GOP Establishment Sees Rise Of Conservative Movement As Problem In Virginia

GOP Establishment Sees Rise Of Conservative Movement As Problem In Virginia

I’m amazed, after the election, at how many old school pundits, party hacks and veteran Republicans have reached for the dagger and attempted to thrust it directly in to the back of conservatism. The handwringing fired up immediately after the election and continues to increase. The establishment still believes conservatism is at fault for their losses and efforts are under-way to block the conservative agenda from stopping moderate Republicans.

One of the common misconceptions is that “tea party candidates” damage the GOP’s shot at winning elections. Hacks will point at Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Todd Akin and others as examples. But in doing so they openly ignore losses of candidates such as Mitt Romney and Scott Brown, both liberal north east Republicans. Can any one honestly argue that John McCain and/or Mitt Romney might have won if they had been just a tad more to the left?

I have serious issues with those in our movement, especially those who consider themselves tea partiers, who cave in to the false media narrative that tea partiers put up fatally flawed candidates. Our candidates are only flawed because the media makes that determination and we fall in line with it. All the while ignoring the fact that liberal Republicans have suffered similar losses, if not worse, in recent elections.

But I digress… and more on that in a later post.

Virginia. A rising rock star tea party/Conservative candidate is about to take Virginia by storm. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli now has the nomination for GOP candidate for Governor pretty much locked up and he’s heavily favored to be the next Governor of Virginia. This doesn’t sit well with the establishment Republicans in Virginia and we’re beginning to see some blows thrown in an effort to mark turf before this thing gets underway.

In this case, John Boehner’s second in command, Eric Cantor, is caught up in a fight with Cuccinelli. You see, Cantor endorsed and embraced the more moderate candidate in the primary, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. Last week Bolling dropped out of the race, citing an extraordinary uphill battle against Cuccinelli’s well oiled organization at the Virginia convention, which is where part of  the nomination process occurs.

Eric Cantor isn’t thrilled with this rise of tea party style activism in Virginia and he’s trying to circle the wagons across the state. Cuccinelli is no soft candidate, though, and isn’t going to stand for it. Get a load of this.

Virginia Attorney General and presumptive GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli sent a curt note this week to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) regarding how the party should nominate candidates — an issue that has become a stand-in for the broader fight in the state between establishment and conservative Republicans.

In a three-sentence message obtained by POLITICO, Cuccinelli, a tea party-backed crusader, said he has “never supported any effort to eliminate primaries as a method of nomination” before throwing a brushback at Cantor, a Richmond establishment powerhouse: “In the future, should you have any concerns, I would appreciate a call.”

Advisers to both Cuccinelli and Cantor were tight-lipped about what prompted the terse missive, but sources familiar with the situation say the House’s second-in-command has been open about concerns that the Virginia GOP’s 2013 standard bearer favors permanently doing away with primaries in favor of conventions. Cuccinelli will be officially nominated at a convention next year. His supporters on the state GOP’s central committee engineered a switch from the planned primary.

Cuccinelli’s message, sent Monday, was delivered days after Republican Lt. Gov Bill Bolling withdrew from the gubernatorial contest, citing his disadvantage in a convention setting that typically favors conservatives. Cantor, who shares many of the same Richmond-area financial and political backers as Bolling, endorsed the lieutenant governor’s abortive gubernatorial bid in June.

Conservative know big money party backers do better in an “election” style primary. More money helps those organizing party loyalists across the state vs working with dedicated individuals at conventions. Take Mitt Romney vs Newt Gingrich in Florida, for example, vs the Mitt Romney vs Newt Gingrich in the South Carolina primary. In a smaller battlefield where money is less relevant, conservative organize and win. In bigger battlefields where money becomes more relevant, big money moderates do better.

Not that Cantor is a moderate, but he’s definitely now throwing his lot in with Boehner’s broken promises and betrayals of conservatism. Cantor is also embracing more moderate, party loyalist in Virginia elections and it’s becoming obvious Cantor is now more about party and future elections than he is about principle.

Which makes what is happening in Virginia quite the spectacle for us political nerds!

  • David Moss

    We need to do away with the establishment. They are a bunch of useless hacks.

