Boehner Purge a Gavel-Shot to the Kneecaps of Conservatism

I’m not going to say there’s a lot of bending over backwards to tick off conservatives going on in the House of Representatives right now, but I’d love to be Speaker John Boehner’s chiropractor right now.

Speaker John A. Boehner initiated today a small purge of rebellious Republicans — mostly conservatives — from prominent committees; it’s the latest instance of the Ohio Republican’s clamping down on his fractious conference.

The decisions were made by the GOP Steering Committee at a Monday meeting, which reviewed a spreadsheet listing each GOP lawmaker and how often he or she had voted with leadership, three sources said.

Reps. David Schweikert of Arizona and Walter Jones of North Carolina were booted from the Financial Services Committee. Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas were removed from the Budget Committee.

According to a source, Schweikert was told that he was ousted in part because his “votes were not in lockstep with leadership.”

Boehner’s spokesman says the shuffle involved a variety of factors but didn’t say the members’ votes weren’t one of them, or even that they weren’t an important factor.

But of course they’re an important factor and probably the most important factor. Why do I say that? Read on.

All of the lawmakers other than Jones were rebellious right-wingers. Huelskamp and Amash, for instance, both voted against the budget proposed by Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin in committee and on the floor, because it did not cut spending fast enough. They also voted against the current continuing resolution that is funding the government through the end of March.


The decisions came as a major surprise to Republican members. When first contacted about the changes, several of the lawmakers’ offices said they had not yet been notified.

So the information was leaked and I’m in no mood to be charitable to the Speaker and say his office couldn’t be the source. We all know it could and, if I had to lay money on it, I’d bet it was. This sort of move — summary dismissal from important committees for which you leak to the press before yuo notify the affected members — is a big, fat backhand to the face, a reminder that John Boehner is in charge of the GOP House caucus and not we upstart conservative Tea Partiers. It’s what happens when a besieged leader wants to secure his position to hold off a siege. Make no mistake, conservatives have gotten very close to positions of real influence inside the ranks of the professional Republicans and that just won’t do. And so, a purge of the problem children who believe conservatism is more than a suit you put on to gull the rubes during an election year.

Today was an exercise in raw political power, another battle in the ever-widening war to decide who really owns the Republican Party. The sides are pretty clear. It’s good to know on whose side the GOP House leadership truly is.

  • Paul Deckelman

    He is the Trent Lost (Tom Daschle’s favorite punching bag) of the House.

  • Angela Nowak Brady


  • Angela Nowak Brady

    I think we need a different speaker…just saying

  • FrDeacon Michael Rutan-Heningham

    It’s all about staying in power. When push comes to shove, the GOP just wants the perks, the dough and the Beltway life. The easy way.

  • John R. Collings

    Why did they put this pansy assed wussbag in this position to begin with? We need someone with some substance.

  • Richard Hertzbach


  • Jacob Niblett

    Maybe we do need to split off.

  • Daniel Marsiglia

    shared and reposted your headline

  • Conservatives Unleashed

    Constitution Party, bail on the GOP we have the numbers and they die like the whigs

  • Mark Mangus Sr

    I think it had very little to do with the election. Romney’s poor campaign managers and the mis-read of the Hispanic voting block hurt the election more than Boehner. However, I do think maybe its time for someone new in the seat, which ain’t gonna happen.

  • Daniel Marsiglia

    we really need to stop voting these establishment hacks into our congress

  • Greg Malone

    How about WE the PEOPLE make the Conservative Party a little LESS full of Boehner?

  • Michele Marie

    Mr. Weeper of the House is smokin crack!

  • Shane Hoffman

    Less conservative on social issue but don’t budge on fiscal issues

  • Richard Lombard

    Saw that coming… poor little oompa loompa… Maybe the Republican Congress will grow a set and remove him from Speaker status.

  • Linda Von Toussaint

    I think Boehner spent one too many hours in the tanning booth.

  • Robin Rastello


  • Kelli McFarland Umstead

    Shane that’s called being a Libertarian.

  • Jason Gagnon

    Because people voted for Obama because he was more conservative than Romney? Reality check time.

  • Kim Denryter

    He is getting ready to cave again.

  • David Lithway

    thanks, OH, for inflicting us with Boehner again. Why didn’t you just go ahead and put in a Dem. Not like there is much difference.

  • Rich Kolasa

    Out liberaling the Demorat Party ain’t gonna work. The problem is SPENDING, not revenue.

  • Lisa Medendorp

    He has got to go. He’s what’s wrong with the party. No backbone and no intention of doing what the people want.

  • Mitch Welter

    When Boehner is up for re-election all conservatives should either get someone else to run against him, or support a dem. Like David said…If he is going to act like a dem, lets put a real dem in instead…

  • Cliff Wong

    Boehner should not be Speaker. He has no balls.

