Voter Fraud Isn’t a Problem, Except in North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas…

First, this from North Carolina:

Man has been caught voting twice. Voted absentee and then tried to vote in person today.

This occurred in Sampson County, NC.

The man’s name is believed to be Andrew Gail Holmes. He is a registered Democrat

The information has been confirmed to us by the staff director of the County Board, Donna Mashburn.

Then this:

One man proudly declared that he’s already voted in both Missouri and Kansas.

Others were just happy to declare that they voted for Obama twice today.

“People make jokes:”

Remember, there’s no voter fraud and you’re racist.

Barack Obama approves this message.

  • Pat W

    In Nevada it is LEGAL to give people vouchers for clothing and food, then to drive them to the voting site.
    In prior election Harry Reid was down in the polls and he said with confidence, ” I don’t care, I am going to bury her.
    In the Las Vegas area unions passed out vouchers and bussed people in to vote. Harry won.

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Too bad Obama and Al Gore were not successful in getting 38 states to abolish the Electoral College. Had they accomplished that feat, a brand new form of government would be in place that would benefit generations to come. I do not mean a government controlled by the elite, no, it would be one of only 50 people, one from each state screened and tested for honesty and integrity from millions of entrants for government positions of age grouping 30-50 in their prime both physically and mentally. high score of the 50, to be president with each lessening completing new government cabinet to serve four years, collect generous severance package and make room for next 50 being groomed. I myself who received 4,509 “LIKE” hits on the patriot page weeks ago would first serve a four year term without a salary to implement my “PLAN FOR AMERICA” and at closure create petition for America to sign to eliminate the 500 plus career politicians draining taxpayers to make room for then 50 being groomed to lead America into a much brighter future for generations to come.

  • Joe Siska

    add MI to the list: U.S. Attorney Patrick Miles Jr. has appointed Assistant U.S. Attorney Don Daniels to oversee complaints of election fraud and voting rights abuses in Michigan. If you know of or experience any discrimination, fraud, intimidation, or harassment in connection with voting in West Michigan or the Upper Peninsula, please contact (616) 456-2404, he will be on duty while polls are open.

    • Pat W

      In CA there are many construction workers with multiple id’s. one face, multiple names and addresses.

  • RK Finnell

    I’m not sure how it could be happening in Kansas seeing as we have to show ID, but I guess if there’s a will there’s a way!

  • Mike Fisher

    That enough right? How about the voter intimidation by black panthers, Obama posters and a mural on walls inside polling places?

  • Anthony N Natalie Pompa

    Democrats always vote at least 3 times. They’re good for an absentee ballot, an early voting vote, and an election day vote. That’s probably why the polls skew higher to the Democrats because they vote several times.

    • Skip Gilmore

      No !!! Really ???

  • James Smith Oliver

    And, Florida, Chicago, Philly, Detroit,etcd………..

  • John Meyer

    Ad Wisconsin to that list

  • Norma Wells

    O hope they are caught and hauled off to jail

  • Gene DeLozier


    • Skip Gilmore

      Bull what?
      The left has been doing it for decades.
      That’s what they do; that’s who they are.
      How many times have you voted in this election?

  • Steve Winter

    Many say that Hussein Obama is a traitor for knowingly allowing his Muslim Brotherhood brothers in arms to murder our people in Benghazi, but that is not entirely correct. Obama is far worse than any traitor. It is the people voting for him who are the traitors and those who would dilute the conservative vote with third party and writein. And yes it is a SIN against God to vote for Obama.


    Bro. Steve Winter

    • Benjamin Franklin

      Steve, Like other homosexual partners that were murdered for outing Obama, Chris Stevens was slated for death with his assignment to Muslim soil as Muslims kill homos and Stevens was starting to make noises about his and Obama’s sexual relations. It was to Obama’s advantage and convenience that 9-11 anniversary just happened to be, It was not coincidental and the involvement of the former seals was of their own volition and their attempt for reinforcement fell on deaf ears as it was not to be.