“I Disagree Mightily With You” (More On The Root Cause Of Our Cultural Crisis)

“I Disagree Mightily With You” (More On The Root Cause Of Our Cultural Crisis)

disagreeI want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts and comments on my reflections on the Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy. Many agreed with my thesis that the breakdown of the family is the prime cause of the cultural chaos we see so prevalent around us. Some thought I was partly right. And a few thought I was actually far off base.

+ + “I Disagree Mightily With You”

“Gonna have to disagree mightily with you here,” wrote Carl. “The disintegration of the nuclear family unit is a symptom, not the cause.”

Linda echoed Carl’s concerns: “I think ‘strong families’ are good things, but to have that as a primary goal misses the root cause of our national dysfunction and brokenness.”

So, what do Carl and Linda (and a few others who responded) think is the primary cause of our dysfunction and brokenness?

In Carl’s words…
“In our current society, we have abolished God from everywhere except the church itself. Without His hand over every part of our lives, how can it possibly be a surprise that these things not only happen, but spread like wildfire?”

From Linda…
“I think the big problem is that as a nation, we have gotten away from God, Christianity, and the personal accountability that goes with it.”

One of the leaders in my church, Frank, almost restated the views of Carl and Linda:
“…We miss the glaring Pink Elephant in the living room, that the majority of our main stream media and political leaders refuse to see or address. WE HAVE REMOVED AND UNINVITED THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT, GOD’S WORD AND BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES from our schools and our culture!” (emphasis in original)

So, who is right?

Am I correct that the destruction of the husband-wife family unit is the prime cause of our moral chaos? Or are Carl, Linda and Frank correct in saying that we’ve stripped God from our public lives and therefore moral chaos ensues?

+ + The correct answer is…

Carl and Linda and Frank make a very vital point, but their conclusion begs an important question. Allow me to explain.

The secularization of our society — what Richard John Neuhaus called the “Naked Public Square” — has had profound ramifications on our lives.

President Obama’s response to the Newtown tragedy clearly exposes that the emperor (meaning, our society in general and just just the president) has no clothes. We saw our president openly quoting scripture and appropriately attempting to put this tragedy in some eternal context. Yet this same president led a party that stripped every reference to “God” from its 2012 platform (before putting back one reference after some public outcry).

This stripping of a basic God-awareness can be felt in our schools, in our businesses, at almost any public event and certainly on television. In fact, the purge is so complete that we are startled when we hear God mentioned. We celebrate a public school holiday program that features sacred songs. We make special note of a TV show that appropriately mentions God.

So yes, I agree with Carl and Linda and Frank — the stripping of a fundamental awareness and acknowledgement of God in society has had a profound impact on our lives.

+ + How Do We Restore God-Awareness?

But here’s the question that begs to be answered…

How do we restore a basic God-awareness to our lives, our communities, and our nation?

And is restoring a God-awareness in society fundamentally the responsibility of the government? Or our schools? Or our businesses? Or our churches?

Here’s where I circle back to my original thesis of the destruction of the family.

I would argue that the family unit is by divine design and practical reality the primary means by which a God-awareness is established in any society. The family is the prime means for communicating and passing on the fundamental values and beliefs held by a society.

Faith flows through families, and families form the foundation of personal and community prosperity. As the prophet Jeremiah instructed the Jewish exiles:
“Take wives and become the fathers of sons and daughters, and take wives for your sons and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters; and multiply there and do not decrease” (Jeremiah 29:6, NASB).

Building families is of fundamental importance, especially during tough times. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to order your two copies of “Thriving In Exile,” my new resource that shares the principles of building, planting, blessing and praying in these tough times.

+ + It’s Almost Politically Incorrect To Say It…

My children attend a Christian school. But don’t be mistaken — it is the responsibility of my wife and me to transmit our values and beliefs to our children, not the school.

I would add that our churches are powerless to restore a basic God-awareness in our communities without countering the tsunami wave of family destruction.

Yes, it is time to end the antagonism toward faith that is now so prevalent in the public square. It is outrageous that a teacher in a public school should have any concern for his or her job for praying in class or reading the Bible. This is nonsensical and a violation of fundamental rights. We do not surrender our religious liberties once we step into a public space, and there is no constitutional mandate for a secular state.

But we need to move this discussion beyond the general call to “put God back in our schools” and ask ourselves how this God-awareness can be restored in our society.

It will not happen primarily by legislation (nor should it). It will not happen primarily by an awareness campaign (although those do help).

It will happen primarily in families. A basic God-awareness in our society will happen in and through families.

I know it’s almost politically incorrect to say it, but we must restore the family. We must make it our number-one national and community goal to build and support strong, two-parent families. With no apologies.

Steve Elliott

P.S. Once again, I would greatly appreciate your feedback and comments.

  • Crystal Warr

    I agree with the individuals that said the removal of God from our society is the problem. My issue with the article was the reference to the child that committed the murder of these children. As a society we are so anxious to give opinions about an individual without knowing the facts. So many tweets saying we should get rid of the mentally challenged and their evil. I have a child with Autism. I do not know Autism. I know every aspect of my non-verbal child but each case of autism is different. When people say it was obvious he could kill because of his social awkwardness it amazes me. This child at 20 with high functioning autism didn’t have the capability to be socially excepted or perhaps the desire. He deserves our pity as well as his mother and the children that were lost. One size doesn’t fit all. I would only ask that you be considerate of all parties. We as a society should not want a repeat of the crimes against humanity like what we have seen in Germany. Thanks!

    • James D. Etrhdige

      Well, Carl and Linda are right!! But communication starts at home. I failed to mention that as my family gathered at meal time we always thanked “GOD” above for all the blessing we receive. If we, as parents don’t teach our kids–some body will and if you want them with good morals spiritually and socially, then It starts at home,getting to know them and socialize with them. Take them to church when they are young and instill in them values you want them to have as they grow older.

    • http://Yahoo.com Julia

      Man, I am with you! When the bells rang for a moment of silence, they left out the autistic young man’s mother. There was a brother that lost his mother and autistic brother. Aren’t we suppose to love all people? That is what God wants us to do. Who are we to judge others. Only God is the almighty Judge. Yes, it is so devestating for all that lost a child, sister, mother at the school. So tragic at one place. But the killer’s mother should not be forgotten. She only did what she thought was best for her son. Where was society when they needed help before the tradegy happened? Surely somebody could have been there to help them and pray for them. Remind them of God’s wishes. Maybe the tradegy would not have happened. Young people and older people should never poke fun or snub their noses at those that are different. We should try to make a connection with those people. They have to be shown love in order to love. My heart and prayers go out to all those who lost a loved one, especially a child. I have lost a child. We all have to bury our dead. Our families do it and if a family does not have enough money to do it, then our own communities and churches help. That is witnessing for God. God be with all those people that are hurting along with the brother who lost his mother and autistic brother. As far as gun control, I disagree with putting tougher controls on them. The criminals and mentally ill people will be able to get their hands on a weapon regardless of the laws. They can steal them from those who have them legally. There is a day coming, for sure that we will have to guard our property and families from the goverment or terrorist. I would hate to think I would not have a weapon to protect my family when the need is there. Mark my word, it will happen. Only God can put a stop to all of this and we better make sure we put our lives and faith in Him. President Obama is not our God! as he is doing his best to do. That he wants to become our dictator. He wants followers. Can’t people see this? He sure uses tradegy to get what he wants don’t he? To distract Congress from the Fiscal Cliff to Gun Control. He sure likes to play the game. Have it his way. Stop Spending! Stop giving money to researchers such as the stupid germs and genes laboratories are doing. There will be a distraught person that works in one of these labs that will let the stuff leak out and we will have all kinds of deathly epidemics. Stop putting our tax money in these stupid researches!!!! This is just to mention one in many spending accounts the goverment has been supporting. I want some type of protection for me and mine when that happens. Gun or whatever I an get my hands on. I have sense enough to use a weapon only for protection. But that is not to say somebody would not break into my house and steal something. Merry CHRISTMAS everybody.

  • Dennis Mott

    Believe me, my heart goes out to the victims and their families, BUT—

    1) Prayer and ANY MENTION of GOD is removed from all public places – no reminders of His law that we are to remember at all times.

    2) For over 30 years (personal experience with my children), schools have systematically degraded parents influence in their children, and forced them to “think for themselves”, using philosophies that dull the effect of right living (You’ve been taught by your parents that it’s wrong to steal, but what if you are starving and someone has an abundance? Is it wrong to steal to survive?……. Or the ever popular: There is a life boat that can hold only 8 people. There are 9 who need it. A Black man, a Hispanic, a cripple, etc. . You are not allowed to remove yourself from the boat. Who would you shove off, and why?

    3) Parents for the most part feel that their child can do no wrong – that they are a victim of life. No responsibility. How many times have you heard about a guy that takes a gun and kills several people and himself, and the parent ALWAYS SAYS “He was a good boy” ?

    I believe that these school shootings are the end result of all of the above – If you remove the Law of God, Twist proper thinking, and do not punish wrong behavior – they are reaping what they have sown!

    Yet with all of this, it’s a surprise??? Lord Come Quickly!

    • http://yahoo.com Janie

      Dennis is right on here. Yes, indeed, first and foremost we’ve taken and allowed to be taken out of just about everything anything to do with God. Yes, the family structure has been desecrated beyond recognition and that is EXACTLY where teaching should begin. And the family unit is ultimately responsible for what an individual’s belief system becomes. However, like someone mentioned what is being taught in our schools has totally corrupted the minds of so many of our youth. As in Florida, the Cuban population who escaped from Castro’s Cuba, suffered under that leadership, emigrated to America, became citizens, hopefully shared with their children the horrors of that type of government, and who are the most conservative of citizens have a majority of young adults who have believed the propaganda and actually voted for this abominable president, his administration, his policies… socialism, fascism, communism… one begets another. So, what IS the root problem? How do we restore the family unit to where God – or even morality of any kind – is the predominant theme in building a family. Funny, but only God can bring about restoration. IIChronicles 7:14 “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Often quoted and referred to these days but look at verse 13: “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or commnad locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people,…” Texas is not the only state experiencing an ongoing severe drought in addition to other states experiencing different disasters of nature; e.g., New Jersey and Sandy. I truly believe God has taken His hand from America – not entirely but somewhat – do we REALLY want to see what it’s like if He removes His hand completely? I know what the answer is – I just don’t know how to get there. I do what I can – vote after learning all the facts I can about an issue/candidate, share my thoughts when appropriate, etc., PRAY (but not near enough I’m sorry to say), attend a biblically sound church, contact my elected reps, etc. AMEN to “even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly”.

    • http://Yahoo.com Julia

      I AGREE!

  • Gere Stokoe

    All said about Obama covers the Democratic Party; but what about the Republican Party LIP SERVICE to God and his followers? 45 years of studying this betrayal follows:
    I wrote this paper in August 1992. Twenty years, and six presidential elections later; Americans were set-up again for another repeat. (2012 clarifications and updates are in RED, italics and/or brackets)
    Party politics: “The Fix” is in (1992)
    The majority of Americans are disgusted with our government “representatives”, and what is happening in America. The frustration is spreading, and yet, Americans are again falling for “The Fix”. It is obvious something has to change; but what? To solve any problem, “the root cause” must be discovered, understood, exposed, and eliminated. In the realm of politics; exposing “the root cause” of America’s decline on any significant scale, has been unattainable. Almost all major media is directed and controlled by “the root cause” which sets “The Fix”.
    Decade after decade, and election after election; too many voters fall for “The Fix”. They either don’t vote out of disgust; or they vote for “the lesser of two evils”. This syndrome has put America where it is today, and evil continues to prosper. Give thought to “The Fix”. The Democratic Party promotes a variety of liberals (socialists), and the Republican Party promotes a variety of “conservatives” (covert global socialists? – Bush and his “New World Order” is one example). Under both parties, our Constitutional Republic (not democracy), is being decimated. The Constitution and the principles that made our country the most prosperous, and the envy of the world, is being replaced with a semi-covert agenda for global socialism. Few Americans understand the purpose of the globalist agenda; but most politicians believe in it, or have sold out to it. That is why their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution have been meaningless to most of them.
    “The Root Cause” of our country’s decline; is the privately owned Federal Reserve System (banks), and their control of our money and economy. The perpetrators are the internationalist bankers, whose policy it is, to create a global socialist “New World Order”. With their vast wealth, media control (ownership), control of (“public”) education, and control of the party apparatus; they are able to ensure that both parties will nominate candidates that will carry out their agenda. With this control, the people fall for “The Fix”; out of disgust they either don’t vote, or they feel compelled to vote for “the lesser of two evils” – banker agent “A” or “B”. The voters are told, “no one else can win”, (now the scam is to convince the voters “who is the most electable against Obama”. It will be someone the Bankers know they can control to ensure their agenda is carried out.) That agenda is a One World totalitarian socialist dictatorship, administered by their front men. I will as concisely as possible back this statement up with their own writings, and try to stir the readers to give this letter thought and thus, renounce the NWO agenda.
    Both parties executive cabinets (national security advisors) are filled with members of “the Council on Foreign Relations” (CFR) and “the Trilateral Commission” (TC)). John D. Rockefeller formed the (CFR) in early 1920’s, and David Rockefeller formed the TC in 1973. David Rockefeller’s chief foreign policy advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, put the organization together for his boss. Jimmy Carter was made a TC founding member. After Carter was elected president, he filled his cabinet with CFR/TC members, with Zbigniew Brzezinski as his chief foreign policy “advisor”. Reagan’s cabinet began with fewer (CFR) members, but many non (CFR) members were drummed out of office. (with the help of the liberal MSM). When Reagan finished office, most were again CFR/TC members. Bush senior is a Trilateralist and 9 of 11 of his national security council are (CFR) members. Bill Clinton is a CFR/TC member, and attended the Bilderberg meeting last year. P. Volker, A. Greenspan, H. Kissinger, Robert Strange McNamara are but a few of the high officials that belong to the CFR, TC, and the Bilderberg Group.
    To show where these people and organizations are coming from I quote: TC report #23, 1982 – “… actions at the multinational level will be needed if the process of international relocation of industries is to be accelerated in an organized fashion …” (a policy to deindustrialize America) Now; please really reflect on what has happened under both parties CFR/TC administrations and Congresses.
    Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his book “between two ages” p. 72 (1970) – “Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external active man over the inner passive man, and a victory of reason over belief.” This man, a Democrat and Henry Kissinger, a Republican, both employed by David Rockefeller, both CFR/TC /Bilderberger members. Both one world globalists (pro Marxists, per their own writings). Think about it! Can you see how “The Fix” is ensuring a one world dictatorship, to be ruled by these parasitic elitists?
    In “Foreign Affairs ”(a CFR publication), April 1974, Richard Gardener, Ambassador to Italy, writes “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal attack.” ******* BELOW ARE A FEW QUOTED WARNINGS ON BANKING *******
    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.” President James Garfield (assassinated)
    “If Congress has the right to issue paper money, it was given to them to be used by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” President Andrew Jackson (he revoked the U. S. Banking Charter in 1832. (A double misfire at point blank range of an attempted assassination saved his life.)
    The Federal Reserve (privately owned banks) is one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.” Senator Louis T. McFadden, 1934 (chairman of the U. S. Banking and Currency Commission for over 10 years) (probably assassinated; there were several attempts on his life before his mysterious death )
    “The people can and will be furnished with a currency as safe as their own government. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the money power.” President Abraham Lincoln (assassinated)
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.” President Thomas Jefferson
    “All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America arise, not from defects in the Constitution or confederation, not from a lack of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.” President John Adams
    This ignorance still exists by design. (A magnificent cover up, (made possible by both political parties, the LSM, and “public education”). Nothing has changed except the sophistication and advancement of their one world agenda; made possible with the increased corruption, ignorance, and/or cowardice of our “leaders” (politicians). The internationalist bankers and their comrades, promote and fund any government that does their bidding; be it “democracy”, socialistic, communistic, dictatorship, or monarchy. For example: Bush (senior), just pushed for, and Congress passed extension of “most favored nation status” to Communist China. On April 2, Congress by voice vote, ratified a United Nations treaty, “covenant on civil and political rights”. This treaty limits free speech and imposes penalties against American citizens to be determined by an international body. The above forms of government promote the separation of a worker from his earnings through taxation and/or extortion. The constitution does not allow this and has been covertly circumvented. Understand that the banker’s (and politician’s) trusts and foundations are exempt from the income and inheritance taxes that they impose on American citizens. Also remember that the abolition of private property, a heavy progressive income tax, and abolition of inheritance, are the first three planks of the Communist Manifesto.
    There is not enough space to cover the Bankster’s (and politician’s)political subterfuge with the interconnections of the Bilderberg Group, CFR, TC, CIA, IRS , and tax exempt foundations. Nor their use of their world government apparatus; United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, NAFTA, WTO, GATA and etc. All used to establish and fund their NEW WORLD ORDER. (In the past six years, the taxpayers were held liable for TRILLIONS of “dollars” of the international banker’s bad debts. European banks were bailed out via the IMF. The exact numbers and too exactly who, is hidden from Congress. Another reason the Fed must be audited)
    Abraham Lincoln and many of our founding fathers warned that the only way we could be destroyed or lose our liberty would be from within. The enemy within is the international bankers, their usurious banking system, and our politicians that have sold out our nation to the Bilderberg Group’s New World Order agenda.
    This treacherous banking fraud has taken the strongest treasury and economy in the world, and turned it into a $3,300,000,000,000 ($3.3 trillion) debt, with $300 billion interest “owed” (1992 figures) (to these parasites.) Understand that the income taxes never reach the government, and are applied against the $3.3 trillion debt. (The “debt” is now $16 trillion; along with the interest on the debt. This scam must be exposed and eliminated)
    There have been several recent bills in Congress to audit and/or reform the FED RES (House bill – H. R. 1468). If both major party candidates do not address this most important issue; don’t fall for “The Fix”. Register and vote for a candidate that does. (There used to be other parties, but the Banksters money and owned LSM, including FOX, have been successful in all but eliminating all opposition to the Bilderberg agenda. Now; Ron Paul is the only candidate that is fighting against the totalitarian NWO powers. The election is being set up again, and the LSM is a partner in this set up. I can only hope enough Americans wake up to the Bilderberger’s CFR perpetual war agenda, and vote against the carnage they have created, and are promoting.)
    (Remember; this paper was written in 1992) Note: Ross Perot is a fraud. As the supposed “conservative, libertarian”, he never addressed the CFR/TC banking issue. He then bailed out of the election, and left the country entrenched in the “lesser of two evils” offered by both parties, and hence – “The Fix” is in again. (Bilderberger Bush Sr. or Bilderberger Bill Clinton. How many have noticed how palsy the two are now?)
    A question for “conservative” Rush Limbaugh listeners. Why has Rush always blocked anyone who calls in to discuss the Bilderbergers, and their CFR/TC agenda? He bragged about meeting with David Rockefeller in the early 90’s. (By keeping his fans and listeners ignorant of the Bilderberger/CFR/NWO agenda, and partnership/control of our government, Rush is performing as a Judas Goat, IMO. He has helped in leading this country to economic slaughter.) Incumbent politicians selling out our country to the International Bankster’s New World Order agenda; must either denounce the Bilderberger’s internationalist policies, or be voted out of office. (Fascism has never ever ended well. Why would it end well now?)

