Boehner Says ObamaCare on the Table in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

The Speaker comes out swinging:

Today, House Speaker John Boehner made an aggressive opening move in the negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff: he said that Obamacare had to be on the table in terms of cost-cutting. Them’s fightin’ words.

In an editorial in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Boehner wrote: “We can’t afford it, and we can’t afford to leave it intact. That’s why I’ve been clear that the law has to stay on the table as both parties discuss ways to solve our nation’s massive debt challenge.”

Boehner, of course, is exactly correct; over the next 10 years, Obamacare is slated to cost in excess of $2 trillion. And that’s if everything works out as expected. If the federal government has to pick up the tab for setting up health care exchanges in a huge number of states, that cost will skyrocket.

Well played, sir.  Well played.

  • Woodrow Hunter

    If Boehner is our big hitter, we are doomed. He is spineless.

  • Kevin Tober

    I will believe him when he actually does it! He talks tough and then he buckles under pressure from Obama

  • Angie Villanueva

    A spine?

  • Stacy Wyatt

    Obamacare should NOT be funded NO MATTER WHAT ELSE HAPPENS!!!

  • Randall Allen

    As much as I would like to believe this means anything, I really think that is just a “you have cancer … no you don’t, but we are going to take your money … isn’t that better than cancer?” moment. It means nothing.

  • Brent Johnson

    He’s just smoke and mirrors. He won’t stand up to Obama.

  • Jennifer Christ Zerance

    I’m not holding my breath.

  • Chris LaBarbera

    Give the man a chance.

  • Sal Bradley Taylor

    Sometimes a persons courage is not visible until their back is against the wall, Woodrow.

  • Jodie Consoles

    praying he STAYS in swing mode…. :)

  • Janet Korineck Sherman

    Does our Speaker have a backbone after all?

  • Richard Ambrose

    All hat and no cattle.

  • Charles Durrenberger

    Boehner will cave again. He’s swinging a toothpick at an elephant!

  • Kevin Smith

    It needs to be in the trash, not the table!

  • Peter Fithian

    Big talk. No walk. He’s a wuss – he’ll cave.

  • Bob McPeak

    When did Boehner grow a spine?

  • Jannae Sherensky

    Hopefully he has grown one.

  • George McGonigal

    More talk and posturing. Nothing will change.

  • June Wessel

    Yeah right. RINO!!!!!

  • James Ayars

    Boehner is a “Let’s make a deal” republican. He’ll get snookered like he always does.

  • Robert Caron

    Don’t get all excited, he’s a coward and will back down.

  • Lorenzo Wannie Sanders

    About steeles to

  • Rick Popp

    Somebody showed him his balls…I doubt it..

  • Angela Osborne

    the first thing that needs to change is that all Senate and House and government employees must be on the same social security program and no special healthcare plan so that the laws they create also apply to themselves!!! Either that or give me my money back!!!!!!!

  • Mike Engleman

    lol…boehner is a chicken shit…paper tiger…he will cave and sell out like he always does…

  • Rod Peterson

    I sure hope he grew a sack after this election….america voted for more gridlock (more of the same). Boehner, give them MF GRIDLOCK.

  • Ken Dabb

    He lies

  • Ken Dabb

    He has no nuts

  • Virginia Parmer

    I don’t know about that. With so many people wanting to secede from all the states, he may have decided he will have a better chance of negotiating a compromise. He also has GAO saying Obamacare is unsustainable, most of the economists say it’s unsustainable. Let’s hope it shakes out in our favor. Obama is trying to take our 401Ks, our IRAs, because he says the poor don’t have an opportunity to save. Do you want to give away all you worked & saved for retirement? We have to watch our backs, and have to put our hopes in Boehner, and he might succeed, but then it goes to the Senate. Big obstacle is Reid. Then it goes to Obama, and he’s already promised to veto anything against his healthcare plan. So can’t put it all on Boehner.

  • Bob Baisden

    Write and email your representatives, let them know what you want.

  • Liz Fanning Press

    Hang tough, repubs. Obama has no mandate! Geithner says no debt ceiling???

  • Paul D. Lofgren

    OBAMA = One Big Astrofuckingnomical Mistake America

  • Paul Moss

    <– Praying that something actually comes of this.

  • Johnnie McInnis

    If he’d only follow through. He needs a backbone.

  • Jim Anderson

    Did he ask oblammer first??? just sayin….

  • Pete Stevenson

    C’mon Boehner, fight the fight! Don’t back down…for a change!

  • Gina Diefenbach

    Without crying ?

  • Carlann Ashley McBroom

    Let’s just pray he will follow though and we the people can call and email to let our thoughts known.

  • Jeffrey C. Miller

    Mr. Speaker, our forefathers said it all.
    A govt big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have….. The course of history shows that as a govt grows, liberty decreases.
    Thomas Jefferson
    Republicans believe everyday is the 4th of July, Democrats believe everyday is April 15th
    Ronald Reagan

  • Susan Hutchinson

    All I can say is you seniors,60+years that voted for ObaMEo really screwed yourself when it comes to your healthcare.

  • David Barnes

    FRAUDbama gives me gas.

  • Ste Clipper

    not holding my breath

  • Tanya Cumi Borders

    Whatever it takes to get rid of this debacle called Obamacare!

  • Wayne Burkes

    Show some balls Boehner or get out the way.

  • Robert Sherry

    Judging by the past, it’s just talk.