Here’s How It Went Down in Florida: A First Hand Account of GOP Inspectors Being Removed From Polling Places

Via Facebook, h/t Gulag Bound:

I went to the clerk to sign in and showed her all my credentials at which point she said she did NOT have my name of the poll watchers roll. I said NO way, here’s my letter of certification directly from the SOE, and to please recheck the list and could I please see the list as maybe my name was spelled wrong, to which she replied NO! She then called the SOE office and asked whomever was on the other end what to do since my name was NOT on the list even though I had the official letter stating I was. She then snickered to whomever was on the other end, said I’m NOT on the list and if I do NOT leave the premises IMMEDIATELY that she would call the police to remove me!

I left and IMMEDIATELY contacted the Republican Command Center in Tampa and our local Republican command forces. And here’s the kicker…what happened to me is happening throughout precincts in Broward County (including to our BREC president)…the Dems are being let in to poll watch but almost half of the certified Republicans are now ‘suddenly’ NOT on the list!

What is going on that they don’t want Republicans seeing?

  • Gerard Byrnes

    Really? So this ‘reporter’ had a letter, and when threatened with ‘the police’.. simply left? I’m not buying it. If I had a ‘letter’.. I would have said “Fine, call the police”…

    This ‘report’ is nonsense.

  • Barbee Dixon

    sounds like the pathers

  • Tillman Ashmore

    This is sickening.

  • Andrea Westwood

    Obama cap wearing election officials, Obama murals on walls of voting locations…what’s up?

  • Kelly Taylor

    This is not good news. I hope something is being done to resolve this.

  • Tia Mosby


  • Lionel B Dyck

    Disgusting in a democracy but not surprising given the libs seem to care less about freedom and more about power

  • Wayne Canady

    Typical of this lying dem group. anything to win-even the (possiblity) of voter fraud and prosecution. prosecution? by whom? holder? just dreaming.

  • Ashley Jones

    That pisses me off! Wtf! Send her to JAIL.

  • Eddie Bailey

    Ever get the feeling its like a football game where you gotta beat the other team and the refs?

  • Holly Caniglia

    Cheaters can olny win if thay cheat!

  • Tricia Freeman Pratt


  • Raymond Peel

    those idiot lefties are playing with fire

  • Al Draheim

    Liars, thieves and cowards welcome to the democrat party.

  • Richard Spera

    Obama: Ein Reich. Ein Volk. Ein Fuhrer is given 4 more years

  • Kimberly Lesser

    Isn’t there something that can be done ?

  • Valerie J. Crispell-Sutcliffe


  • Jeff Zimmerman

    Send to all news networks, Romney campaigns and Sara Palins facebook

  • Glenn F. Rush

    if you have your voting reg stub that was mailed to you, then let them call the police. and demand to be given a ballot in front of the cops.

  • Jim Jerkins

    File charges against them !!

  • Robert Edmondson

    The Dems in this country are trying to steal this election like the dictators in other countries like Venezuela and Russia! They always have elections but no matter how much opposition they end up the overwhelming winner!

  • Benito Montano

    Nancy is a pus bag !!!

  • Kathleen Walsh


  • David W Bolick

    CRIMINALS plain& simple!!

  • Kathy Jones

    One thing to post and talk about it but who is filing charges as I hope someone has done.

  • Kathy Prater

    they lie they cheat they bully Democrats need to be prosecuted for voter fraud.

  • Keenan

    This isn’t about getting a ballot, this is about being an election observer.

  • Joe Tomei

    THIS CAMPAIGN WAS CORRUPT FROM THE DAY IT STARTED. OBUMMER IS BEING SUPPORTED BY A PROGRESSIVE AGENDA. Get ready America. If you are White the system will be working against you. This was the
    Election of The White against the Black and illegal Browning of America. They are jubulent tonight!
    They all will learn the hard way. Nothing will change. Nothing except more power to Obummer and his staff!