Is It Good Politics For GOP To Cave On No-Tax Promise?

The GOP caving on taxes is good politics for liberal Democrats who want a permanent majority. The move is possibly forever damning for a party that couldn’t get it’s conservative base to the polls a few weeks back.

Dan Mitchell adds some common sense to the conversation. Mitchell points to a column by leftist Eugene Robinson where Republicans are advised to fold. Mitchell makes a few very simple and easy to understand points.

  • Eugene Robinson wants Republicans to lose
  • Eugene Robinson wants a big Democrat majority
  • Eugene Robinson is urging Republicans to fold on taxes

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

  • Sparky Donald

    depends on the concessions they get from Obama

  • Becky Richard

    of course not!

  • Bryson Mull

    The GOP lost me when they crapped on Romney over and over again.

  • Justin Bisconti


  • Matthew Scott Laird

    I’m all for closing loopholes without raising tax rates, but we have to drastically cut government spending.

  • Scott Winters

    Cut cut cut…

  • Andrea Speir Robertson

    No, they will lose their base.

  • Kenneth Stuart

    all parties are the same, get it through your heads. They are all in it together. If not, then why didn’t they bring anything up against the pres before he was elected the first time. his name, his birth, his whole life????? sheesh get rid of the whole lot. None of THEM are for US!

  • Denise Beahm- Langkam

    They do what they want. They spew out the lies during elections & people are stupid enough to believe that they will do what they promised! What a laughing stock!

  • Fred Applegate

    They should vote no, or present, let the Dems tank the country and then in 2016 rebuild

  • Keith Tank McRae

    Can’t tax your way out of a 1.3 trillion deficit

  • John Voorhees

    They cave, they lose!

  • Terry McDaniel Smith

    I certainly wont vote to reelect any who vote to raise ANY taxes. Furthermore, I will work tirelessly to ensure they aren’t reelected.

  • Michael Biggs

    Everytime the Republicans have caved, the Democritins use it to bite them on the ass with it!

  • Richard Hodom

    For one thing the GOP is not getting it, tea party and others. We sent tea party there because we where feed up with loopholes and back door deals, pork added to bills… The corruption in Washington is what I and others want to stop.

  • Tom Hall

    The RepubliCANT party is dead…there is no hope of rescuing our nation there. Time to start a REAL party for the Middle Class, Conservatives (REAL conservatives, NOT neo-cons!!), and Constitutional liberty.

  • John J. Vallier

    Hell No,Hell with the Repubs Tea Party

  • Richard Brady

    didn’t work so well for bush sr.

  • Billie F Smith

    If they don’t stop Obumbleass from spending and funding terrorists why bother with anything else? He is killing America like he planned all along!

  • Jackie Crane

    Like they saying goes the lights are on.But nobodys home.

  • Frances Watts


  • Pete Mountanos

    we need to let the fiscal cliff happen

  • Sandra Darnell Faint

    The sad part is that the Dems WILL DO what they promised and that is what is hurting the republic. Until or unless the Dems come up with what they are willing to do instead of the Republicans always being the first to blink, you can bet the American taxpayer will be the one to get screwed….

  • Johnnye Haynes Walker

    Why don!t we all just stop paying our income tax. Why do they get paid so much for screwing us. Why don!t they cut their salaries. They don!t earn them.

  • Murray Hutchinson


  • Linda Loshelder

    Nope! can’t find any!!!

  • Cristy Silakowski Spence

    vote them all out if they do

  • Tom Perna

    No New Taxes. NO NO NO NO NO, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending, Cut Spending,

  • Jeff Dudgeon

    Stand your ground, fiscal cliff would be a blessing. Maybe after we could vote out the pigs.

  • Mark Bindenagel

    No…. But the Republican Party is a big govt, like to spend others money party as well. That’s why they hate the Tea Party and its candidates… Time to gut the GOP or abandon it all together.

  • Julie McDaniel Casale