Mercy Chefs In NYC Helping Sandy Victims


Last Friday Liberty News Network began helping our friends at Mercy Chefs raise money to pay for meals. Friday we were getting reports that up to 4,000 hungry hurricane victims were in line to take advantage of the meals Mercy Chefs provides, and yesterday we got a video report showing the NYC Mayor’s office believes Mercy Chefs to be the most active site in the city.

With a resounding endorsement, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called Gary, thanked him for his service to the people of New York and said that the Mercy Chefs site was the most active in the city.

But Gary will be the first to tell you that he can’t provide these hot meals to the victims, volunteers and first responders without your help.  Your generosity helps make it all possible.

Our Sandy page explains Mercy Chefs like this.

Mercy Chefs — a non-profit humanitarian relief agency that provides hot meals to disaster victims — is readying its resources to assist in Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Right now, Mercy Chefs’ mobile kitchen resources have been moved to North Carolina to be within a day’s drive of any impacted areas along the East Coast.

This year alone, Mercy Chefs has provided over 20,000 hot meals to disaster victims in Kentucky, Louisiana and elsewhere. it costs about $2.50 to provide a hot meal to a victim or a volunteer. That’s the raw cost. That means it costs just $10 to provide a hot meal to a family of four; $30 to feed 12 people.

More information about Mercy Chefs here.