  • David Barnes

    This country is in SERIOUS trouble and I fear for her survival. The fact that a prickly like Obama cane elected ONCE using complete lies, fraud and deception is one thing … but TWICE???? With his miserable record of failure? Goes to show how uninformed most people are. Their priorities are American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and other crap like that as their country begins to implode. Sickening. But trust me. Elections have CONSEQUENCES and it is about to get MUCH WORSE. May God save America!

  • Kenneth Smith

    Maybe they will really sack up and elect a Speaker from outside of the House…

  • David Barnes

    I hate cellphones that change your words.

  • Doug Perry

    Force Boehner out of the Speakers Chair put Michelle Bachman there.

  • Bob Baisden

    People keep trashing Congress. While Congress is made up of the two houses. House of Representatives, who is lead by the house speaker Boehner AND the Senate who is lead by the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid. Harry Reid is an all out leftist Democrat. Boehner claims he is a Conservative and Republican all the while says many things at times that makes people think otherwise. Giving into what the leftist Democrats want. People hear all the time that Congress has the lowest ratings for not working with the leftist Democrats. Also people say that politicians are not honest. While Republicans may not be much better, because they tend to want an agreement with leftist Democrats, at least they are not the ones who are out right seeking to spend more more money or legislate higher taxes initially or in the long run. Obama and the leftist Democrats have doubled their initial taxing and spending offers. We all know taxing and spending creates more debt, less jobs and a weaker economy. So when people say Congress is the problem, they are also throwing into the batch of bad guys, Republicans. Yes, I agree, that they are all not working for US however, the REAL BAD GUYS here are not all of the Republicans who see what the problem actually is and are willing to try to work with leftist Democrats, even though I wish they’d just shut down the government.

  • Robert Malcom

    indeed – he is a coward, a moral degenerate snot peanut version of Stinky, Hoary, and Pealost-e…………

  • Kyle Chase

    How about more libertarian

  • John J. Vallier

    This Guy has a Drinking problem and Zero Balls

  • Jennie Davis Davis

    Get rid of him

  • Jeremy Loftin

    Boehner is a turncoat.

  • Chrystal Zahn

    Republicans need to back off social matters, and focus less on gay marriage, and woman’s birth control or abortions, (for anyone paying attention there was an increase in woman votes for obama, and you obviously saw a few sure to win candidates lose for saying the wrong things) Its not the governments jobs to dominate our individuals lives. Focus more on fixing the budget, on military, on schools, foreign affairs and make that the platform to stand on and maybe this party would quit losing the young vote, the female vote, or in the next couple of years they may just lose texas and Arizona

  • Paul Tan

    Damn you Boehner! You just showed your true RINO and Obama ass-kissing true self! The GOP might as well unite with the DNC if you continue down this path, and conservatives like myself will no longer support the Republican Party, not that we could even trust our election system to begin with!!!

  • Jay Sattler

    You can’t just shut down the government Bob. If you do that, then you’re hurting all the people who work for the government. I think Bohner is trying to do the best he can in working with these radical leftist politicians like Obama and Ried. The Republicans as a whole are doing what they can, but I think the problem is that both parties are not really willing to compromise. It’s time to get something done.

  • Connie Manning

    Don’t know about the drinking problem, but he certainly has no kajones….. Time for him grow a set or get the hell out ….

  • Joseph Sneckenberg

    Fire this guy

  • William Goodlatte Walmsley

    yet Bob Goodlatte is Chair of the House Judiciary Committee..

  • Jeff Anselmi

    Nice. Hey Boehner. Maybe you need to step down. You are part of the reason we lost.

  • Doug Perry

    SHUT it Down to Hell with Liberal Government employee’s Let em starve. Shut it DOWN shut it ALL DOWN. Screw the FED.

  • Marilyn Askins

    He needs to be replaced. Why are Republican leaders so often so wimpy? I want conservative leadership, convicted leadership that won’t back down when things get tough. I want them to be tough and lead. Do the right thing for the country; not the right thing for themselves.

  • Chrystal Zahn

    Maybe being a lil less conservative and quit trying to control its citizens based on ones individuals views is exactly what this party needs to do.

  • Doug Perry

    Maybe NOT Screw RINO Liberal Repbulican’t Weenies

  • Steve Osborne

    He is just a whining RINO!!

  • Jamie Kelso

    he should NOT have control of the house!!

  • John Voorhees

    He has been drinking the kool-aid. Cut him off!

  • Ryan Rebers

    Time for a new speaker.

  • Doug Perry

    What is the point of having “Democrat LiTE” as Speaker. Get this BETA Male out and put in a Woman who has more BALLS Bacdhmann for speaker.