    • Sylvia Samuelson

      Thank you for a lot of clarification! I was aware of some of this but you connected a lot of dots and blank spaces!

      • Orison Whipple Hungerford Jr.

        Every American who loves his freedoms should not only read this article but send it to every-one on his computer–Our nation is so uninformed and braindead as to the slavery and bondage we live in our monetary system. Our nation is on a path to distruction and financial slavery and we call ourselves free–Ignorance and stupidity have a cure and it should be addressed before it takes tole on our lives and prosperity.Freedom is in the balance and we are doomed if we think our freedoms don’t have confident enemies. Jesus saw the distruction of the money-changers as their greed is the distruction of freedoms. Their stupidity is they don’t see that greed is more distructive than their victums.losses. Our nation has an enormous debt but no one tells us who is our benifactor?? I Know-

      • Orison Whipple Hungerford Jr.

        Is God an excuse for creation or a cause? People express fellings which influence their reactions to a thought. We the free people of this nation are under fire as they want to take guns away from us so we can no longer be a threat to the globalists agenda of a controlled Planet– Money-changers are at it again to take World Control from God ??

  • http://TheJimmyZShow.com The Jimmy Z Show

    For getting our country back on track, for restoring our families and everything else, it all comes down to 2 Chronicles 7:14. That’s the prescription. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

    This is written to God’s people, not to everyone. We don’t need the unchurched in this. We need ourselves. We need our families to get back to church, to read their Bibles at home with their children, to see God, to repent of sins and to seek God. Then and only then will we see a big, new, genuine change for the better in our country.

  • G. Musano

    God bless those babies. I am just sick about them.

    I used to work as an attendant for a state mental hospital, in NY, back in the 60s. Most of these places are closed now. The left (ACLU et al) said it was against those people’s constitutional rights to warehouse them just because they were ‘nuts’, so now they just run loose.
    There was a reason for such places.

    now a reason for the disgusting display on the part of the party of the left, at this time….

    You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
    — Rahm Emanuel

    this all goes back to Saul Alinsky and his ‘Rules for Radicals’. Radicals like the community organizer that somehow became _resident of the United States…

    we are a nation who voted not once but twice for a communist for POTUS. I am more disappointed in American’s who want a free ride, on the backs of those who work all their lives…

    in any case I would not be shocked if Obama tried to retain possession of the White House in 2017.

    Just my $0.02.

    I have no intention of giving up my guns….

    Molon Labe

    Glenn Musano

  • http://ww.fredvanliew.com Fred Van Liew

    I believe, after planting four churches over my 61 years, that religion has come between us and our desire for a deep personal relationship with God. I believe God has also made it quite clear that is his desire as well. If we can live in full love motivation, all the time, that relationship is established. This is rarely achieved, however, which is why Christ came, avoided taking on original sin through man’s sin by a virgin birth, and when raised from the dead took back the authority handed over to Satan by Adam in the garden. That authority Christ gave back to each of us who have asked Him into our hearts and as importantly believe God raised Him from the dead (as that is the whole point of His coming!). This re-establishes the authority of the believer, something the church, or religion, consistently tries to hold as their “turf.” It is this individual authority, hence responsibility, that is at the very heart of our Constitutional form of government. It is the individual mandate of authority, responsibility and inalienable rights. Just as we lose these spiritually when we break relationship with the Father, we lose these in our formerly free society when we fail to take personal responsibility for our action and allow society and friends to make excuses for us. Just as a child, grown up, must determine who they become by choice once the parents have done the best they can do, each of us must take actions and accept the consequences of those actions. This is what has been removed from our society, our schools, and even our churches for the most part. Separate religion from deep relationship with God and most people will immediately embrace that relationship if available, through Christ or otherwise. Unfortunately, few attain it without Christ. Fortunately Christ is there for each of us to establish that relationship through Him, overcoming our shortcomings.

  • Dana Kerns

    The two points go hand in hand. God and the family are one in the same as those successful families have God in their lives. Since just about everyone has someone in the family who has gone through divorce no one wants to criticize it. Politicians certainly won’t as they are all about getting re-elected and divorced people still vote and make huge donations to the election process. Very few of the divorced families kids go through the divorce without lifelong scars. The shootings are a huge tragedy and my heart breaks for all the parents divorced or married. However, the breakdown and acceptance of the breakdown of the family unit is the real cause for the incident. God must be put back in our lives as well as shame! There is no shame today in anything people do. There is no shame in getting pregnant out of wedlock, no shame in getting caught stealing, no shame for having sex in the White House. Shame comes about from the family units belief in God!



    PLEASE READ http://www.naturalnews.com1038353_gun_control_psychiatric_drugs_ADAM_

  • Cliff Carter

    First I do not disagree with the points that have been made about stripping GOD from our public view, I personally disagree with that. I am a believer so my views like those that are can see the importance.

    But I want to share another thought, it is why certian individuals feel it is ok to take others lifes, it is a lack of a Value system or believe, they do not value life of those they kill nor of their own as they take their own.

    For a Believer of Jesus Christ we have that value system, our believe gives us the values that teaches us those values and as we share our believe that value system gets past on to those that would also except our believes as their own. This brings comfort in wonderful times as well as the bad for believers, It helps us through areas that those that do not believe may stumble and do things demonstrating there lack of a value system.

    A friend of mine who happens to be a retired Colonel’s daughter told me something her dad had told her, it went something like this.

    Our soilders come home from their tour of duties, they have their physical scars we can see as well as those mental ones we can not see as easily, if they do not have a value or believe system, they may never be able to get beyound those scares and be all they can be.

    Another way to look at this; each of us have our own data base, a data base is the storage of information in bits and pieces that can be sorted in many different ways to draw understandings, conclusions and decisions from.
    Each of us have filled our data bases (memories) with information that we use to understand and make our decisions from. Our data maybe a bad memory when as a child we touch a hot stove and realize that is painful, so we make sure not to do that again, or a birthday that we got more love from than we thought possible, so we have happy and sad data that could be referenced as feelings in our decision process. Then we may have just informational data points like becareful to which store to shop at due to cost, customer service variables which would be referenced as informational data.
    Key being is each of us has different pieces of data we are making decisions from.

    If a persons data does not give them any sense of value, or any sense of positive value than they may not have any hope or very little and if something happens to them they do not know how to handle, as we know people handle things differently and we end up with someone taking others lifes.
    Now there are those that do not believe in Jesus Christ but that is not to say they do not have a believe or some value system, The question is, is it a positive value system or a negative? There are those folks that each of us know that can never or very seldom say anything positive about anything.
    I would assume we all know people like this, but at the same point we do not see them committing crimes againts others or at least killing folks.
    There are many different ways each of us can look at this, but I think it gets to a personnel value system, than what influences that in EACH of our lives.

  • John Kleinschmidt

    I believe this is more complex than one issue. Yes it is a God thing but previval begins with us indevidualy. Also mental health issues need to be dealt with. Family is very important also. We as a nation need God’s revival to heal our land! !!

    • Linda

      I, agree that God has been taken out of so many things, and the Devil has started takeing over. The metal health should be looked into more.
      Thank you

  • Carol G

    I’m sorry. I have to disagree on this. I am a christian mother who brought my children up on strict moral values. They don’t swear, they don’t smoke, drink and they generally stay out of trouble. However, I don’t think you can expect that out of people who haven’t had the chance to get to know God yet. I don’t think you can blame them. When someone has knocked on their door and they have missed many opportunities to serve God, then I think they are to blame for not raising their children in a God fearing household but from the beginning of time we have had a mix of people in society. The one thing that helped the children in society that didn’t know God was having God in school. Having prayer in school. Giving christian children the liberty to talk about God. We saw a decline in our children and our society as a whole when prayer was taken out of school.

    • Walt

      Carol, in general, I agree with you. Where I disagree is that we shouldn’t expect those who have not yet had a chance to know God to know right from wrong. The word of God clearly states that He has placed an awareness of Him in everyone’s heart. They can then move toward that awareness or reject it. I grew up 2 blocks from Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the woman who began with suing the schools to have God and prayer removed from the schools. I remember so clearly the hundreds of people picketing her home and demanding that God and prayer not be removed. I wasn’t a Christian then, but in my heart I knew that eliminating God, the reading of the Bible and prayer would be a devastating thing. Well, we all know what happened. She won and the beginning of a Godless society began. Now we have multitudes of people and the ACLU picketing and demanding that God be not mentioned in school, in a public place etc. etc. So now our society has returned to a baseness that we have never known. When I saw the Democratic National Convention and the shouts to not have God in the platform, and then see that Obama and the Dems won anyway, I knew that we were really entering into the last days as predicted in Revelations. My wife and I moved out of the country 1 year after Obama was first elected. We moved to a country where we whites are a 13% minority, but color is of no issue at all. We love the fact that every government building including the Police building and jails are decorated with wreaths, Christmas trees and manger scenes as well as all the public parks. We love going into the stores and hearing beautiful Christmas carols in both English and Spanish. We love the fact that you must learn their language because there is no press 1 for another language. We love the fact that the natives of this country think it is despicable that blacks in the US refer to themselves as African Americans and know that they do it to keep themselves separate and that they are the racists. We still love our country and know that all we can do is pray that God doesn’t completely leave, as that will truly be the end of the US.

    • James Suttles

      Amen to Carol G.! All this is a complex situation with a simple answer: First we must believe that God is! Then we must put Him first again (Thou shalt have no other gods before me). We have abandoned HIM. Threw him out of our schools and culture. In turn, he is turning us (U.S.) over to a “reprobate mind” to do as we please (Romans 1). Our sins are becoming our judgment, which is often HIS way of judging people. America is in a state of judgement and don’t even realize it!! I say humble ourselves and PRAY. Put prayer and Bible reading back in the schools! Not every child will come to know Christ, but they all need the “light” of God’s word and his moral standards to build their little lives on. They need to know that they and all humans were created and have great value to the Creator.
      It’s a miracle that more don’t go off the deep end believing that they are nothing more than a product of chance. Some in the
      Zoo and some outside! God help us and our leaders to wake up!!!

  • Cathy A.

    Although we have broken families and a nearly “God-less” society, we should not lay all blame for the Sandy Hook tragedy on these larger premises. Sandy Hook is a small, wealthy community, with families who nurture their children. Presumably church life is part of the culture there.

    The shooter himself exhibited all the signs of a troubled personality, a loner with few friends, cacooned in an alternate world that our recent technological revolution has fostered. By all accounts, his family was dedicated to his care and was searching for a way to bring him into a more socialized and real environment.

    Troubled youth have always been a problem in our society…can you “fix” socialization problems, drug and alcohol experimentation, the natural desire to separate from parental control to self-control in a time of raging hormones and extremes….when consequences of self destructive behavior are largely ignored by the maturing brain? We have a more difficult challenge than ever to guide our children when they are bombarded with today’s societal choices.

    However, what about the very vulnerable…who are normal enough to function but need intervention to assist their passage through this very difficult period?
    We are medicating our “attention deficit” little ones at an early age….would they be better served by learning the lessons of self-control without drugs?

    We have taken away competition in the name of self-esteem…everyone is a “winner” in our educational lexicon….but what if this approach does not foster the innate human ability to compete, to excel? Would a different focus in the schools appeal to our troubled youth …. to set and achieve goals, and subsequently garner the self-esteem that success creates? Could this brilliant, wicked smart, boy have been challenged to compete and received recognition and social acceptance for his abilities in his classroom environment, instead of harboring anger and the desire to retreat from the world?

    These thoughts are largely based on supposition….no one knows the history of this troubled person, his family interactions, his successes and failures. But to blame guns, the family, and a Godless society seems to be simplistic.

