Jeb Bush Meeting With Former Aides in DC to Discuss Education Reform, Losing in 2016

It has begun:

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush met Monday with a group of his former staffers at the J. W. Marriott hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, just steps from the White House. Bush, a potential 2016 presidential contender, spent an hour in the hotel’s Cannon room, reminiscing and entertaining questions about his political future.

In an interview with NRO, Bush did not rule out a presidential run. “I am here to catch up with folks and promote education reform,” he said, smiling.

When asked again whether he will issue a Sherman-type statement about his future, Bush remained coy. “We have an alumni group that I like keeping in touch with,” he said. “I’m here to focus on educational reform, and that’s what I’m going to tell people.”

Fine with me.  More choice, less authoritarian government Big Brother indoctrination.

But let’s not pretend this was all about school choice.

  • warnertoddhuston

    Hey, America. Stay out da Bushes.

  • Matt Theriault

    WTF!!! More neo cons and Rhino’s when is the republican party going to learn we don’t want these idiots

  • Linda Willems Massey

    I just want to scream!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dale Davis

    Booooo Hissssss

  • Yvonne Florance

    Rubio needs to be put to the blood and someone far from “old establishment” Republicanism.

  • Justin Kramer

    No!!!!!!!!not another Bush!I want a Marco Rubio and Allen West ticket!

  • Shelly Goode-Burgoyne

    No more Neo Cons! We will never win another election with leadership like this. In fact I want the word “Conservative” stricken from our lexicon.

  • Stacy Wyatt

    I will not support another establishment candidate. I said that with Romney but in the end did, and we ended up with the Muslim Fascist anyway.

  • Jane Black

    Even though I believe Jeb was a good Governor, the name Bush will only mean another loss.

  • Rod Caviness

    Please no

  • John Bequette

    What is wrong with Jeb Bush? These purists in the Republian Party exasperate me beyond measure. Jeb Bush is certainly more conservative that Mitt Romney and John McCain, he would presumably carry his home state of Florida, and he can reach out effectively to hispanic voters the way his older brother did. We need to think in terms of who can make conservativism effective. And first, that means winning in 2016. Please don’t waste my time with Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, or anyone else who cannot win.

  • Anna Armstrong Zeigler

    Time to forget GOP and start fresh.. How does a group go about establishing a new constitution-loving, America-loving, patriotic, conservative party? The Republican brand is forever ruined — we must begin again!

  • Scott Evans

    Ya’, let’s tap the governor who failed to prevent the murder of Terry Schiavo as the next GOP presidential nominee. Good idea.

  • Richard Hodom

    Don’t need him run

  • Debbie Hall Morlock

    From a Floridian, Jeb Bush rocks!!!

  • Andrew Wrenbeck

    Oh. Great. Lets shoot ourselves in the foot again.

  • Lew Brown

    This is just so much Bull S—. As a Republican I don’t want another Bush, Clinton,Reagan, Kennedy, or any other big name jerk. Is there no one out there that can run for President that doesn’t have a load of family baggage? It’s beginning to look like a movie. Unless you have a big name to front your movie it will fail. Jeb is a nice guy, but it is time for the GOP to either get it’s act together or step out of the way and let the Tea Party lead. If this keeps up I may have to re-register as an independent.

  • Dave Newland

    no more Bushes ever again in my lifetime! This conservative will not vote for him.

  • John J. Vallier

    No Thanks , we have had enough BUSH for ten lifetimes

  • Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller

    Another reason I quit the Republican Party years ago. Why do the majority of Americans keep voting for Communists, RINO’s and others who keep stealing our freedoms and destroying our families ????

  • Mark A Santucci

    Horrific? The man would be a really good President as was his brother. The only problem GW had is that he did not set the lies from the left about him straight. Yea he spent, on an undealt hand of terrorism that Clinton refused to face, and a DemocRat congress for the last two years of his term. Give me a break, what is preferred? The nutcases that lost sure win seats in the senate?

  • Bill Hinman

    So Pastor, you vote for the known socialist Obama.

  • Jane Goodwin

    Maybe we should figure out how to get the rightful winner of the last election in the White House. Are you looking at the HYPER speed at which the current person in DC is moving to change America? 4 more years is going to be too late. WAY TOO LATE. Act now or forever forget getting America Back. We didn’t make it happen this time. Why on earth are we wasting our time dreaming about a better election in 4 more years??? Wake up people. Do it now or don’t bother.

  • Brian Cooney

    We keep putting off the “maybe they’ll learn by…” Statements every 4 years. The whole Dem campaign would ne just: “he’s a Bush!” And they’d win on it!

  • Robert Stevenson

    DumbAsses! We need NEW Republican Party leadership!

  • Peter Fithian

    They think they lost badly in 2012? 2016 is going to be a holocaust for the Republicans. Good riddance.

  • Joyce Harris

    I would vote for him… To the asshole John Vallier who bashed Pres Bush we were a lot better off with President Bush and we didn’t have terrorist attacks like we have now and why is that? because they knew Bush would not set on his butt and defend them like Bambam is Unemployment was at 5% NOW as for Bush’s war let me get this straight Pres Bush used planes to kill over 3000 American’s ? and let deal with the cost of the war ,did you want our military to fight the muslim bastards with spit wads ? BTW the military love Pres Bush and dis like Obama why do you think the Libs took away the military’s right to vote or made it impossible to get their votes counted and you had more money in your pocket hell now we have change like a few pennys big ass joke

  • Dave Popovics

    From another Floridian.. Jeb Bush sux!!