  • Sani Adam

    Fire Boehner!

  • Ada Warren

    What they need to do is grow back the balls the democrats keep cutting off and fight back. Are the Republicans to the point of frustration that they are saying, ” just give me a stimulus and I’ll sign on the line. It’s one of those attitudes, if you can’t lick them, join them.

  • Cathy Amberson

    Boo Hoo has been a massive disappointment—playing golf with Ear Leader 3 years ago was enough of a tip off for me.

  • Doug Perry

    NO DEALS Beohner you RINO Coward stop crying and step up or get out of the way.

  • Robert Stevenson

    The RNC is soft and stupid…trying to be diplomatic in their approach rather than taking issues HEAD-ON! They seem to be afraid of taking them on….I won’t ever give another DIME to the RNC until they aggressively tackle abortion. Most Americans are against it, and definitely alomost ALL Americans oppose Funding it with their own money! Yet, how many Americans are aware THEY now fund abortion?? 10%? maybe 20%? There are COUNTLESS ways the GOP could have attacked Obama, but stood by and did/said NOTHING! We need a voice of fearless power & conviction like never before! We face an emboldened enemy hell bent on destroying the moral fiber of this once great Country. The RNC abolished Slavery, yet now the DNC ensures Blacks are kept in Ghetto prisons, with diminishing opportunity. Yet how many blacks know Republicans helped to ensure the end to slavery? 2% ? 5%? They back off from conservatism one bit they are a DEAD party with NO chance for survival!

  • Mickey White

    Why stay in a party that hates you? Join the Constitution Party.

  • Anna Ruth Veneer

    This is all just a game to keep pay checks for the members of Congress. Obama will get everything he has asked for…so just end the game and get it over with!

  • Michael Hunter Paulk

    we need to be more libertarian and less influenced by the religious right. that’s why people think republicans are weirdos.

  • Grant Olson

    Would somebody relieve this spineless fool before its too late!!!!

  • Rob Combs Sr

    idiot has to go

  • Donald Warner

    Please get a clue republicans?The reason you lose is not because you are dem lite it is because you are not conservative enough!We don`t need a party that is just happy to win an election here and there!

  • David Stiefel

    Michael Hunter Paulk: The so-called “religious right” IS the grassroots! You Libertarians are just liberals that understand money better than the majority of liberals. But your social rot feeds the very welfare state that you claim to hate.

  • Jeff Rawson

    It is time for John “Gutless crybaby” Boehner to be shown the door!!

  • Mark McGarry

    Remove this liberal from his position.

  • John Hamby

    Just let it roll over the cliff. When it puts alot of people out of work rhat put obama in might wise up next time or better yet impeach him

  • Bob G Bergmann

    Time to abandon the GOP? Tea party start your own.

  • Lorena Hess Remmell

    He is just a fuc**g RINO and should be removed from his position IMMEDIATELY !!!

  • Lorena Hess Remmell

    It is becoming more and more clear that what we must do is have a REVOLUTION to clean up this mess we call the Federal Government .

  • Gary Livick

    Note to B……….think maybe that’s what alot of Republicans and Democrats are moving to Independent and Tea Party type movements? LOL! Keep it up Pubs…..the “what are you going to do for us” crowd will fall to greater “depths” if you continue to “RINO-ize” yourselves!

  • Wes Harris

    The truth is now clear…there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the major parties in Washington…we must defend ourselves at the State, County and local level if we are to take this country back to where our founding father’s planned for it to be. Free in all respects with small government. We must isolate Washington and everyone in it. Withhold our tax dollars at the State level and then see what they can do when they no longer have any…our money, that is.

  • Mike Jarrell

    Bonner and the Republican party as a whole need to be replaced. For the most part they constantly side with the Communist Democrats,they do not have America or the majority of the American peoples best interests in mind.
    I think it time for a new political party to be formed, a party that is based on the visions of the founding fathers,the constitution as it was originally written and God.

  • Russell Chennault

    Vote in another GOP leader he sucks

  • Blaine Nay

    Boehner should have never been elected Speaker. I knew it back then. It’s even more obvious now.

  • Louis J Sharretto


  • Cindy Hebert

    It’s time to kick his ass to the curb!

  • Leona Brown

    He is on the list for replacement along with Obama, Reid, Pelosi.

  • Kal Jensen

    He is a traitor to the conservative movement and to our country!

  • Gary Jackson

    No deals. GDJ

  • Aubrey Self

    Boehner needs to GO!!!!!!

  • Richard W. Dewey

    Boehner is a loser. Get him out of that job!

  • Jake Beckham

    Way past time for Bonehead Boehner to go!!!

  • Ben Ghazi

    I always knew that Boehner was a Boner !!!! N n

  • honigs