  • ChrisCrossCharleston

    Steve, you are so right. It all begins and ends with the intact family. When women are rewarded for out of wedlock children and no longer need a father/husband to care for the family financially as well as other masculine support , then there goes the nation. It has been a plan of Satan forever and has now been implemented by our US Gov. I have seen first hand how this has effected our society by having worked at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. The girls didn’t care how many children they had as long as the government ie. “we the people”, paid for their support and then could get whatever else from a free ministry such as a CPC they were satisfied by in large.
    Even if the family wasn’t what we call a “Christian” family the value of both parents was very effective especially if the mother stayed at home and cared for her children. This thing of dads staying at home with the children is backwards.
    It is not God’s design and of course Satan has entered this area, too. We have lost several generations because of women finding their personal fulfillment in working outside the home instead of finding it in the hard yet eternal rewarding fulfillment of being a “keeper of the home” and all that entails. In closing I am reminded of a Scripture that says in part, “silly women being led captive”. Yes, I lay much of the blame on women and the women’s lib movement.

    • Larry Gabriel

      no one mentioned the pill which gave women to have sex without getting
      pregnant. or the hippie movement and free love and living together
      without marriage. women leaving the home and going to work and kids
      at the baby sitter or left alone. the tv which glorifies sex,violence and
      rudeness, and living together without marriage. very little if any mention
      of marriage family or god on TV. using the TV as a baby sitter. rock and
      roll where girls by the tens of thousands will throw off their clothes wanting
      to have sex with there rock gods. the music where madonna tells girls to
      go out and express your self. which includes lesbian love. you ever notice
      swimming suits. the boys wear what looks like long shorts but the girls
      have to wear bikini’s that barlly cover up their groin or chest with fannies
      showing. we use to want to have a house with a bathroom and 2 or 3 bedrooms and a single garage. now you have to have a bathroom with every bed room. the people across the street from me have a work truck
      a pickup an suv and a sedan and a boat on a trailer. the double garage
      is full of junk that no vehicles are put in. so you see it is everything about
      are society that is leading to its destruction. and don’t forget the internet.

  • George

    I believe taking the prayer out of school and replacing it with sex,homosexuality and paganism is the root cause of the decline of our culture. Also the violence on the TV and the movies is a prime reason for the disregard of human life.

  • Lynn Taylor

    Dear Sir,
    The family is falling apart because of the lack of God in our lives so until God is so prevalent in our society everywhere public places,public schools and
    churches we will not have strong families. If you have a strong belief in God your family will be strong and able to thwart evil no matter how strong it is.
    All that is required for evil to flourish is for good men and women to do nothing
    Lynn Taylor

  • Dave Martin

    There has been a fundamental move in the last 50 years in the US away from relationship to religion. God throughout the Old testement warned the Israelites to avoid the lure of Caananite religion which revolved around emotion and ceremony. Sadly this increasingly seems to be the way collectively of the American church today. In too many respects the church reflects rather than restrains the world culture. While “mega” churches can through the use of gimmickery and celebrity fill the pews on Sunday morning, mainstreet christianville is a ghost town for the rest of the week. Too many christians though aware of this degradation have been unwilling to step out on faith and confront the malaise in their own daily walk. The valley of decision was strewn with the dead bones of those who mistakenly thought that they had more time. God is good, his loving patience preserves hope. If we fail to reckognize the “time” in which we live, to whom will we appeal?

  • Gary

    Of course it is the family and God. Our families should be centered around God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not one w/o the other.

  • Wayne Stanley

    Not taking issue with any comments above, just noting another perspective on the tragedy at Newtown. Twenty innocent children were slaughtered that day and the whole country is rightly mourning. However, approximatly 2000 innocent children were slaughtered that same day (someone somewhere can find the statistics) by abortionists and nobody seems to give a whit. Am I the only person in the world who finds anything wrong with this picture?

  • michael w humphrey

    Your both right. You are both feeding from the same understanding of our spiritual need as individuals. The breakdown of the family is a symtom of the failure of our own conscious recognition and response to God. We all have a black box planted in our person (a conscience) which is always at war with right and wrong, but we instinctively know the difference. What goes haywire is that we no longer respond to those values of conscience that petition us to turn away from evil and do good. Our depiction (throught media, enterainment and our public policy’s) of society is a collective reflection of us as individuals. The “absence of good” which is evil, is not going to become less of a problem for our society until we as individuals are willing to exercise our faith, continue in our hope but greatest of all is to exercise our love towards each other in acts of compassion and kindness. No legislation is going to change the hearts and minds of a person, only that person has the choice to perform a simple act of kindness or not and that in the end is what will preserve our culture. Therein lies the the key to the understanding the tragic events of Newtown.

  • Noel Duerden

    There is another force in the world that is overlooked, even dismissed in this all to secular-driven world. Here is my take on it.

    The Reality of Satan
    A fundamental observation is blatantly missing in the quest for solutions to the awfulness of our times. The shootings, the spouse and child abuse, gangs, the political rancor, and even the financial distress of people and nations. The Connecticut shooting makes this letter even more urgent.

    What is NOT recognized—even cleverly hidden—is that Satan is real and he is author of powerful influences beyond our understanding. Most people and cultures recognize God, even though they differ in understanding Him, His powers and purposes. Some folks mouth the fact that Satan exists, but they don’t acknowledge him and his powers, they even dismiss him. A family counselor said that he believes many human difficulties are disguised as “mental health.” Mental illness is real, but who can say that Satan, who’s minions once occupied swine, cannot take advantage of human frailties and help direct people to awful actions? In fact, mental depression, despair and discord are powerful tools he uses.

    The greatest work that Satan is doing is to convince people there he does not exist. At that point he can wantonly roam into the hearts and minds of men, promoting evil and immorality. This is a powerful explanation why individuals kill, maim, and wreak havoc among mankind. All of our efforts through laws, force, and reason do not seem to be doing much good. We are on a downward slope and this is a plea to recognize that there is a powerful humankind-destroying reality and force that seems to be winning. Once we acknowledge that Satan is around us, we can build our defenses and win the battles we are engaged in. Satan is extremely patient, convincing us that small sins will not grow into grevious ones. Does anyone experience the thought that “just this time,” or “a little won’t make any difference”?

    We must counter the secularists who are highly organized through Satanic influences to control the hearts and minds of men and women. Secularists have an agenda to not only change our lives, and to remove any thoughts about God and a divine purpose for life itself.

    If one cannot accept the reality of Satan, then surely they must accept it as a powerful and logical theory. If we accept that God can influence lives, then we must recognize the opposite force.

    We used to laugh when a TV comedian said: “The devil made me do it.” Quit laughing now.

    Noel Duerden

  • Gordon Johnston

    I retired after 15 years of teaching in the Los Angeles public school system, after retiring as an Air Force Officer, and have witnessed up close many, many parents that I sincerely would not want raising my children. The exit of ethics from our country has paralleled our exile of God from public forums. Whereas a huge part of our societal problem is due to the absence of values being taught by parents, and a downstream symptom of that is the breakdown of families. A vacancy of a sense of a heavenly Father that has given us rules and eternal accountability is like a cancer that is destroying our society on every level. It effects EVERYTHING
    I wrote a book titled ‘Secession’ WITH EXACTLY THESE ISSUES IN MIND. We must re-start; reset our foundational values. That is the only option for redeeming our nation. Note: ‘Secession’ is (newly) published and available everywhere BUT DON’T BUY ITt. We are doing a second printing. You can look for it in a few months from now and maybe even the movie as I currently have a screenplay agent very interest in it. It was written specifically for the people making comments on this forum. Lastly, It warms my heart to read all the comments here from like-minded people. Especially here in California I feel like my my wife and I and our 4 adult children and their families are among the last hold-outs for Godly, conservative values for as far as I can see. Reading your comments was a great way to begin my morning! ‘Arguing’ back and forth ‘it’s the family, no it’s the absence of God.’ You are my homies! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole country of like-minded people like us. What an amazing thought!

    • Orison Whipple Hungerford Jr.

      Hi Gordon==Your right on pardner. Time is running out as the globalists are getting nervious-and-forceful. We FEW informed patriots Must inform our brain-dead society so it can re-act positively as the net is the only means Left open to spead freedom’s ploy.Greed has no known cure but Truth with Force.behind can preserve our Nations Freedoms before the Greed of “Moneychangers” destroys our world’s economy with their bogus Global Debt. Our kids are being used to fight the globalists agenda to establish their global Society. They have that system in place right now. I love My Nations freedoms and the God that gave it to us to preserve. Our nation’s people must be informed as it is presently in the crosshairs of the moneychangers..Look at our national debt. “We the people” have No power, no valid money, No leadership, nor positive direction to change the present distructive situation. We need to restore a sound Money-system with gold support.. Why do I waste my time. trying to inform our braindead, society, I love my Freedoms and I’m not Hellbent on Self-distruction. Their is no real freedom living in a nation totally submerdged in Bogus Debt. to these “Evil Money-changers” Fighting their wars that culls out our patriotic Kids who love their freedoms.== Boy does our World Need Jesus “to return” and put a stop to the Evil intentions of these heathen Moneychangers. This is a serious situation as Greed has little control and banksters that have our nation submerdged in debt are not satisfied until they control the entire world. Notice we have our kids bassed all over the world fully armed ready to destroy anyone who is a threat to our world domination.???? I was their as a officer in the signal corp.

  • http://www.MyHopewithBillyGraham.org Jonathan Gray

    The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is actively tackling the brokenness of our nation through the nationwide, multidenominational My Hope with Billy Graham project, http://www.MyHopewithBillyGraham.org/MyHopeExplained. It will be the greatest evangelistic outreach of our lifetime. Look for it in your city/town in 2013. Encourage your pastor to get involved

  • http://none John Chinn

    As all come at this from a different angle, I have passed this to my email folks across America with this comment.

    What Steve, Carl and Linda have said, as well as others is the True State of The Union message, as can never be articulated by the present Regime nor its leader.
    An additional comment.

    From my point of view ,we have failed to confront serious issues. We have become more concerned if someone, even just one person, is offended by an action taken to deal with a problem. The loss of use of words, the deference the Liberals with their Liberal Media, have thrust upon America has rendered America unable to cope.

    Finally. It is just what Liberals want. Our arrival at Newtown was brought to us by Liberals. As usual they will blame the inanimate. An easy out. Inanimate objects can’t protest.

  • Maria Jones

    Well I agree with you and Carl, because I believe that it starts with the broken homes who don’t have God in their llives, because I came from a broken home, Thank God that He saved us through Jesus Christ our Lord, and then it end on the school grounds, because of prayer being taken out of school, God’s pertection is not in the families or school where He is not allowed. We need to pray God back into the family homes and in the schools for violence to stop.

  • Leah

    I think all of you are correct. The removal of God is the base cause and the destruction of the family is one of many manifestations of evil that walks this earth with us

  • Barry

    Steve, you are not wrong, but the turning away from God is the bedrock on which all these problems are built. You are also right that we need to transmit the ideas of faith & obedience to our children – but it is not us alone. He will not bless the nation that turns from Him. If we cannot get government schools to come about we need to seek alternatives. Finally, when it comes to the shootings – I am hoping that SOMEBODY besides me looks to the decades of gun violence glorified by Hollywood as a root cause of this problem. Back in the 1930s this same thing happened and the film industry slapped a code of ethics on itself to tone down films and looked more to uplifting themes. I do not think there is a law needed, but I WOULD call for picketing outside theatres that show such films as an awareness raiser, and letters to TV stations or networks that show such films.
    At least, that’s my opinion.

    • Gordon Johnston

      Hollywood certainly has culpability but, again the real fault falls on the parents. In regard to Hollywood and the products they produce, recently I was talking to someone who wants me to write a screenplay. He was telling me that what sells almost all movies is shallow (my word) sex, violence, gore, stuff that shocks. He said that a good story with good morals and humor, etc., is rare and really stands out when it comes along. So, if that is what sells then then that means a lot of parents failed for not promoting a value system when their children were young. A lot of us prefer the old movies because story and characters were all that were important, but that is off topic. When my 4 children were young I would allow them to watch certain films with the family that had violence and profanity, and frequently during the movie I would say something like ‘respectable people don’t use that word,’ or ‘civilized people are gentle and do not use violence except for defensive purposes.’ There is nothing any of us can do to get Hollywood to change it’s ways, except in a small way by coming out in large numbers to support movies like Courageous or Fireproof but we must, must teach our values in the context of the evil all around us, because that is not going away.

  • http://anewmessage.com Jackson Pemberton

    I think family disintegration and loss of god-awareness are two facets of the same issue. Our best course of action (second to what we can do as individuals in our families) is to realize individually and then move that realization into our political efforts, that atheism is a religion. It has flummoxed us into believing that because it rejects all god concepts that it is not a religion. However, it is a simple matter to prove that it is completely faith based and thus a religion and therefore the state must cease from its establishment. Here’s the simple proof:
    Things which do not exist have no evidence of their non-existence. This is a simple logical axiom. Hence, those who hold the atheist opinion must do so exclusively on the basis of belief or faith. Atheism is therefore a faith-based philosophy or religion. (I think the reason they are offended by God in the public square is because they don’t want to be reminded that there is no evidence to support their belief.)
    So let’s get this concept straight in our own minds and then into the public mind and back out the legislation that establishes atheism as the national religion.

  • James

    I just caught a snippet of a PBS show on the relationship between Adams and Jefferson. It was mentioning their religious beliefs at that moment. Adams supported a separation of church from the state, but clearly stated that a society without connection to religion would be like unto hell. I turned to my dad and said, “Here we are.”

  • George

    Wayne you hit the nail right on the head! Obummer faked his tears over the 20 innocents that perished in Conn. but he signs bills to kill over a million innocent babies every year. The bible warns of the coming anti christ that can beguile people with his slick tongue and convincing words! Sound familiar??HMMM

  • Wayne Newkirk

    Whether we have the nucleus family or not there is one fact that is undeniable. There are three hundred million guns owned and controlled by citizens of this country. There is more money spent on driver education than on gun safety and all of its facets. There is one fact you can’t take back the bullet.

    Nancy Lanza, I am sure probably was not maliciously trying to hurt anyone. She was an irresponsible gun owner and that cost her life. You can go to any place where guns are sold and buy trigger locks that do not allow the triggers to be pulled without tearing up the gun. If that is not your cup of tea gun dealers also sell gun safes that Adam with his 3.9 GPA could not break into.

    There should be a national referendum on firearm safety.

  • Jared

    Steve, thank you for this thoughtful discussion.

    Generations of prosperity (whether earned or handed out via entitlements) have removed the generally perceived need for God AND the nuclear family.

    We need to restore faith AND family if we are to restore our freedom.

    For an interesting perspective on the role of the family, please see The Family: A Proclamation to the World at https://www.lds.org/topics/family-proclamation.

  • RockLakeGuy

    In September I sent out 32+ letters to leaders in the Christian community suggesting that now was the time to call a Christian Continental Congress to re-establish what the Founding Fathers had establised; a country built on and dedicated to Christian principles. I received four replies. Two said they were forwarding it to the proper people. One stated they were only in business to feed and lead people to Christ. One stated it was an interesting consideration.

    Nothing from the rest. If leading Christian organizations and individuals are not interested in leading a return to the Christian principles used in establishing the United States. . .

  • Jared

    Amending my previous comment:

    We need to restore faith AND family if we are to restore a fundamental respect for life, liberty, and property.