  • Terry Neeley

    Well…he’s next in line. That’s been a winning strategy so far; why should things change.

  • Valerie Mayleben

    That should go over like a lead balloon with the needed Independent voters.

  • Deana Rapert-Reimann

    Rubio/West 2016!!!!

  • Ben Everson

    I don’t think Jeb will get the nod but George P. Bush will in about 12 years. Mark it down.

  • Kari Heavrin Donovan

    I remember the Terri Schivaco story. Jeb stood on the same side and I did then. I might consider it.. if he says that he will cut welfare spending.

  • Chris Hambleton

    Who exactly are these establishment clowns and how can we help them find other permanent employment? Heck we should offer them jobs in the Democrat Party with their losing track record.

  • Susan Littlefield

    Why ,, do they want to loose

  • Tami McDonald

    UGH! The prospect makes me PHYSICALLY ILL! (As does a Chris Christie possibility!) >:(

  • Kelly Jaime

    The Republictards could guarantee another 8 years for the Democraps with this nomination.

  • Don Smith

    Time for Rubio

  • Peter Fithian

    Will the Bushes please just GO AWAY.

  • Robert Barham

    We need some new idea not the same old elitist mentality……Bush go home!

  • Susan Hutchinson

    ^agree, I am NOT voting for any of those names in 2016 or even a cousin to them! GOP will lose again and the crazy #@$^%&* hillary will win. My prediction.

  • David Rempel

    Ron Paul—he’s pretty healthy

  • Joe Bradley

    I liked both Bushes, but it is a big mistake to run Jeb Bush, as unless you have an hispanic on the ticket it will lose and its not time to go back to the Bush family. The winnning tickets include any one of these combination of names for President/Vice President: HUCKLEBEE/RUBIO OR CONDO RICE WITH HUCKLEBEE OR RUBIO. But they better throw in some free stuff for the people when they campaign otherwise you can expect to lose to mr obama again as he surely will find the communist way to run again.

  • Fay Landrum Cox


  • Donnie Breland

    Right now, they would do anything to look ahead to the end of Barack Obamas term and defeating Hillary. They know she’s planning to run and keep the Socialists in power. GOP is desparate. That’s why they keep shoving moderates at the Liberals, hoping they will be accepted. You can’t convince Liberal Socialists to vote Republican. Republicans are going to find out you can’t walk the fence and play nice with the left. They will kill you everytime. What we need is a real conservative for a change and the GOP Heirarchy to retire.

  • Caralee Pietsch Newman

    Please no more bush’s!!

  • Dale K. Robinson

    I think Jeb would make a good president, but he’s not right for 2016 …

  • Stephen Foulard

    Jeb Bush is a visionary: he was the first Republican to publicly reconcile himself to re-electing Obama.

    No, it wasn’t about saving the country from the most vindictive, incompetent, and mendacious government in my lifetime: it’s about Jeb Bush’s next career move, and he assessed early on that 2012 wasn’t his year; 2016 was. Now, when he said that, he wasn’t planning on challenging a sitting Republican. Oh no.

    On the other hand, the Republican Party does SO well when we nominate the guy who is next in line, and it IS Jeb’s turn. Wait… that’s the same hand: Jeb can go to Hell.

  • Nancy Stringham


  • Rick Sharon

    If that’s the way the GOP is thinking, then it is truly time for a 3rd “Conservative” party, one that embraces and actuallly implements the Tea Party movement.

  • Susan Hutchinson

    ^ True, but elites are afraid of him. Rand Paul, gov’r Walker are great candidates.

  • Bornonthe Fourthofjuly

    Liberty, you are one step closer to realizing the futility of supporting a hijacked political system. Everyone here knows what needs to be done to fix it. No one will admit it. Let’s leave it at that…

  • Teresanne Sullivan Beshears

    Do we want to lose 2016 as well? Personally I love the Bush’s, but there are too many people who believe the “it was Bush’s fault” line. The last thing we need is another Bush for them to vote against.

  • Lew Brown

    Ron Paul not gonna happen, however I would vote for Rand Paul. Governor Walker not so much, I think he will carry to much baggage and the vendetta nuts will be out for him. MSNBC would crawl over him like the ooze that they are.

  • Aubrey Self

    No way, go away, I will leave the party.

  • Jessie Riggs

    No more Bush’s, Clinton’s, Kennedy’s, or any other dynasty’s we’ve had to suffer through!

  • Phil Solarz

    I keep telling people that 3rd party is the only option we may left, but they keep sticking their heads up the ass of the GOP elities

  • Marc Alan

    Jeb Bush? Seriously? I’m out. This buffoon is a Neocon hack. Nice try Democrat Lite.

  • Jonathan Smith

    Maybe the GOP really is finished and irrelevant. They have other candidates that are viable but they cling to the old guard and they act like they don’t get it that they can’t cram what they want down people’s throats.

  • Richard Gordon Nelson

    I’m glad not to be foolish enough to be fooled this early.

  • Mike Martin

    Ha ha ha….. Obama the retard that is f$&@;(: up America ….. I would take Jeb in a second…

  • Joanne Jenny

    The establishment powers don’t seem to have a single brain cell among them!

  • Tim Marden

    He won’t run in my opinion.

  • Tim Hackett