill Sauls Gabbert

    Glad they got this legislation passed!Go MI!! Take the power away from the unions!!

  • Billie F Smith

    are they at least in jail?

  • Greg Miller

    So, Kim Urick Shourds, exactly what is more hateful than what was shown in that video. Those men should be in jail for assault and battery. And their unions should be disbanded. That behavior is criminal.

  • Stephanie Tippens

    Don’t worry, Obbie will save you union goons.

  • Sherry Kirk Grabowske Maher

    Sue their as*es.

  • Jason Zeidler

    fellow conservatives, peacful protests do not work. we got it passed but how long before obama or a lib judge throws it out? we cannot be peacful and win. the cops dont do shit to protect us and everything to protect uunion thugs. fuck them they are becomming the enemy. take off the tricorn hat and grab a rifle!

  • Renee Schoenmann

    Yeah, Obummer had to go Michigan yesterday to stir the pot!!!! He is worried that the unions are losing strength & won’t possibly put the DEM running for president in 2016 over the top!! He needs to keep his nose out of things that don’t concern him!!!! I think the unions are way too strong & need to be put in their place!!! I hope every state enacts a right to work law!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phillip Messinger

    Kim, Democrats love to quote sarcasm out of context. “Kim Urick Shourds commented in defense of Unions, “republicans are hateful”.

  • Mary Dwyer

    Arrests I hope….

  • Patricia Harkins

    Let’s just start at the top.

  • Ram Munoz

    The unions suck!

  • Scarlett VH

    No thuggery there…..

  • Jake Beckham

    I hope he files assault charges.

  • John Stauffer

    Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas. Obama=unions and their thugs.

  • Sue Hudson

    They all need to be thrown under the jail! And obama bin laden is encouraging this behavior instead of condemning it!

  • Marie Ciliberti

    Sue the SOB’s. You have the thugs on tape. Sue them for a million $$$.

  • John Robert

    Isn’t that assult?

  • Deborah M. Coombs


  • Tom Leonard

    I hope the goon got arrested!!

  • Jerry Horn

    friggin’ union scum !!

  • Jan Lechner

    Well…I’m non-union but I myself will even thank a union man for beating a reporter, cause I don’t like reporters either !

  • Kathy Prater

    Of course. Bullies all

  • Joel Cohen

    Steve should’ve taken a crowbar to that ASSHOLE’S skull.

  • James W. Eilert

    The assault charges should be filed along with an incitement to riot / violence charge against community-organizer-in-chief, President 0.

  • Bear Driver

    Reporters are supposed to be unbiased,