  • http://www.VURE.com Rick Pezzner

    I received custody of my two boys in 1979. They were 3 and 5. I went to a co parenting forum. Basically It works like this six months the kids are with me six the kids are with their mother. I receive sole physical custody with joint visitation. The major point way beyond this was this statistic “80 percent of five year olds in the United States of America were raised by single parent families” many thoughts ran through my mind. Both parents are struggling with numerous concerns about the kids family themselves and much more. They offer the kids THINGS without cause or having to do something (work) for gifts to entice the child to choose them to live with. A huge factor is that the children loose contact with their heritage via the loss of grandparents! Now add 32 years to that 5 year old. Hello. G-D has not been taken out. The universal YOU have been complacent about him. G-D is there and offers numerous doors to walk through massive doors all that’s needed is to do it. I put myself around fine people married and not married mixed and eclectic folks. In my home HOME I was sure my kids knew the rules and consequences of their actions. My oldest son 39 served six years in the us marine core has been hitched and re hitched. He and his with have four kids. My other son 36 and his wife have two kids. I will stop here for now. I’m on my way to Shul to pray and enjoy shabbos my heart and prayers go out to the loss of life at new town

  • arcon

    I am in agreement that the primary cause of our current crisis is the removal of God from our daily lives. I further agree that putting God first in our life and the lives of our offspring is the job of a family. The demise of family life, single mom’s, unwed mom’s, deadbeat dads, and the promiscuos society in which we live, is a primary driver of this degeneration. Most of us who were brought up in a religious family developed a conscience that kept us from falling into chasms that now are destroying American life and values. I would argue that politically and socially we should start by ceasing to reward bad behavior by supporting promiscuity via free food, free housing, etc. and require some form of work for the goods received and to make certain that food stamps can only be redeemed for food.

    As long as we continue to reward bad behavior we will be plagued with the continuation of the trend. I have been appalled at the number of third and fourth generation single mother families with missing or unknown fathers. While this does not address the lack of godlessness it does plant the seeds to modify current behavior. We can feed the offspring of these fractured families via religious outlets that address the needs of these children with kindness while teaching discipline. There is a woman in Augusta, Ga. who is known as Mama Doc, she provides meals to children and requires them to learn good manners, obey rules, and appreciate the mothering she provides. She does not cram a religion down their throats but does teach them there is a higher power in control of their destiny and the for every action there is a consequence.

    It is unfortunate and a sad statement on our society that we, the voters, have chosen to support a political system that prefers a secular world of promiscuity and degeneration of family values. It is sickening to see we live in a society that awards promiscuity for females by requiring the taxpayers and employers to provide free birth control and abortions. al

  • Gene

    What do you expect God to do when the 2-Bit Judges rule against having God in our schools and any public place? Back in Bibical times, if God was not on your side, reguardless of all your manpower, you were defeated by much smaller armies that ask God to help them. Single Moms, or should we say divorced Moms, are not capable of giving boys the guidence they need. Most are out at having a good time, and maybe bring a man home for a one nighter. What do you expect? Arms control is NOT practical nor the answer. The GUN GRABBERS are having a ball with this tragety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue Johnson

    Dear all, I think all are on the mark in discussing our problems today. However, as in most cases, it is never just ‘one’ thing. All the pieces link together. Lack of God, lack of faith, lack of conscience, lack of family, lack of personal responsibility. We need all to be strong as individuals, to bring up our children as good citizens, and keep families together.

  • Mitchell A Raab

    The principle reason for the Sandy Hook problem is the disintegration of the family because this was a divorced family where a son with a severe mental problem was not attended to properly. This issue was aggravated by the educational system ignoring the mental condition of Adam Lanza and failing to assist the family in securing proper care for Mr. Lanza. The idea that people such as Mr. Lanza can function in society is an entirely foolish notion of the ACLU as one of the other writers has indicated. The disintegration of the family and the failure of the educational system is further aggravated by the Godlessness of society. The government of America wants to experience sin to the fullest and only acknowledge God when those in government believe that it is expedient. The national sins of America of violence, abortion, homosexuality, greed, covetousness, dishonesty, hatred, strife, lust, etc. rival anything of the past.

  • http://None John E. Fletcher

    You are all correct in part, but the order of correctness is not stated. The Church, or God if you will, created the concept and structure of Marriage as between a Man and a Woman. Man did not create it, thus same sex marriages are not “marriages”. The assault on the traditional family began in the early 20th century and was magnified by the World Wars, when women left the home and entered the workforce. “Woman’s liberation” was one facet of that assault. Women abdicated their role as care givers and teachers of our children. The Civil Rights movement, “Gay Rights, and the drug culture were added later under the guise of “freedom and equality” but are really captured tools of the secularists in their assault on the Judea-Christian basis of the American Society. Note the cry of “racism” these days at any attempt to resist their actions. With a divorce rate of 50%, is it any wonder that children are confused as to morals, family structure, and personal responsibility?
    Add the immorality and violence preached by Hollywood activists and the Video Game Culture that is fostered on our children and you have the total breakdown of the family structure and a lack of appreciation of the role of parents to guide them.

  • Dr. Bret Smith, Esquire

    The USA is the most violent of the so called ‘Developed’ countries in the World. The USA also has the most amount of assault rifles circulating throughout their populace. This country values War and violence much more than education and empowerment. War is glorified and peace is vilified by the Military Industrial Complex which receives the highest % of revenues from our Treasury.
    This country spends more on our Military than the rest of the World combined.
    Our National Debt crisis is a direct result of our countries obsession with War. We still haven’t paid off the debts incurred from our (mis) adventures in SE Asia.
    The ‘God’ you believe in must carry an AK 47 to protect himself from his lunatic fringe.

  • http://www.wowhavanese.com Sydney

    I think you are right. However, I think there is so much more encompassed in restoring the 2-parent family. Our economy has forced our children to raise themselves as both parents have to work just to get by. Having been a working, single parent, I can tell you that the stress and sleep deprivation of working outside the home all day and in the home all night, chauffering to sports, clubs, having to bear the total burden of providing, enduring illnesses, making and chauffering to medical/dental appointments, ensuring food, clothes, shoes were up to date, etc. made me very crabby. I would drop one off at an event or meeting, and then the other; then pick up the first; then the second, so I never got to attend anything, and I had no help at home. If I ever found a few minutes free, I was waaaaaaaaaay too tired to play a board game with my kids. We never went to the movies together.
    Soooooo, I would suggest we ensure 1 parent stays home with the kids!

  • Michael Bennett

    Mr. Elliot,for most part, many thanks to you and all the peoplein this country who are not affraid to stand up for our country. Thank You for ever flows from my mouth to all our service people,first responders at home,teachers,and clergy men and women. I’m a firm believer of it takes a village to raise our children,to form a great nation like ours. to the matter at hand…Yes it is the responsibility of the parents to keep God as a foundation . the schools should have to right to allow prayer in the class,each person there has the same right of religion as the next,pray to the God they are taught,and choice to honor.thats why it was silent prayer. Our flag should fly high in every room,and court yard thru out the land with great pride.The people that come to this country all come with the same dreams of having a better qualitiy of life. if this country offers that then don’t come here trying to change our structure, if it’s not what they thought it would be then they can go back. this country was built on love of God and country. disapline was stripped from the parents for fear they get put in jail or prison for abuse. there is still a difference,true without arguement,there are people who carry this to extreme,that cnstitute abuse,they should be punished.Not a parent who’s child is pissed off because he got his butt whipped to straighten them up. restrictions are not up held because the parent feel sorry for the child.parents also need a backbone. the government wants to control the people… people need to control the government, because last I was to understand they still work for us. to show how messed up it is the government wants to push for everybody to vote. If it’s so important then why didn’t it matter. why didn’t florida’s votes count? the government had already decided who they wanted in office, I’m a registered democrat,but am still mad because every vote doesn’t count,whats the since in wasting the time . If it was up to me I would walk around with a gun on my hip( to protect myself,and the inocent) , a belt in my pant to hold up that gun,to spank my child,and keep my pants up not to show my underware, ware the bible to guide me thru this hell. Just because there is a gun don’t mean it has to kill, but it will protect. thank you for this chance to vent ,this could go for hours…was always thaught not to discuss politics or religion it always ends up with an arguement. I love this country,No desire to live any place else. I will protect it and those in it until I can no longer breathe. thank you again

  • Kathleen Reynolds

    You mentioned about the churches having a hard time getting to people. There are so many people who are in the leadership of churches who are so two-faced that the ones looking for something they are missing won’t attend. How can you feel like you are in GOD’S HOUSE when so many people who are in there don’t even know who GOD really is. They just attend and be part of the church for how it looks and makes people think that they are really good people when they are just as lost as a lot of people. Some churches need to step back and look at those who are in top positions and have lots of talks and prayers to make sure everyone is on the right track. I’m not saying to kick those out who don’t measure up because only GOD can do that. He wants us as his sheep and his people to make sure we guide them in the right direction. We need to keep ourselves, as Christians, in the guidance and on the right path with God and our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  • http://rclandscape.com Ross

    As much as I hate to face it, it is too late. Traditional Judeo/Christian morality has been successfuly been destroyed in The U.S.A. We will not recover. Too many hands out, and too few reaching up. Those in power will give away all of America’s riches to keep power the rest of us will be recipients at their discretion. It is pedal to the metal to armagedon from here. Let your light shine until then.

  • http://www.slv500.com/sbraddo Steve Braddock

    The government can not promote one religion over another so it is the responsibility of the Christians to make a difference in this world we live in and we are failing. It is shameful that the divorce rate for Christians is just as high as it is for the secular society. The government can and should promote traditional marriage – one man and one woman as the best environment to raising children. They are eroding it instead and should not remove God from the public. There is no constitutional mandate to do so and it is hurting our society by doing it.

    To make the right change government needs to stay out of religion and simply govern. Christians need to do their God given job to promote the love and grace of God. It starts with our families and spreads from there.

  • http://www.paulmharman.com Paul M Harman

    I agree that we have dishonored God and removed Him from our schools and public places, and I agree that the family unit has disintegrated in many large cities and towns. One thing that is also responsible is the huge amount of violence our children are exposed to as they grow up. There are so many violent video games and war games that kids play, and a disproportionate number of violent movies. Trying to find a decent family movie is difficult today. Playing the violence games constantly has to anesthesize our kids from being repelled by violence.

  • Lynda Simmons

    You are all right on the symptoms; however, the cause is the communist and elitist agendas which have been implemented (without our consent of course) in this country since the 1950s by people like Alger Hiss. They want to: promote easy divorce (to destroy the family); promote promiscuity (to make more illegitamate babies to abort); promote abortion (actually an elitist agenda, to lower the population figures) infiltrate the psychiatric profession (to prescribe antipsychotic drugs and strip weapons from victims of PTSD. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Do your homework people, and farther along you will know all about it.

  • Truckman

    I think a large part of this is related to the “end” of the one income family. When both parents had to work,their child raising skills were replaced largely with work tasks,and the following income eventually got re-directed to “buying things” to make up for not being at home. With the belief that two incomes were required to maintain a household came a re-structuring of the family unit with less effort given to values,Religion,the spiritual things that made us good parents.
    Obce this got a solid start,there was the Political Correctness movement,to (wrongly) justify this behavior,and then things really went bad.

  • Robert F. Dobson

    Man evolves. The old ways that do not serve us fall away like the dinasours. The family is critical to society but the loss pushes man in another and better direction.
    I’m afraid you may not want to hear what I have to say, but it has to come out as it has come out to so many others around the world. The teachings of The Christ is corrupt. His word is missed, and if he were here he would obolish the church for corrupting his message. The Nostics are the ones that had it right in the time after the passing of Jesus. There stand was that you did not need a priest to pass your thoughts on to God. You have with-in you the way to God. The preists did not want to allow the masses out of having to support the churches. How could another un-enlightened man pass on any truth to God?
    The church has shown that it can not bring man to enlightenment, churches are failing as the should be, to allow the greater knowledge to come in, man does not need the church, the church needs man and man can get to God on his own.
    Now is a time of great knowledge coming forth. If this knowledge is not known by you than look around and be willing to see something different. That way you can aid the new to come in. It is a huge transition that is taking place and thank God that it is finally coming. Each person has to know God on and through himself. Christ is not the last name of Jesus, Christ is a state of consciousness an awareness of the enterity of creation and beyond. Intimately knowing this state automatically makes one follow the commandments because you would realize at that awareness, that it would not follow the laws of nature to do otherwise. Following the laws of nature is the most efficient way to Be. so it would be silly not to.
    As man does not need this so called government, he does not need the church.

  • Heidi Napier

    Arguing over whether the loss of the family or the loss of God is the root problem is like arguing over whether the chicken or the egg came first. God and the family go together, and I believe the loss of both is partly at the root of our cultural decay.

    Two of the big forces that keep humans behaving well are the fear of ostracism by fellow humans and the fear of punishment by a Divine Force. Now that so much criminal behavior is accepted or excused (well, he/she had a bad childhood) we have lost a big force (the fear of ostracism) to keep people in line. You can see this start in children who are not taught basic manners and respect for adults. THe family is where these manners and respect should be taught. It obviously isn’t happening.

    Two other big forces to keep people behaving are the hope for rewards from fellow humans (recognition, respect, admiration) and the hope for rewards from a God (heaven). We are losing these forces also.

  • steve wagg

    Although the trends to secularism are beyond debate, I’m not convinced this is the cause of societal breakdown. It is another symptom. The traditional family exists only in small rural communities, pockets of suburbia and 1960 TV shows. When traditional sex roles are abandoned and fathers cease to be responsible we see the end of culture. When I was in my 20’s, it was expected that people would excersize judgement. If we saw a person who appeared dangerous we had an obligation to say something. People like the Newtown shooter were installed in state hospitals. I worked in one. The Carter presidency determined that we should not impose judgements against the will of others so they shut down mental hospitals and the patients moved under the road over passes.

    We live in dangerous and uncertain times. Five hundred years ago the people of Europe lived in fear of losing their culture to the spread of Islam. They pushed back and earned 500 years of cultural prosperity. We no longer have the will to pass judgements. We no longer encourage people to “say something when you see something” as the loud speaker at Penn Station says. It will take a complete reversal in our culture to again point to a person or a thing and declare it “wrong”. Time is running out.