  • Arnold Gudgeon

    Good news, he has to go are convert to the Communist party that he supports the most anyway!!

  • Neil Tarasoff

    and while were at it, “DUMP BONER ALSO”

  • Timothy Taylor

    Yeah-they might see it that way. I intend to give these guys a boot in the ass! I am in Virginia, a local precinct captain, and have been asked to join the county party as a council member. Eric Cantor is first on my list of people to upend.

  • Heather Langston

    I am so disappointed in these men who we voted into office thinking they would fight for what the people want. I am now a Conservative and not a Republican. Republican Party has turned their backs on their Conservative values and it is wrong.

  • Timothy Taylor

    Oh, and one other thing…I am also a state delegate for the RNC and will be backing Ken Cuccinelli for Governor. Look out Cantor. We are coming for RINO’s…

  • William Skrainski

    Send them across the aisle now so we can vote for someone that knows the difference

  • Norman Taylor

    Norman Taylor This is from a friend Nancy JustNancy,, like many Americans, was deeply saddened by the reelection of Obama on Tuesday; was quick to be ashamed of America and the people who voted for him and also questioned why God would allow this to happen. Today I started to reflect upon what happened and why. Then it hit me that I wasn’t trusting God and He is still in control! Perhaps God in his wisdom knew that Romney was not the right choice for us at this time. Perhaps God in his wisdom knew that whomever got elected was going to face huge problems and why shouldn’t Obama be the one to shoulder that responsibility? After all he is the one who has misled, lied to the American people, and has further plans for the destruction of our Country as we have known and loved it. He now has to “inherit” his own mess and can’t blame it on someone else. The media would have crucified Romney over the next four years for “ruining” Obama’s hope and change plans and blamed him for all the problems. I believe that our God will show this nation what happens when you allow Godless people to manage the gifts this nation has to offer and He provided for us. I believe He will expose Obama once and for all for the failure he is and our corrupt media will not be able to save him. I also believe that Obama’s attitude and treatment of Israel is not looked upon by God as obeying his command and Obama will have to answer for that. We have another Congressional election coming up in two years and maybe we can get rid of some of the democratic critters that occupy Congress today. Maybe in four years we can run a ticket for President and Vice President like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. Maybe when America again suffers serious setbacks, people will realize what a weak and corrupt management team we have and be tired of it. I will not question God’s wisdom or plans He has for us again, because He is in control and has always done what’s best for us. We are reminded that prayer isn’t always answered in the way we would like at the time, but God does answer our prayers in His time and in a way that is best for His children. So, let’s keep the Faith, lay our worries at His feet and trust God to take care of us

  • Jim Matha

    The country is lost. The education system has dumbed people down to the point they can’t think for themselves. Any intelligent ideas will be villified by the media and ignored by the ignorant majority.

  • David Beaster Jr.

    The Democrats are Socialist, the Repulicans are the 60´s Democrats…We need a TEA party backed Constitutionist party. Which would be, to the right, Conservative party.

  • Arnold Gudgeon

    Why does Boehner want to have the Republicans take the blame for Obama’s spending problems? This is what he is doing giving Obama total backing and placing the blame. Just say hay buddy old pal, it’s yours! Come back when you ready to talk, or when you get to the debt ceiling, we’ll be here ready to discuss it then. Till then it’s your baby!

  • Russell Chennault

    I hope the stand there ground go off the cliff don’t cave in…

  • Scott B Vancel

    And all this time I saw their liberal leaning bend over for Obama attitude as being the problem.

  • Tracy Tuttle

    Boehner, your days are numbered. Have a smoke.

  • Armand Comire

    throw the bum out!

  • Dale Eicke

    It’s funny that they don’t see the liberals as the enemy. They are a bunch of Benidict Arnold’s worried more about their re election than the welfare of our nation!

  • James DeRuvo

    Sleeping giants.

  • Mickey White

    don’t confuse conservative with teaparty

  • James Damron

    It is a problem all over, we are tired of rino Republicans representing party rather then the people who they are supposed to represent. There is going to be a change, we are fed up.

  • Judy McCarthy Barker

    What’s going on in this country is really scary!!!

  • Will Zacharias

    Didn’t this group abandon the actual liberty movement and support Romney? Oh the irony…