  • http://www.thepoor.org Tom Roman

    Here’s some comments from Pope Benedict XVI,….
    about how to u nderstand what is going on….
    It is from an email that I received from “Courageous Priest”…

    Moral Relativism Is Leading Mankind To The Abyss!
    Amazon News Update: Amazon is giving away The Ultimate Saints Guide to the Immaculate Conception by Dan Quinn & John Quinn (co-founder of Courageous Priest). Starting December 26th, feast of St. Stephen, Amazon is launching the new kindle book to increase awareness of the new book featuring the writings (some virtually hidden from the public) of the Saints on the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Go to Amazon to find out more about The Ultimate Saints Guide to the Immaculate Conception and here to discover more details.
    Pope Benedict has weighed in on the issue of “gay marriage.” Our Holy Father continues to be extremely concerned about the current state of the world, especially as it pertains many governments and peoples out right rejection of the moral and natural law. Once again, our Holy Father has stated that the “very future of mankind is at stake.” The following are highlights of one of the pope’s end of the year speeches delivered today in Italian.
    The Telegraph:
    Pope Benedict XVI: ”In the fight for the family, the very notion of being – of what being human really means – is being called into question,” the Pope said in Italian during an end-of-year speech.
    “The question of the family … is the question of what it means to be a man, and what it is necessary to do to be true men,” he said.
    The Pope spoke of the “falseness” of gender theories and cited at length France’s chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim, who has spoken out against gay marriage.
    “Bernheim has shown in a very detailed and profoundly moving study that the attack we are currently experiencing on the true structure of the family, made up of father, mother, and child, goes much deeper,” he said.
    He cited feminist gender theorist Simone de Beauvoir’s view to the effect that one is not born a woman, but one becomes so – that sex was no longer an element of nature but a social role people chose for themselves.
    “The profound falsehood of this theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious,” he said.
    The defence of the family, the Pope said, “is about man himself. And it becomes clear that when God is denied, human dignity also disappears.”
    On Monday, the Vatican’s newspaper described laws on gay marriage as an attempt at a communist-like “utopia”, a day after tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out in France to support legalizing both marriages and adoption for gay couples.
    France’s parliament is to debate the government-backed “marriage for all” bill early next year.
    With President Francois Hollande’s Socialists enjoying a strong majority, the bill is expected to pass despite vehement opposition from the right and religious groups.
    Only if there is such a consensus on the essentials can constitutions and law function. This fundamental consensus derived from the Christian heritage is at risk… In reality, this makes reason blind to what is essential. To resist this eclipse of reason and to preserve its capacity for seeing the essential, for seeing God and man, for seeing what is good and what is true, is the common interest that must unite all people of good will. The very future of the world is at stake.
    Moral consensus is collapsing… Consequently the forces mobilized for the defense of such structures seem doomed to failure. However, the grave challenges confronting the world at the start of this new Millennium lead us to think that only an intervention from on high, capable of guiding the hearts of those living in situations of conflict and those governing the destinies of nations, can give reason to hope for a brighter future.
    ================= end of quote from email ==============

  • Elaine Raynor

    I agree with what you said about restoring God into our lives. I pray every day for that to happen.
    Years ago, back in the 60’s I saw changes in this country regarding no God in schools or anyplace, drugs, a breakdown in marriages, “free love”, etc. I was sad to see this happening to our country and ourselves.
    What happened in Newtown Ct is the result of many evil events that has come over this land. There is not one reason for this horror, there are many. Abortion is so prevalent and causes disdain towards the young, instead of protecting them, we kill them. Our movies are vulgar and graphic, I find it impossible to attend. It’s like we let the counter-culture take over and we remained apathetic towards all that is good, true and honorable.
    I don’t have an answer, people have to decide if we want a civil and decent society or keep going the way we have been. I choose God, goodness and decency.
    As far as guns, I’m for the second amendment but all guns must be registered and secured.

    • Ruth Lawler

      All guns must be registered and secured? History shows that when guns are registered, confiscation and slavery follow immediately or soon after. Most of us are not fully trusting of government and will not register or secure all our guns. This group includes our founding fathers. Security often depends on an easily accessible weapon rather than one that is locked up. Especially if the ammunition is locked up elsewhere as some dimwits suggest. Train your children to respect guns! The NRA has proven that children taught to respect guns and call an adult when other kids don’t are safe kids.

  • http://www.mrpaulpoole.com Paul Poole

    All the evil of today. or should I say, the proliferation of evil today has its root in a bill authored by then senator Lyndon Johnson.
    This bill was designed to shut the mouths of our churches, yes, back then most of the churches talked politics along with teaching the Bible. Not long after this bill was passed the Bible was taken out of the public school system.

    What did we expect would happen to kids brought up in a school system that left morals out!

    As far as guns go, they are the guardian of our Constitution. I for one will defend my right to own them, even if the disillusioned ban a weapon I do not own.
    And what would have become of the people involved in this FACT: Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 per day.
    * Gary Kleck, Criminologist, Florida State Univ.

    If you want to place blame on something instead of the killer look to the video gaming industry that produces “Kindergarten Killers” game. What kind of sicko would buy such trash??

  • BeingWhatGodMadeUsToBe

    In my humble opinion, without an external moral code to guide us as we have experienced in today’s society with the diminished influence of the Jude o-Christian ethic, resulting in a reduced moral standard within overall societal norms, and in its place, imposed by the secular government, a further lack of expression of critical moral righteousness in the dialog of what is or is not acceptable.

    For those of us raised with Christian values and beliefs, we are bombarded by those who challenge the legitimacy of our beliefs, faith, and behavior. Most importantly, a disruptive societal bent on coercion of what we can express as free individuals, and by this intimidation, the attempts are made to control our minds and our free choices (we have an inherent right to make as long as we are not coercing others).

    What happened in Newtown, CN is a result of that specialized, unique circumstance, and without knowing fully the inside details of what transpired with the family of the perpetrator, I don’t feel we can generalize the occurrence to a specific God or no God belief that occurs in more generally in our society. This horrendous event is more about the multidimensional aspects of that situation, and what the interplay was that led to the event.

    My takeaway is with the irrational approach that society (represented by our government politicians that we dutifully elected) takes today, almost pervasively on all issues, we reap what we sow, and that is based on the irrationality of choices made, and the outcomes that stem from denying reality, empirical evidence, and rule by what is morally righteous. We see today more of the rule by power, those who have previously set agendas versus morally righteous laws (rule of law can be the rule of the tyrant who makes the laws, thus the moral righteous law must be what we subscribe to). Rather than an assessment of decisions to be made against some external, morally righteous code – which in my experience, includes the teachings of our Lord and God the Father, we have decisions of those in power made that results in any person being confused and disbelieving what reality tells them, and that confusion leads many to disavow their own being and reality, and act in aberrant ways.

  • John Blaikie

    I agree that one of the answers to a whole plethora of problems that exist in our Country is the re-emphasis on the family. However the ultimate answer and the cure lies in this passage of scripture: : “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2nd Chronicles 7:14. This is the one qualification that we all must fulfill for God to truly bless America!

  • Linda

    We need God back in our lives and it starts with the family. Children are not being told of God or Jesus teaching as well as the other teachers who have had the light of God in them. The teaching of Jesus aren’t taught enough the bases of the Golden Rule people maybe taught it but don’t live it.
    We need to be more spiritual then secular by going within self and letting God come within this is the temple of God not mortar and brick .

  • Janice

    In a word (or two): Personal holiness. Now, doesn’t that sound old-fashioned?! But there it is, and I’d challenge anyone to refute that point. We live in a spiritually obese society! We have no shortage of access to wonderful, godly material, seminars, sermons, etc. When shall we begin to apply what we learn? “Ever learning, and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Tim 3:7

    • Douglas & Lilli Ossentjuk

      Last fridays killings could have been avoided had the mother not been in denial. The boy had aspergers syndrome and was in fact a ticking time bomb. The facts are now just coming out and wouldn’t you just know it the first thing the dems do is start screaming about gun control ” the people were not yet buried and that’s all they could think to do??. jealousy , flashes of rage, all the things he couldn’t control, why is mom with those kids when I want her here and a plan is formulated. You can almost see the dem’s salivating; “what a vehicle to finally get what we want” we”ll make the most of this and , in the words of the Chicago Mayor “never let a good crisis go to waste. These people are almost culpable it’s so damned sick, “pay attention to the sickness that has made this country a mess, divorce, my kid/your kid, no prayer in school, don’t salute the flag, make sure your politically correct, everyone gets a trophy , grade them all the same so thier not failing never spend time with the kids to learn what ails them , even the little things?? and on and on it goes and you wonder what happened ? it’s been coming for a long time. I have had to sit on three occasions and hold in my arms 3 children that died and,” they were mine” this politicizing of a horrendous act should result in the dismissal of those that blame an inanimate object for something they might have been able to figure out…………….

  • http://www.thelambwon.com Rusty Parenteau

    How about a bumper sticker:
    Time for America to Bless God.

  • Warren

    Yes, God has been dismissed from the classroom and everywhere else that we allow it to happen. Our culture has sunk to the level of Sodom and Gommora with atheist pushing their anti-God agenda and promoting abbarant behavior, same sex marriage, and Politically Correct admonishions to be careful not to hurt anyones sensitivities. We are sinking in the mire of an unhealthy economy promoted by community organizers who wish to erase the 1st and 2nd amendments to our constitution. In the face of the tragedy in Connecticut we are now being told to cast aside our right to bear arms by the same type of people who have caused that to happen in nations which transformed them into socities controlled by Tyranical madmen. It may be kind to help a disadvantaged person but we have gone to the extreme of not just allowing but requiring mentally defective individuals to remain at large in our communities. It is time to accept the fact that deranged individuals who commit such atrocities should be instititionalized before they act in such demonic ways to protect our people. This great country ws founded upon strong religious belief in God and we have always asked for the guidance of him. We can ill afford to allow such a great nation to disappear into the hell of an atheistic, immoral society, which if allowed to continue on its present path will surely see more atrocities from the irreligious libertines who have no regard for themselves or anyone else. There must be consequences for abbarant behavior and it is time overdue to inculcate that into our classrooms, homes, cities, counties, states, and the halls of Congress.

  • John W.

    The question is not should we put God back in the public schools or not. That game is clearly over. Those who want God in schools will have to settle for schools run by their favorite religious denomination or home schooling. The constitution has seen to that. Making the effort and sacrifice to see that kids have a strong moral base does make all the difference in how your children turn out. Two parent families do better with raising kids because two points of view are better than one and if both parents show their children the same moral code in slightly different words, it becomes the norm that they grow up with.

    The trick for the public schools is coming up with a set of moral values that we can teach in the school without offending a religion or promoting one. It will be a hard sell to women that have been single parents for 2 or 3 generations and have come to think of that lifestyle as the normal way of doing things. These women wonder why the men they meet have little or no self esteem when they have been reduced to being sperm donors instead of husbands and fathers. We now have several generations of men that have never seen a two parent family and have no idea how to put one together or how to keep it running.

    The public schools are the answer to how we fix our nation, but they are broken to the core. Most districts are so obsessed with teaching to some state mandated test that the don’t even teach kids to read, write or do math. The only fix that I see for this mess is to replace the school boards with people that truly understand and revere a strong moral code. The hard part of this is that some Christians may feel that things are not moving fast enough or far enough to be real progress. To them I say, be patient. This mess has taken 50 years or so to develop and it will take at least that long to fix. Getting schools to teach parenting skills to high school students will be another hard sell since we can’t even teach them to drive a car anymore. All of this will take more money than we are now spending on education. Sorry Tea Party folks, there is no free lunch, there never was and there never will be. Deal with it.

  • James Witt

    Hi Steve,

    I am throwing in with Carl and Linda on this one. Turning our back on God is fundamental to the decay we are experiencing. Your thesis though, is not wrong, only secondary. Along with the family, the individual is responsible to cause the necessary changes to shore up our culture and preserve the God inspired liberties of our nation. And it sure would help if the clergy found the courage to address this situation.

    Keep up your good work!

  • Mary Looyen

    I agree with Carl and Linda. We need to get back on track putting God first. Because putting God first, everything else falls into place. Period!!

  • Bettye

    As a nation, we are straying away from the sheer fibers that hold us together. Reference to God or the Bible is being stripped away, there is little personal accountability, the family unit is disentegrating mainly due to the two paycheck family to make ends meet. There, basically, no longer any togetherness such as sitting around the table discussing “your” day, your friends, there are too many violent video games that desentisizes the brain, especially with the young who watch the “heads roll and the blood spurt” and the “victim” soon appears once again. And Hollywood certainly does not help the situation!! We are rapidly turning into a country of moral decay and corruption!! We are running out of time before we all go over the precipice!

  • Ruth Lawler

    Yes, God and the family unit (male, female) are the base for a moral and productive nation. Without a strong base people tend to do whatever is right in their own eyes, whatever serves them best. Governments with too much power, and ours is ignoring the laws which forbid a dictatorship, become a false god. We should not be letting this happen, but when the news medias fail to hold govt. accountable, govt. turns into an uncontrollable, destructive behemoth.
    As for mass killings such as Newtown, most of these perpetrators were on prescription drugs for mental problems. Prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people yearly and are over-prescribed, mis-used and inherently dangerous. They are responsible also for innumerable suicides, particularly among young people. The FDA is largely funded by big pharma and is beholden to this billion dollar industry more than to the people. Europe has banned many drugs and products we use daily. Money talks, but it’s time we focused our attention on mind altering drugs and examined them and their connection to these heinous crimes. We need to treat patients or isolate them, not drug them.

  • John

    The breakdown of the family (rather the willfull destruction of the family) was first, and without such destruction the ensuing chaos could not have occured.
    The family unit is the strongest bond we as humans have, destroy those bonds and all else will fail within a society.

    The government then acts with various programs to fill the void created when the family unit was destroyed (created dependency) etc.

    The education system was the next institution to be willfuly destroyed.

    Produce indoctrinated youth as opposed to educated youth and the results are ignorant people who are easily manipulated by the very government that indoctrinated them (creating dependency) etc.

    Divide, destroy the family unit, dumb down the youth, was the recipe needed in order to allow such a POTUS to be elected, to allow our country to shift to a welfare state. I could write a book on how and why this all took place, would never be published since people like me are not to be heard from.

    These two events were necessary in order to produce the climate we now live in.

    This climate had to be created to allow the type of government we have (powerful and controlling, manipulative) etc. etc.

    Then gain control over the health of the people! Is checkmate time folks!

    The breakdown of the family IS NOT A SYMPTOM it is the ‘CAUSE’.

    For nearly 40 years I have witnessed this willfull destruction, I have warned of the perils, wrote about it, campaigned about it, nobody listened.

    The solutions to are problems are not complicated, however solutions is not what the ‘powers that be’ want.

    Sadly since so many people are products of the ‘indoctrination system’ they (the indoctrinated)) have no clue there is anything wrong.

    So, therefore is very doubtful the solutions will be carried out by the people.

    Then factor in the attack on God, and a whole host of other issues, issues created primarily by the Democrat Party and it’s allies.

    This country is being transformed from our founding to a Communist style of governement or worse, but most of the people are so stupid they have no clue what is happening, and most who do know are to afraid to act.

    If I could act on behalf of everyone I would, for I understand the end game at hand and have no fear.

    Bottom line we will lose our country!

    We can talk ourselves to death while the country remains under attack, or develop a serious plan to take our country back.

    lol…………that will never happen because effort and sacrifice would be required, along with thinking, accountability, unity.

    JBD (nobody)

  • cody watson

    You can have a strong focus on family, note tribalism, without a strong focus on God. I would agree with those who say it is because we have excluded God from the public square and have neglected our Judeo-Christian values ie the Ten Commandments. I personally look back to my grandparents generation and their family altar. Their children as a whole did not have the family altar. My wife and I have had personal devotions but neglected the family altar after the initial years. Deuteronomy 6 lays the responsibility on the parents especially fathers. The break up of the family has left many without fathers. But within “Christianity” divorce and broken families is much like that of our secular culture. I must repent. We in the Christian family must repent ie II Chronicles 7:14. If His people……. We are like the generation after Joshua, those who did not know the miracles of God.

  • Bill

    My comments are short because I agree with Carl, Linda, Frank and so many others who have commented. These comments are so dead-on straight I don’t know if I could add anything that hasn’t been said. If we want a change, for the good, in our society we’re going to HAVE to put God back into our daily lives, schools, country, etc. Our Heavenly Father is ready and willing to be there for us, but He is not going to force His way into our lives. All we have to do is call on His name. He is willing, are we? In the U.S. we have the freedom to choose, let’s hope and pray that, as a country, we start making the RIGHT choices again, and quit letting some others make the “wrong” choices for us, or sit idly by while they make the wrong choices for us and it becomes too late – and our freedom to choose is gone. There have been too many people screaming that Christians are trying to force their beliefs on others, and that we are wrong, when actually it is many of “the others” who are trying to force their beliefs on us. So many of our so-called “leaders” are making the wrong choices for our country, and are not standing up for what the majority of our country really wants & needs. Too many don’t seem to be interested in what the majority really wants. And if they continue down this path, then we need to make sure they step aside so someone else who has our best interest at heart steps in.

  • Edward Jones

    We as Christians can’t expect non believers to be like Christians because their not. We would all like it if we all believed in God but that is not how it is. Jesus came to heal the sick those that don’t know him. The bible says you can’t serve 2 masters, either you will serve God or you will serve satan and non Christians will not serve God or do the things of God. You can not expect non believer to want to pray or read the bible because they do not care about the things of God. But as Christian parents it’s our duty to teach our children about the love of God and His plan of salvation. We can not expect a non believing teacher to teach our kids about God because they don’t believe in God. It would be great if every teacher and every politician believed in God and was saved and was willing to teach our kids about God and wanted God in every walk of life but that is not reality. All we can do is pray for the non believers in our society and teach our kids about the love of God and live the life God has commanded us to live before the unbeliever. Yes it is a shame God is no longer in our schools or in our government and believe me it is going to get worse because we are living in the last days. We are not of this world but only travelers in a foreign country but while we are traveling in this foreign land we must set the example for the non believers, teach our kids the ways of our Lord and pray for those who do not believe in a loving creator. Our country was founded in “God we trust” and the break down of the family has lead to the way our society is today. Fathers no longer sit with their children and read the bible to them. Women have taken the role of the man and want careers instead of raising their family. If a women is married with kids she needs to be home raising her family not sending them to day care. Our society is in the shape it is in because of the break down of the family.

  • http://cherylford.com Cheryl

    God-awareness is important, and the family is important. But God has not been honored, and we are suffering the consequences. We have torn the banner of decency, and He is removing the hedge of protection. We have turned our face from Him, and He is turning His face from us. That is quite biblical, actually. (Jer 32:33, for example). Strong families can turn their back on God, too. We need another Great Awakening. That is what will bring God to our land and strengthen the families. God is our only hope.

  • Don White

    I can NOT believe that people around our country DON’T see the ONLY problem here!!! In EVERY case of these types of CRIMES, at least on over 100 of them, PHARMACY DRUGS are what caused this to happen, NOT THE GUNS!!! Our grand-parents just dealt with being depressed, and they didn’t have THE DRUGS that create MORE and MORE depression, instead they were getting Omega 3.

  • Bryce Petersen

    This proclamation was given in the 1990’s. If heeded maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today.

    The Family
    A Proclamation to the World
    The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.

    All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

    In the premortal realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.

    The first commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife. We declare that God’s commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.

    We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed. We affirm the sanctity of life and of its importance in God’s eternal plan.

    Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. “Children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.

    The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.

    We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.

    We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

    • http://cherylford.com Cheryl

      Do the “ancient and modern prophets” include Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, who had upwards of 100 wives between them? What kind of sound family structure is that? Should we listen to the Mormon Apostles before they have renounced the heresies of their founders?

  • Don White

    We WILL see more of these types of crimes, since Obama did mention having MORE mental facillities involved! In several Northwestern States such as Idaho, etc., there are many Indian Tribes that have to go 100’s of miles to see doctors, and some of them, The Government has cut their MEDS! NOW, there are over 12 times the suicide rates in those Indian Tribes!! You DO the research.

  • Joe Puckett

    There are many families still together as a unit that do not teach the Biblical principles that we are to go by. The Bible was given to man to be used as guidelines for living, to be taught by the Holy Spirit to those who have within them the Holy Spirit. Man has strayed far, far from God and the principles He meant for us to go by. And that is the main reason for the cultural decay we see today, not just the family breakdown.which is just another product of the decay.

  • Laura

    No disagreement with the position that the family is the basis of society and that the destruction of the family unit will result in the destruction of our society.
    A pertinent fact is left out of the discussion though. As pointed out by Dr. Richard Schulze, in EVERY case of mass shootings in the last few decades, the killers were later found out to be taking LEGAL, medical doctor prescribed, pharmaceutical, mind-altering, prescription drugs. This recent horrifying tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut will probably be the same. As a society we cannot routinely prescribe powerful mind-altering drugs to an ever increasing number of children (especially boys) and not expect those drugs to mess up the child’s development.

  • Paul Lindberg

    Thank you, Steve, for a great discussion.
    I agree with both sides. Yes, the family breakdown is the root cause, and we must restore “normal” families. And yes, we cannot do that while God has been invited out of our public life and replaced with the “god” of secular humanism.

    Don’t forget, we now have a government that is actively, aggressively working to destroy “normal’ families (abortions, welfare for unwed mothers, “gays”, public “education” that denigrates parents and their “old fashioned” beliefs, etc.)

    Sure, you can restore one normal family, your own – then try to send your kids off to a public college and see what happens!

    Our Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” yet we now have a zillion laws doing just that, and its not the Christian religion they have established. Yet it is ONLY the Christian religion that they are “prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Steve, but unless we have a change of leadership in this country, you can work at “restoring the family” all you want and it will have no effect. It’s going to take a Holy Spirit led, full-blown revival. That probably won’t happen until the Christians here really start feeling the persecution and start crying out to God. I believe that is happening as we speak.

  • Suzie B.

    When I heard about the Newtown tragedy, I knew the observations which would be made.
    I have a daughter who was mentally ill. She was bi-polar and paranoid which a Johns Hopkins doctor told me was the worst kind. It was not recognized until she was about 28. I could do nothing for her. Eventually I was her enemy. One cannot communicate with the doctor because our government protects patients’ right to privacy. She hung herself in a campground when she was 43 years old.
    She did not lack good parents, and she had 5 brothers and sisters who dearly loved her. She was a smart good woman.
    Mental illness and abnormalities are and have been part of human life and exist everywhere. We are imperfect. Psychiatrists and parents cannot stem the tide, or, if you prefer, engineer change.
    That people think genetically based aberrant behavior can be “cured” by a psychiatrist is beyond my comprehension.
    Our media and press are purveyors and popularizers of our declining culture. They obviously contribute bad ideas and examples to those who observe them and who accept what they advocate or demonstrate.
    The Newtown victims, their families, the killer’s family, and all the people involved have my heart felt sympathy and my prayers.


  • Freda Wilson

    As I was praying on Sat. morning about what happened the day before the tragedy in CT, it seemed that the LORD showed me something. It was as if He was showing me that the horrible, horrific sight that all of the news people were talking about is a common sight everyday in every abortion clinic in America. The only difference is the ones killed in that CT school were bigger than the aborted children in the clinics. The time may have come for GOD to give us a first-hand look at our repulsive sin of murdering our children. Father, forgive us and STOP this senseless, wickedness.

  • http://AmericanPatriotCouncil.com Robert Williams


    My wish for all of you reflects Spock’s salutation of, “— live long and prosper”. Of course it has been said that “wishing does not make it come true”. I beg to differ in one respect. I believe that wishing can give sufficient impetus to motivate the overcoming of obstacles. Else we would have never gotten to the moon or mars or made any or the marvelous medical advances that now benefit us. In high school biology I learned that a single tiny muscle fiber does not exert much force, but combined with thousands of other muscle fibers, the force available is considerable. Changing detrimental circumstances takes a similar collective effort of emotional motivation, brain power, and muscle power. With that in mind, I would like to share with you some of the detrimental circumstances I feel are worth changing for a better future of preserving the Christmas Spirit for many years to come.


    Most Americans today agree that in about one lifetime both the pace and quantity of innovations and social interaction has accelerated to the point of mass confusion. Liberty has always been popular in our country, but liberty necessitates self-accountability and during the 60’s the youth rebellion against authority threw away accountability along with the sense of honor and the dignity of work. As the 60’s youth aged, most of this rebellion morphed into some bad policies concerning the balance between governing limited to that specified in the Constitution — and governing broadened to include almost every imaginable intrusion into private property and private lives. This trend of turning over government to a monstrosity of arrogant bureaucracies and czars left little room for anything else more enlightening than fraud and the enrichment of special interests at the expense of a diminishing percentage of honest producers who are being forced into a heavier and heavier burden of taxes and enterprise-choking regulations. Mix in a collapsed Europe and rising powers in the Middle East and the Orient and you get fear, anger, frustration, and increasing confusion. In part because of this confusion, the public majority elects representatives on both sides of the coin who continue to throw that very public under the bus. We are witnessing this right now as the “fiscal cliff” crisis heads for dangerous collapse or equally dangerous extension of indecision. If the bridge collapses of its own weight, then it will not be the elite that suffer. It will be the general public as usual.


    So what do we have to counter this confusion? We have two kinds of faith that the founders of our country wisely intertwined to form an enduring core of assurance. The most prominent kind of American faith was, and is, the Christian faith held by almost all of the early settlers. That faith is still held by 80 percent or more of American citizens. The second kind of faith is a faith in the inherent goodness of the democratic process involved in a free republic that rejects elitist government and substitutes the concept of government for, of, and by the people as a basic guideline.


    Respect and compassion for fellow humans is the basic tenant of Christians no matter what their denomination. This is exactly the kind of warmth we celebrate at Christmas time. The annual repetition of this reminder keeps us more focused on it the year around. But like the “Dark Side” in the Star Wars Series, or the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” — there is and always has been, a counterpart force in humankind that strives to subtract Christmas and its Spirit. This “Grinch” and his fellow travelers seek to destroy freedom, compassion, and warmth — in order to substitute elitism and absolute iron-fisted control of whole populations. The Grinch’s only faith is a fairy-tale idea that there are some humans around (starting with whoever appoints himself the Grinch of course) that are so awesomely brilliant that they should be elevated to absolute rule. They are supposedly capable of micro-managing millions of daily transactions of all sorts among the human populations they control. To do this, they promote government ownership of all the means of production and distribution of goods, and the absolute control of money. That is the dictionary definition of “socialism”. I would add communism as an even more extreme example. Unbelievably, socialists and communists including Hitler, Stalin and Mao, have murdered millions in the name of “compassion for the people who are too dumb to manage themselves”. Worst of all, large groups of people fall for it because the first step of socialism is always to hand out more and more “free stuff” to the lessor income populace paid for by enforced soaking of those still willing to work hard and earn more. It is called “income redistribution” or “everyone paying their fair share”. The word “fair” of course, is always defined by the elite, not by the public.


    News item Dec 22nd. 2012: “KARACHI, Pakistan – A mob in southern Pakistan stormed a police station to seize a mentally unstable Muslim man accused of burning a copy of Islam’s holy book, beat him to death, and then set his body afire, [Pakistani] police said Saturday”.

    Extreme intolerance of just a few people against their own Muslim brother? Unfortunately not. There is another dark side of “the force” whose determined goal for many centuries has been and still is to wipe out both Christmas and Christians — as well as Jews, and Hindus, and Buddhists, and republics, and democracies and any human of any kind, including fellow Muslim men women and children, whom they deem violate the slightest diversion from the Islamic Faith according to the personal precepts of those in charge. Remember the young Muslim lady on the cover of Time Magazine not long ago whose nose and ears had been cut off merely because she tried to escape a brutal set of in-laws from an arranged marriage. That dark force is embedded in an unchanged brutal religion whose followers call themselves “Muslims”. While there are some Muslims who would rather just live and let live, the number of fanatics and their viciousness is sufficient for the fanatics to currently call all the shots — including the recent killing of the man in the news item above and the recent killings of people giving and receiving Polio vaccine in Pakistan. Yet Pakistan is a Muslim country considered more “moderate” than most Muslim countries. Egypt is now run by the Muslim Brotherhood — notorious for reviving Islamic Jihad fanaticism in the modern world and inspiring the rich Osama Bin Laden. So much for the “Arab Spring”.


    Even in Egypt there is the Internet — a new element of worldwide society — difficult to control and providing instant communications raising the awareness of and empowering more and more common people who are beginning to see through the subterfuge of relentless control freaks. There is opposition — some of it very brave opposition. The Spirit of 76 and the Spirit of Christmas are not dead. But they do need staunch nourishing.

    I personally can see no alternative for preserving what is demonstrably good about humanity unless men and women of goodwill unite in resisting evil. Resisting evil is in keeping with the Christian faith and the faith of our fathers in a true republic. Even if resisting evil requires defensive violence after all else fails, that sort of violence in my mind is justified — like it would be justified if a rattlesnake insists on attacking a harmless child. Well, as both the Muslim fanatics who bomb pet markets and mutilate young women, and the school shooters in our own country demonstrate, — deranged individuals and deranged religions and deranged political philosophies need to be resisted for the sake of all the children of the world and their futures.

  • Greenknight2814

    Dear Steve
    This is what makes reading e-mail a vocation: vital responses.
    You wrote in your blog,
    “Yes, it’s time to end the antagonism toward faith that’s now so prevalent in the public square. It’s outrageous that a teacher in a public school should have any concern for his or her job over praying in class or reading the Bible. This is nonsensical and a violation of our fundamental rights. We do not surrender our religious liberties once we step into a public space, and there is no constitutional mandate for a secular state.”
    I agree that the family is key, but I also know that we have become an overall godless culture, and I’m thinking about two reasons why, among many.

    We as a society have been perverted with an obsession of “rights” as defined through our judicial branch of government. I find the ACLU as and analogy to Napoleon’s dogs in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. I also find that some judges don’t care about marginalizing God and pass their responsibility to write a reasoned opinion off to others. In particular, Judge John E. Jones III used 90% of the ACLU’s brief in his ruling in the ruling against Intelligent Design in the 2005 case against the school board in Dover, PA. (http://creation.com/science-creation-and-evolutionism-refutation-of-nas) The “left” has systematically been exploiting the judiciary branch of government, among others, to evolve America from a biblical to a materialist worldview, starting with the Scopes Monkey Trials to today, where any challenge to “Science” as anything but naturalistic is met with swift court action by the ACLU. Would that God would raise up a godly crop or lawyers dedicated to Him and freedom in America.

    Since most school districts have been inured to the erosion of “free speech” and “academic free inquiry” by the canard of “separation of church and state”, or fearful of the ACLU suing then, they don’t miss any chance to dismiss, if not squelch, the Bible’s account of Creation. School districts from teachers on up to school boards who don’t comply are punished. If schools systematically dispense “truth”, what, then, do students have to base their concept of a worldview? What tells them that there is an ultimate source of justice, love, truth, righteousness, right and wrong? How are they to understand that, individually, just like the first man, all us must answer to that source for what we do?

    This doesn’t detract from the importance of families. They’re the primary social institution, and they should be the primary moral institution for raising godly future generations. Many Christian Parents today, as well as Jewish parents with hearts to serve God, have also been educated to believe that “Science” is explained only by Naturalism, and the Bible must be re-examined and explained in that regard. While churched families can provide nurture, they’re stretched to explain “conflicts” in the Bible that secular detractors point out to Christians; therein, many kids are put off from the message of salvation and grace. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” said the prophet Hosea (6:4), and that’s the knowledge of who we are, what we are, why we are the way we are, and what is our purpose here. This is all defined in God’s Word, principally in the first eleven chapters. Until families discover the truth of that to teach their children, they will loose the doctrinal foundation of Christianity, and we will continue to degenerate as a nation and as a people.

  • Kevin Patrick Dillon, M.A.R.

    “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” When America trusted God, we prospered and grew. When we removed prayer from our schools, we degenerated into the corruption-plagued society we are now.

    Let’s begin a campaign to return to Almighty God and His Word by being obedient to it personally and then by sharing it with everyone we can. Going back to the Bible is our only hope of survival as a nation. Remember: It was Jesus Christ whom Abraham Lincoln quoted when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  • Guy Overlees

    Finally some has said exactly what I’ve been saying for the last 10 yrs. Because of that our society has not taught our children WORK ETHICS, MORAL ETHICS, and the 3 Rs. W e have become people who want instant gratification without having to work for it. Also every child gets a trophy weather the won or lost, How do kids learn how to compete and become a winner, or how to strive to make themselfs better? What better way to improve their lives? Kind of like everybody should own their own homes. NO everybody should not. Thanks again Govt. for making people dependent more on the Govt.

  • R P M

    Regarding “missing the mark”, your observations about the dissolution of the family as causative in social breakdown certainly has merit and plenty of evidence. You spoke, however, of families evolving to tribes and villages, and so on to cities, and city-states.

    You may want to reconsider that social breakdown is a result of the end of the tribe as extended family, which is the natural way primates live. Tribal / village culture allows children to be raised by aunts and uncles and grandparents along with their mother and father. In such a broad support system, kids get the cumulative benefit of many talents and affections, and have a context for individual shortcomings. They get lots of encouragement and guidance.

    The nuclear family does not exist in nature. It is a disruption of social support for the economic purposes and power structure of church and state. That it breaks down easily and often under the pressures of industrial labor, corporate hierarchy, and public school is no surprise. Do you know anyone who didn’t have some really bad experiences in government schools? They are there to train children to become submissive, compliant workers willingly paying tribute to their overlords in industry, church, and the corporate world of ‘profit before people’. With two working parents, who’s minding the kids?

    When someone goes rogue, and creates terror in school, it is sad, but also a sign of the same breakdown of systemic servitude that Chalmers Johnson called Blowback against the predation of an empire; the reprisal of the underdog with nothing left to loose. The real terror in our modern society is not the violence of mavericks, but the dehumanizing dominion of the banking cartels, and all their minions. The Matrix is real, and we are the batteries.

    • Wilma

      I believe it is a combination of things that is causing so many problems in our society. As a nation we have gotten away from God and accountability. Also, destruction of the family unit plays a big part. I believe the lack of moral training combined with exposure to children and even adults of horrible violence on TV, in movies, and Video games is a huge part of the problem.

  • Robert Spick

    Dear Steve: You are correct in your perception and view of the situation. A stable, moral and sane family unit is one of the key building blocks of society and they directly contribute to creating stable, moral and sane individuals; who are also building blocks of the society.

    If the building blocks of society, (individuals and families), are being destroyed then we should ask, who or what is causing their destruction?

    1. What is destroying families and individuals ? is answered by the following:

    a. Immorality: due to a lack of awareness of the spiritual nature of man, creates a
    poor understanding of social values. Creates poor goals and purpose choices.
    b. illiteracy, and poor education systems: causes an inability to understand self,
    others and life. Creates poor comprehension, communication and reasoning
    thus reducing intelligence and responsibility for self, family and community.
    Causes a lower view of own self worth, thus personal and social degredation
    which leads to criminality and violence. T.V. and video games also contribute
    to a poor view of self and values.
    c. Drugs, creates spiritual degredation, unreality with present time environment.
    lethargy, and lack of responsibility for self and others. Creates a criminal
    mindset of “must be contributed to” and apathy.
    d. Psychiatric drugs: causes hallucinations, violent and evil side effects. ( All of the
    individuals who have done these mass murder shootings have been on one
    or more psychiatric medications – these medications have known side effects
    for causing violent and suicidal tendencies. You can find many reports that
    confirm this.)

    2. Who is destroying individuals and families? This is answered by the following:

    a. Pyschiatric principles and beliefs: This may come as a shock to some people
    that one group could be separated out as a cause, or that it could be psychiatry
    as they are supposed to be helping cure individuals and society. “Supposed to
    be” is correct. They have false and harmful solutions. If you trace the data back
    you will see that psychiatry is at the bottom of many of societies ills. Their
    solutions are destructive and they are being pushed and forwarded by the
    very groups and governments that you are having to fight against to preserve
    religious rights and freedoms.

    Ask yourself these questions

    – Who rants and raves about religions and religious rights. The people who have
    created the label “religiosity” – psychiatry.
    – Who introduced LSD and other mind altering drugs into society? psychiatry.
    (look up the records and history, it is all there in black and white.)
    – What group has completely changed the core values of education and
    education principles in the country? – psychiatry ( Their helping hand eliminated
    simple reading, writing and arithmetic and phonics from the education system.
    They recommended replacing it with “better systems” ) Read the book
    “Why Johnny Cant Read”, or “The Leigzig connection”
    – What group pushes for more and more and more drugs and medications
    to “cure” the individual and “treat” the individual. – psychiatry
    – What drugs cause the most harm and have the most violent side effects
    on children and teens. psychiatric medications like prozac, etc..

    I am sure this is a lot to take in, but I am also sure that if you really look at the situation you will see that it is correct. You can find all the supporting data to back up my comments by looking at the website for the “Citizens Commission on Human Rights”

    God bless
    Robert Spick

  • Vern

    Yes, the DESTRUCTION of the strong family with good morals (God is here–The Ten Commandments and other peace loving beliefs), responsibility, ability to counteract the evil peer and media pressure, respect for a person with a good heart (but not always with good behavior-their behavior can be changed) and civic laws (even if they are bad ones–teach how to change them) IS the main reason (but not the only reason) for violence, abortions, unwed mothers,etc.(statistics back this up) AND actually WORLD PEACE !!!

    I did not realize how directly WORLD and LOCAL PEACE are related until I read in our local newspaper (on page 13 of the front section !—a mostly Republican paper !) that Pope Benedict XVI has been recently openly attacking the gay marriage movement and approval by some U.S. States, France, and Spain.

    How does this threaten WORLD and LOCAL PEACE you may ask as I did as I was reading the article.

    When I read the Pope quoting the Chief Rabbi in France, Gilles Bernheim, saying “the campaign for granting gays the right to marry and adopt was an ATTACK on the traditional family made up of father, mother and children” did it hit me why my wife and I are so passionately against gay marriage and adoption—-we are at WAR to protect God’s design for the family!!! Few good families–violence–war–end of peace!

    My wife and I have been married for 24 years and have seen and experienced ourselves the emotional, financial damage and personal morals change back and forth of a few of our six daughters due to divorces and harmful relationships and loss of God’s divine direction through grace,prays, parents and friends.

    We failed them I guess despite our strong efforts at times to change their situation but with no results until after the damage was done. Thank God they are all NOW back with a God based belief in their lives and married to a man; HOWEVER some disagree with us concerning our definition of marriage–one man and one woman–as God intended. This debate is not over with them and we hope to change their views.

    The current gay activists are winning the WAR because it seems that most people do not realize the ultimate consequences (and there are many) of same-sex-marriage and adoption. This is “old” school perhaps but my wife and I will not talk or recognize a same-sex-couple married legally or not (a boycott if you will) UNLESS they are willing to listen to the reasons they have chosen a life style against God’s will and man’s peaceful survival and willing to change. This includes family members and friends. You need to pray and think long term and deeply about this before you think we are wrong.

    Unfortunately “same-sex-marriage”, not the real “Marriage”, WILL probably be allowed in the U.S.A. by a misguided government and judges. If this happens they should call that union LEGALLY something like “Legal Union”. My wife and I do NOT want to be in the same category with “same-sex-marriage” couples so they should have a different legal name. This will allow the sanctity of all the “Married” couples to be preserved.

    The gay activists want to change the true meaning of God’s definition of MARRIAGE (one man and one woman) and FAMIY. This is a direct ATTACK on our God given life style for a FAMILY.

    We pray there are enough strong, passionate good family people to stop this movement. If we can not, then the country and the world will eventually become more at WAR not PEACE.

  • Mary A. Cole

    This is a comment on an email you sent on 12-22-12. Yes, the family is the unit God chose through which He planned to evangelize those who do not know Him. To do this most affectively, the family needs to be ordered as He designed it to be. His instructions are in Scripture and in the history of the church. However, we are too busy and tired to be informed and conformed to these. The home should be full of the Spirit of the Lord, but instead homes are full of the spirit of the world via the various secular media that we invite into our home. I would like to get better acquainted with how the first century Christians were able to be salt and light to their world so that the church grew geometrically. I think they did have an advantage in that they did not have TV, video games, etc. to compete with that which was conforming them to God’s ways. I do not see how Christians can spend almost every waking hour immersed in the world’s culture via the electronic and printed media and become the salt and light this world needs in order to be saved from the destruction we are experiencing today. I suggest trying to “fast” from the media for periods of time to experience what it is like to “be still and know that [God] is God”.

  • Patricia

    I agree with the breakdown of the family, and we need to pray that God is the center of those families. However, I also believe God being taken out of our schools, and all public places is a huge factor – God’s name can’t be spoken UNTIL there’s a disaster. I was amazed that prayer was actually allowed in the Newtown school gym last week – what a miracle that was! Maybe there is hope for our nation after all.

  • Mary Z.

    Alot has been said in many ways. I agree with most of it. We put the blame for all that is happening today but the last word what are we going to do about what is happening today. We have to work harder
    to put God in our lives and also to pray more for the ones in the White House
    to keep out of our private lives affairs and get back to the basic rule of goverment. Abortion and Parts of Healthcare and Marriages should not be
    in politics. God Bless us all and watch over us.

  • gen

    My thoughts… Your first email which covered the break down of the family includes God. Marriage is between man, woman, and God. So even without saying God, he is naturally included, and understood to be included in the previous email. That’s what I thought. Because I learned marriage (God, man, and woman) is the only thing on earth that reminds the devil of heaven the Father, Son, and Holy ghost. That’s why by the devil attacking families he is like going after what’s precious to God. Because it resembles heaven. Your first email was exactly on point.

  • http://yahoo thomas

    I want to know what person (person’s) or god would allow children to lay on the floor of that school for so long???? and why can’t the media get this right. THERE WAS NO RIFLE IN THE SCHOOL..

  • http://www.dumbellnebula.com Gem Burke

    I don’t think you ‘missed the mark’ with your letter nor do I think you necessarily hit it. The problem is we are human and we all have flaws or problems and often our dealing with them exacerbates the problems. I’ve read somewhere that Adam Lanza had more problems than most of us and was being treated with drugs, societies normal response to that problem, a response I might add the pharma push as it helps with their bottom line. As Adam’s problem resulted in the deaths of so many, society wants to act, wants to point their finger at something that can be done so this never happens again. As in the case when firearms are used, people like to blame guns. Yes, get rid of guns and our problems will be solved . Getting rid of guns, were that even possible, only rids us of a symptom of a problem, an instrument used by someone who is at least temporarily deranged. It makes us feel like we are doing something to correct the problem, it makes us feel less helpless.

    The problem, in my opinion, has two parts. The one part being the individual with some mental problems and the other part being how we as a nation, a society are dealing with mental illness and its cause. NO, I’m not joining the band wagon calling for more mental health in the US. While that may be part of the solution, I’m talking on a grand scale, the pharma that push their drugs for the sake of sales, who buy off politicians for favorable legislation, for politicians who take the money and do and say anything to be re-elected, to keep their position of power and wealth. If you really want to fix Newtown type tragedies, focus on the real problem(s), but most of us won’t. They can’t get their hands around the bigger problem, they can’t do something in 15 minutes that will change anything so that is why it is so much easier to say it is the fault of guns, now that is literally something you can get your hands around, point a finger at, and feel like you’re doing something to get rid of.

    Do I have a solution? No, we don’t even have a problem, defined what that is. You can’t fix a crack in the dam by plowing the field. Reading the responses to your letter and I see that too many of us are still trying to plow the field. Now one thing I see a lot of and I know grassfire supports is the religious aspect of this, saying that god has gone out of our country or something along that line. God doesn’t do anything, god helps those that help themselves. So if it is through gods guidance that you are able to do something or that god working through you, you are able to do something then fine, but do it. Don’t say the problem is there are not enough people in your church, your parish, your synagogue, people believing what you believe, that is just BS and it is again finger pointing but not doing anything.

    Answers? I don’t have any answers. Can I do something? I can try. First identify the real problem. Most will never get this far. I don’t know if I have identified “the” problem but for sure I have identified “a” problem. “Lies.” People lie, politicians lie, the media lies and most of all corporations lie. We are lied to about what happened (withholding facts is a lie), we are lied to about what was/is being done and we are lied to about what is going to happen or what a person, politician or corporation is going to do about it.

    So where do you start, how do you get your hands around this? Start with yourself.

  • Katherine

    Instead of reinventing the wheel, maybe we should read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It summarizes all that we Christians need to know and it is there in black and white. Our Catholic Brothers and Sisters have been saying this all along and maybe we need to realize that the Holy Spirit is inspiring us all to wake up. May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with all of us this precious celebration of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

  • http://nc.rr.com Margaret Hood

    I agree with you Steve. Many American homes have been trashed and attacked by those who think their rights are above the family unit that God created not for retriction of freedom but to establish and family circle that evolves and supports family members to make a cohesive unit. happy and full of promise as God is our heavenly Father and our earthly father becomes the head of the household and is the PROVIDER! Children feel secure when the family unit promotes promise and hope centered around a BIBLE BELIEVING FAMILY! God promotes and loves the family as Christ the head loved us and showed us the way to heaven by becoming the one time sacrifice . born in Bethelem, lived in Nazareth, taught in the Temple in Jerusalem and die on a cruel Roman cross.. raised on the Third Day and is now seated at the right hand of God. Coming soon as He said he would…..only God the Father knows. for time was created for mankind and God is able to save us in DUE TIME…coming again to claim his church the Christians who are called by HIS NAME. AMEN …AND HALLELUJAH!

  • Timothy Betts

    I will say that the societal problem we have all stems from throwing God out of our nation. The social order in the past was placed squarely on the precepts that God has given to man. When we have a leader in our nation declare that we are no longer a Christian nation so goes the nation. God will allow it to destroy itself so as to bring a greater awareness of our need for Him.
    To bring God back to our nation we must declare that He is our God and soveriegn Lord. We must speak His name and worship Him in all ways. He must be in the center of our government and society. Confession with the mouth and living a true life following Christ will bring a nation back. The example is what is missing. To many so called Christian live a life that is not pleasing to God expecting Him to hear their voice. We as a nation must live by the Word of God and nothing other than that alone. It would be easy to bring this nation back if we as a believeing people would stand up and make the noise that the liberal front has done for years. We must let this nation know that we are the true followers of the true living God.

  • Larry the bald guy

    Make note that the Bible describes some of God’s first works ever. When it came to People, He created Adam & Eve and they were/became the very first Family. Family was created first – NOT Government!, Not the STATE! These passages are prefaced (if I recall properly) with the words “In the beginning”. Family is the one solitary target we should seek to protect today above all else, after first seeking God in all things. From that, Peace can come back into this world. **There’s much more to this than can be squeezed into this space. Merry Christmas to one and all!
    — So types Larry the bald guy.

  • RJ Steckler

    I relay what just happened in America this way: God just held up a mirror to the nation… and this was the reflection.

    We are now Romans Chapter One, specifically vs 18-35 – verse 35 speaking directly of those who “tolerate” and thus did not vote.

    And while this can be changed, it can only come by changing one heart at a time. Change the heart; change the man. And the ONLY way man’s heart can be changed is by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Good works, good intentions, well intentioned but misleading books, and most definitely religion, IS NOT the answer. The ONLY answer is Christianity. Only God can change the heart. Except a man be born again… John 3:3
    RJ Steckler

  • Dave Copperfield

    There is growing evidence that the pharmaceutical industry is a contributing factor in violent rampages:

  • Kevin

    Short of another “Great Awakening,” there is no increasing “God awareness.” Winning and discipling one person for Christ at a time is all that matters. It’s a fact…we live in a secular society, populated by under and down right uninformed voters. Conservatives have been outflanked by liberals that focus on getting elected first and governing later. Our schools, judicial system (for the most part), blood sucking unions and most government employees are overwhelmingly Democrats, all posturing to control power. The new voter demographics are easily manipulated by liberals… people who speak English as a second language, inexperienced youth and the growing number of the wards of the state. Not to mention a media that has an agenda that’s farther left than your average elected Democratic politician. I’m a devote Christian, but I think the Republican party should divorce itself from some of its social issues. Romney received the same percentage of votes from mature, white, male voters as Ronald Reagan, but the times and demographics have changed. The problem is that our primaries are ruled by the “faithful.” You can’t win a primary election if you don’t appear to be very conservative and you can’t win a general election if you do. We shouldn’t expect heathen to act like saints. When the majority of our secular society has been bombarded with liberal social messages and become sympathetic and are ready to vote that way… it’s beyond time to drop it, whatever it is. They are going to do what they want to, regardless. We need to get elected, help the country become prosperous again, regain national pride and then gain support for social issues. Without more control, we can kiss the social issues goodbye anyway. I do think that through more education and awareness, as a nation, we can recognize mental illness and make a concerted effort to keep weapons out of the hands of the disabled and not just assault rifles either. After all, it doesn’t much matter whether you’re killed by a 12 gauge shotgun or an assault rifle. Most people with guns like that are collectors or own them for novelty sake, the rest are waiting for an Apocalypse. None are shooting first graders.

  • http://facebook Dan

    In years back, we never see the things that we are today.. There is something wrong when we are finding more problems and were not seeing any improvements.. GOD was respected by nearly all people and now his name is used as trash to say the least. We need to have a place that GOD is made very important, like a small town and show people the difference that it makes.. I am thinking that things as more worshiping GOD is or will be back soon.. I have heard that this will happen in our time.. When people are happy and felling GOD they will go back worship once again. I know for a fact that people were held from the prayer of others and if this happens again, people will come and worship and we will see change..

    • http://debbieonthewebbie.com Debbie Gray

      I like your idea of a city or town of difference. Christians could show difference to the world. Unfortunately, the establishment might be found discriminatory and would definitely be targeted by “darkness” to frame the town with trouble to prevent the “light” to shine. It would be worth a try!

  • http://worksbyjwmanning.com JWManning

    The word sin goes back to a time when it meant simply “missing the mark”
    not wickedness. It is easy to now understand why all of humanity are
    called sinners, as every one of us continually miss the mark. Wickedness is what
    was witnessed in Newtown Conn. last week. “Flesh and blood is not the enemy,
    but rather principalities and powers”. Our modern world continues to set up
    shiny magnets that permit wicked powers to pervert the thinking of each
    new generation. The plan is for them to follow many new ideas
    and perverse ways. The caution is to grow wise: Recognize the enemy
    and deny them. Remain ignorant, think God is unnecessary and you will be
    part of helping the Evil that scored in Newtown Connecticut last week.
    If America’s spiritual soil continues to weaken then where
    and when is the next massacre.

  • http://worksbyjwmanning.com JWManning

    The word sin goes back to a time when it meant simply “missing the mark”
    not wickedness. It is easy to now understand why all of humanity are
    called sinners, as every one of us continually miss the mark. Wickedness is what
    was witnessed in New¬¬town Conn. last week. Flesh and blood is not the enemy,
    but rather “principalities and powers”. Our modern world continues to set up
    shiny magnets that permit wicked powers to pervert the thinking of each
    new generation. The plan is for them to follow many new ideas
    and perverse ways. The caution is to grow wise: Recognize the enemy
    and deny them. Remain ignorant, think God is unnecessary and you will be
    part of helping the Evil that scored in Newtown Connecticut last week.
    If America’s spiritual soil continues to weaken then where
    and when is the next massacre.

  • Mary R.

    I agree that the family values have taken a hit, as well as people just not believing that the Lord is very important in their lives, but I also believe that the mental issues of a child should be addressed, not denied or embarrassed. The parents need to look at each of their children and take each of their children into consideration, if they see that a child is not acting right, get help for that child, if a teacher tells them that the child is troubled for whatever reason, find out what to do for the child immediately and do not stop until they get answers and if it means a psychiatrist, then so be it. Get the help the child needs and don’t stop until they get answers, become as informed as they can about the childs problem and help them even thru becoming adults. Denial will not help a child or adult, help might keep someone from hurting another persons or persons! Also ask the Lord to give you the courage to follow thru with what you need to do for your child!

  • Anchored_patriot

    There is another element that contributes to the Godless society that has not been aired yet. I think it is part and parcel of why we as a country have moved away from God. Previous commenters have cited the actions of groups such as the ACLU, the atheists, agnostics, satanists, etc. but nobody has mentioned the troubling trend of the mainline churches themselves abandoning God’s teachings and thus destroying the foundation of the Bible teachings the churches were built upon. If the churches no longer stand for anything, what good are they? They have, among other things, succomed to the homosexual agenda the churches have stood firm against since Christianity began. If the churches themselves cannot be counted upon to put principle before convenience and social pressure, then what can we believe in? What socially inconvenient truth will be abandoned next? To top that, the Catholic priesthood, supposed to be the shining example of Christlike life, has been decimated by scandal of epic proportions. It would be different if it were a single incident, but according to court settlements, it appears to be an epidemic. Who could follow such hypocritical spiritual leadership? Are we to be suprised then, that the mainstream denominations are dwindling in this country? The result is that those disillusioned souls have no moral rudder and may adopt the teachings of the secular humanists who preach that we are just animals no different than the other animals and thus survival of the fittest is the rule of the day – if it feels good – do it!. They have no purpose in living except to gratify their desires, whatever they may be – sometimes to the detriment of innocent bystanders.

  • http://debbieonthewebbie.com Debbie Gray

    I have not read the above comments so I am at risk of being redundant, but that’s not a bad thing, I suppose. I’ve taught elementary school for thirty-three years and as you can imagine, I’ve watched an enormous amount of change transpire. As a born-again Christian, I whole heartedly affirm your statement that we need God back in our schools. If it were only that simple. What I’ve grown to understand is that when we battle for Him to be allowed back through the doors, we MUST realize in doing so, we MUST allow equal access to other gods. Yes, it was not a concern prior to the evacuation of all things pertaining to God decades ago when that happened, because the Creator God was who America worshipped and honored, but now we live in an extremely politically correct society who will demand Alah, Buddah, Satan and other gods identical access to ours schools. It would be opening the proverbial can of worms. So sad!
    So…I fall back to the original premise that school is no longer a safe invitation to Him while education, life modeling, and trust in Him begins in the home and is empowered, nurtured and reinforced by Bible-bound churches.

    God bless us, everyone!

  • Jim I

    Silly People,

    You presume to judge the will of God!

    All that has come to pass is the Will of God.
    All that will come to pass is the Will of God.

    Your conceit that you are qualified to judge God’s Will should be recognized for what it is – your inability to comprehend God.

    Since you cannot comprehend God, you have created a false god in your own image. Now, unable to face the terror of what you have done, you blame others for “removing God”! This is an error of your perception – God cannot be “removed”. God is as He has always been, and always will be. God is independent of your opinion of Him.

    All that is, is.
    All that is not, is not.
    All that is, is God’s Will.
    All else is merely your confusion.

    In your conceit you judge others as “un-Godly”. In reality, your judgment is only the foolishness of a child. Praise God – for it is His Will that you are child-like. Your judgment is nothing more than a toy that God has allowed for your amusement. When God’s Will is fulfilled, you will realize that only God’s Judgment is pertinent, and like all toys, your own judgment will be set aside.

  • Ross Allen

    But if the parents don’t know God, how can they teach the children. The only thing that is going to save this country is a massive God-inspired transformation. Check out http://www.glowtorch.org/ to see how it is really happening today.

  • Dr. Jack York

    I have a profound idea on the sstate of America and its cause. I believe implicictly what the Bible says, If my people ,who are caalled by my name, will humble themselves and pray then I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.
    Churches and Christians across our land have dropped the ball. WE MUST GET BACK TO THE FUNDAMENTALS. GOD IS GIVING US ONE MORE CHANE TO STAND AND KNEEL FOR WHAT IS RIGHT..

    • http://debbieonthewebbie.com Debbie Gray

      Amen. Thank you for posting, Dr. Jack York.

  • http://debbieonthewebbie.com Debbie Gray

    Jim, I apologize for being silly and conceited. May God humble and correct my heart, as well as the others if He declares your judgement of us is accurate. I understand & believe what you stated regarding Gods will in the world and I understand His presence is in schools with us. I should have explained my inference more thoroughly. I will try: At one point in my career, teachers could legally acknowledge Him. We were allowed to pray for a family or a friend. Teachers were allowed to sponsor after/before school Bible clubs and I was once legally allowed to promote and attend MEET YOU AT THE POLE. Now those opportunities (and others) have been stripped from educators by lawmakers and we are bound by laws. In that reference, I stated God has been removed from school. It is His will that all will come to know Him and none perish so having laws against educating students toward that end is satans will and though God IS SOVEREIGN and IN CONTROL; in the last days, He is allowing lucifer to have his way…in arenas such as government and out of others, such as schools. He is using all things to work together for His good and glory. Though all you said is true, Gods will is not for us to roll over on our backs like a submissive pup, and just watch it unfold. We are to battle on, win souls, and avidly work against the evil one.

    My initial point actually aligns with yours – I suggested the mention of God is no longer allowed, you mentioned that is His will. We have no paradox; for I submit He knew it would soon come to what it has where IF we continued allowing Christ – centered prayer, clubs and gatherings in schools, we would be forced by the same governing bodies who made the cease and desist laws, to permit and support clubs following and worshipping other gods. I suspect the relationship of our posts are not as distant as one might perceive.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Debbie Gray

  • Peter Nyvall

    The question is “Would you give a mentally incompetent person a gun” Would not a person who is in charge of the guns, keep them locked up! In Texas we have “concealed and carry” gun toting teachers in our schools and churches. As for the rest of the nation, what are we paying our national guard to do, they could guard our schools! In Israel all the schools have military trained armed guards. And last but not least, the “10 Commandments” should be posted by the doors of all public buildings.

  • Beverly Cotton

    Satan has been busy. he is going to and fro on the face of this earth, actively seeking whom he may devour. The family was established by God. God was removed from societies, not only from the United States, but countries all over the world. Without God everything that was stable is crumbling, familes, schools, society, and mankind’s sanity. It’s certainly not up to the government to bring back God into society. The early Christians had the Roman government to deal with. It is up to the Christian people to repent and seek the face of God to heal our nation. WE bring Christ to the nations, WE repent, WE pray for revival. It starts with each individual God-fearing, God loving believer.

  • JackinCA

    I agree with all of what’s being said (except Dr. Smith). I noticed, however, that there is a glaring omission.
    The number one thing that has led to the destruction of the family is WELFARE. There is no need for a father to be a provider any longer when the State can provide. This WELFARE state of mind has given us the inner city ghettos and the ruination of the beautiful and talented African-American race (once mostly Republican). Look it up. The statistics are irrefutable.

  • Earl Zarbin

    “How we do restore a basic God-awareness…”?
    We don’t. We can’t, because the country has traveled the progressive road too far.
    Still, there remains a remnant. The remnant will persist, as it should, in attempting to reorient individuals and people in government toward limitations on the use of the police power. The remnant likely will not succeed.
    If a glimmer of hope should arise, the first thing to do is to get government out of the business of educating children. Education, like every other good and service not associated with protecting the nation’s sovereignty or providing “the equal protection of the laws,” should be accomplished by individuals offering it in an unrestricted, unhampered market place. The same for medicine and virtually all else.
    Unfortunately, the U.S. Constitution left too many loopholes for the statists to exploit, and they have hardly missed an angle. Ergo, what the future holds is anyone’s guess.

    I think I am wisdom,
    If only I had,
    In thanking God,
    I would be glad.

  • michael murray

    steve thank you for asking what can we do? in these last days even the most elect will be deceived. know the tools that are used against us first. if these words fit you can identify our enemy. deceive,beguile,cheat,craftiness,cunning, hypocracy,lying,pretend,slander,wicked,false,flattery,fraud,wiles,sincerity….add ten commandments. devisive, sincerity.these are political words that are in use
    today.we are children of heavenly father we need be one with him. be as nice as he is we will the better for it.

  • http://www.ratemyfloridahuntingwma.com Ron Johnson

    I agree! We have over time removed God from schools Government and thus from our childrens lives greating a disconect from what is good..What law can anyone tell me would have prevented Adam lanza from his murderous spree?

  • http://pi-news.org Tim

    I still disagree (along with the mighty ‘disagreers’). For us even to have the desire to return to the nuclear family, morals have to be instilled, and if they are instilled without giving their connection to the One Who created them in the beginning, we will only return to the state we find ourselves in now. If there is no foundation for the morals, they will simply crumble under test and question.

    The God Who created Heaven and Earth gave us the user manual we need for humanity: The Bible. And like anything else that comes with a user manual, where there is a malfunction or breakdown, the Bible needs to be consulted for the proper repair of the issue. That makes it contingent upon us believers to do what it commands.

    How are we going to bring our society back into connection with the morals upon which it was found? “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[b] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” — Matthew 28,19-20(esv)

    Beyond that, we need to live our lives so that those we tell about our Lord Jesus Christ can see that our talking is not simply empty words but actions from the Holy Spirit within us. And we need to pray like we have never before prayed that the Lord will turn the tide. We can do only so much, the rest is the Lord’s business.

    Unless we take these first and most important steps (outside of teaching our own children about God and His precepts), nothing will change for the better in our land, rather things will continue to decay and decline, as this is the ultimate outcome of a society that abandons God and values.

    • Eileen Evenson

      The family is the basic unit of society. It IS through the family unit that children will learn or not learn about Christ and his teachings. It is also where they will see good or bad examples from their parents. I came from a religious family, and I happen to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A prophet of God came out with “A Proclamation To the World” quite a number of years ago (over 10, I believe). It states that ALL human beings are created in God’s image. We believe Him to be a loving Heavenly Father, who wants us to have peace and wants us to keep his commandments, so we can return to live with Him after this life is over. The document explains that the power of creation is to be reserved within the bonds of marriage, between one man and one woman. Sanctity of life is of utmost importance in God’s eternal plan. Obviously evils like homosexuality and abortion are eschewed. The family is ordained of God. If children don’t learn about this in their own homes, we as a nation and a people, start to wander, in errant paths. We see this all over the world. Satan is trying his best to destroy (traditional, or revealed pattern for) the family. If he can destroy the family, he can destroy the world. I believe that the fall of the family IS basic in the fall of our society, and that is where we need to start rebuilding. I appreciate all my fellow Christians in their efforts to restore some semblance of sanity, by fighting the tide of immorality that is destroying our country and the world. I thank Christians and Christian organizations for all their wonderful efforts and works, toward restoring righteousness. It will take all of us to overcome Satan.

  • Alexis

    Steve you without any doubt didn’t miss the mark. The state/government is not responsible for teaching and training children that is the responsibility of parents. Parents are admonished to train up their children in the way they should go. When parents especially Fathers don’t step up and take their ordained place in the family we get what we get. God is a good God, what happened in conn.can not be blamed on him
    anymore than the fall of man in the garden of Eden can be blamed on him. steve you are right on target with your thesis. sin and rebellion has it’s price and as long as we are in rebellion against the king we will get what we get, because he really is not mocked. we reap what we sow! the harvest is always greater than the seed sown.

  • http://www.andrewriley.net Andrew

    I think the greater problem is that our culture is selfish and irresponsible. The breakdown of the traditional family is a symptom of that. Putting the family back together won’t do much if that family is made up of parents who can’t see beyond the weekend, the next paycheck, the next sporting event and the next thing they’re going to buy. Rebuilding the family unit would be a good step in the right direction, but until more of us start thinking and acting like responsible grown-up men and women instead of spoiled children…. nothing is going to get any better.

    Love your column.